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Default Inaction equals Complicity

I have written on this before and the reception was tepid at best. I really don't know how to convey the perception of an injury to one being an injury to all. I really do not have the words to explain that irrespective of race, creed, colour or belief, we are all one. We share a single planer, we share the same air, we drink the same water and ultimately we all drop our trousers the same way to bid natures call.
I have no words on the overwhelming sense of despair I feel when we are shown footage on TV of war crimes between the highlights of hollywood bimbos and the excesses of what has been forced down our throats as normal, healthy everyday behaviour.
I remember being stunned to the bone when in 1990, war was declared and our local newspaper, the biggest in the country, had as the cover page story , who won the big brother competition.
This is not normal, this is not healthy and this will indeed be the undoing of humanity should we decide to slumber on in total delusion, and continue with our little pajama party. We obsess over who is new-age, who is christian, who is right wing ad nausea. We obsess over being taken to task for certain views, we throw tantrums when confronted and then we quickly say "Oh, but I LOVEEEEEE you".
Yeah, right. Snoopy really did shoot down the red Baron.
We claim to be awake, yet we are deep in the arms of amorphous, it is a wonder we have the strength left to type. We regurgitate any and everything that comes up on our screens and nobody dare say a word contrary to what we post for fear of being flamed and made outcast.
Yes, yes yes. I do generalise and yes, I know there are a lot of wonderful people out here in Avalon. I also know that these same wonderful people will not take offence at what I am saying but to those that do, please take a deep breath , relax and then deeply question why you react as you do.
You should know my feelings by now, those of you who have been here over the last year, you should also know by now that I do tend to speak my mind, perhaps with a lot more moderation than before, but someone has to poke the stick, right. We do need to understand that there is a plague on humanity at this time. We do need to understand that the money that we earn as slaves which is then stolen from us in the form of the very many taxes we are burdened with is used to cause harm to our brothers and sisters whom we choose to label with various names, with frightening weapons. This makes us complicit, period, guilty. To be blunt, if these weapons were used against us, we would **** ourselves, and that's the truth.
Our silence is deafening, our empathy is overwhelming. Our proclamations of love are dead as long as we remain silent against the horror that is perpetrated in our names. Our continued purchasing of goods from the stores that sell branded names makes us complicit."Oh but where can I find alternatives?" I hear some cry. To this I say get off your backsides and go look for the alternatives. They are there to be had. Start trading with each other, start your own jam factories etc. I have written on this at length before but it was to the greater part ignored.
The earth is raped and pillaged so what do we do, form green parties, give funds to Greenpeace etc. Our governments steal money and spend it on weapons of total destruction and what do we do? Nothing, other than to have fund raisers for the very entities we pay taxes for, and for whom the government who is supposedly elected should be responsible with the trillions they give freely to the bankers who robbed us in the first instance.
Oh yes, we are awake alright. Never mind, the Aliens are coming and they will save us. How pathetically naive that we even consider ourselves worth saving when we will sit back and watch women and children, boys and girls who have not even had a taste of life, being massacred. Not to worry, it is the western way, be proud, stand tall, let's wave our flags at our parades and blow our trumpets. Let's make another poignant movie of dead soldiers draped in crisp flags with the obligatory mother and daughter crying at the coffin while mesmerised we forget what these poor bloody brainwashed men and women were doing to get killed in the first instance. No, 2 wrongs never made a right, never have and never will. The sooner one side says "Enough, I refuse to kill an innocent, I refuse to raise arms against my fellow man", the sooner we understand that war, inhumanity to man and all the trappings that go with such is insanity, the sooner we may find a way out of this mess. The sooner we refuse to buy our goods which are over-wrapped in swathes of unnecessary wrappings; the sooner we say no to plastic containers and bottles and refuse to buy anything not in recyclable glass the sooner we will truly be "green". The sooner we refuse to buy these ****-holes they call homes on tiny plots, where there are thousands of units jammed together with no green corridors the sooner the greed will stop.
The sooner we understand that we are many and the truly greedy are few, the sooner we will bring them to their knees. The sooner we realise that our inaction is indeed complicity, the sooner we can start calling ourselves worthy of being human. Only then can we hold our heads high and only then can we indeed begin to think that we are worthy of interaction with alien races and earn a place in the galactic family. Any interaction prior to this will be false and concocted by the very people we have allowed to enslave us.

Now, the following thread is what got me started. Enjoy the read, then forget the post and run off to Ryan's post and brown nose some more.


I would say "God help us" but there is no "god" for we are it. We are the constituent particles that make up this god that we worship and we better wake up to the fact that we are ALL responsible for the mess we are in and we are ALL responsible for getting us out of this mess.


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