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Default Re: Wilcock's Latest "Greatest" Article ! Hot Off Nov 4th ;)

The most damaging thing about Wilcock is his support of Dan Burisch's, aka Dan Crain's story.

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Default Re: Wilcock's Latest "Greatest" Article ! Hot Off Nov 4th ;)

Originally Posted by Whitewolf View Post

Hmmm...when you say "vanishing" do you mean that they will be ascending into a higher spiritual dimension, or do you mean that they will be kidnapped in the wee hours of the night by those who obey the dark's orders?

I knew I would regret that 'prediction'.

In answer to your question, I didn't have either of your options in mind really. I was thinking more along the lines of 'high figures' taking up their options to go to D.U.M.B.s and other far away places to just simply not be around for the next phase of things.

I'm not at all psychic (well I don't think so) I was just saying the first thing that came to me when I thought of making predictions.

If I had ever had a paranormal experience of my own I would probably be more interested in these things. I'm simply amazed how many people here are so very illuminated in these matters. I feel quite excluded from vast amounts of the chatter that goes on here about dimensions and manifestation etc. I'm still well and truly stuck in logical analysis.

I appreciate the fact that science has even got as far there being 9+ dimensions but I can't do the maths so I don't really know. All I can do for now is take as much of it in as I can and try to separate the truly illuminated stuff that is mystery to me from the superstition and the quackery that I do know how deal with.

On David Wilcock himself, some people base their dismissal of him the fact that he's 'full of himself'. I don't have a problem with that at all. When I was younger and fitter and better looking, I was pretty full of myself too. It's a great way to feel. I think David is actually a very sensible guy even without his 'special' ability.

My current 'problem' is that of time lines. My hunch is that they are a being used as a device to manipulate the truth seeking community. Just a hunch. I started a thread here,


The responses so far are mostly by people who take time lines very seriously. I've got a lot of studying to do!

NAAH, don't take my predictions seriously.

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