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Whistleblower Testimony Post anonymous messages of truth or reveal what you know.

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Default Re: The Bible, Our Conclusion. by Norval and Gale

Originally Posted by unloadedgunn View Post
The only "points" you are getting across are these: 1) I'm sure the world is full of regretful people who wished they had spoken out about their respective truths, and I won't be one of them. Nor does it seem that either Norval or Gale will be.
Thank you

While Gale and I may have not been the first to alert the PTB, governments and so on,
about the bible ET connection back in 2002 with out the religious implications, we are not
the last to have made, or are making, this connection. Good questions and thoughts
Monkey, yet we have already answered those questions and ideas if you but read our
threads and posts about what the bible says.

It is good that many would question these things about who has what authority over
whom. We could entertain many ideas or philosophies yet it comes down to this simple
point. Mankind has been given ample time to read the document submitted by that
Kingdom authority (bible) and today is about to be held accountable to it's codes and
laws, just as the rest of the sentient intelligent life of the universe does, and have agreed

We are to look at all the evidence around us, what we see is the evidence of design and
incredible engineering, and all for us. Then we have the "us" a created sentient intelligent
life form called mankind or human. This, the document clearly states. Mankind were all
born under that Kingdom governance, but because of our being created with the qualities
we possess it was demanded by some that we be tested as to those qualities. A major
part of that testing is now over and we are about to enter into full blown membership in
that Intergalactic Kingdom.

Those that opposed this governance by a King have attempted to make their point and
have lost, both in thought and deed. The majority of the peoples of the galaxies have
agreed to this governance by a King, now that same choice has been offered to mankind.
It is as simple as being in truth to your heart that you ARE a good neighbor and will
conduct yourselves accordingly towards all sentient intelligent life forms of like mind. If
not, and you decide to do harm, be assured there is someone with the authority and
power necessary, appointed to this position, that will do what is necessary if your
neighbors don't, and then deal with why the neighbors didn't deal with it.

Simple codes to live by and apply to every sentient intelligent life form in the galaxies. Our
choices to make, the decision is for each and every person to make for themselves. The
document is in most peoples hands around the world today or is now easily obtainable for
most. Mankind can now comprehend that document, the bible, for we all can entertain
the ideas of an intergalactic government, because of our technological achievements and
our knowledge of the sciences, and some of "theirs".
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