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Exclamation Belfast Bomb

hey guys! so.. i just received an email from a resident of Belast who is seeing many suspicious things going around there.. and he thinks that there may be a deliberate bombing..

you may think i'm trying to implement fear.... i don't care!!! ppl who live there would want to know!!!

his email:

Belfast Bomb:
I have been paying a bit of attention to the way things are moving over here, and i think i have worked out what the NWO scum are planning for us Belfast people, This might seem a bit mad mate, but im getting a very bad feeling and i seriously believe this is 90% going to happen}

A few week ago there was a load of **** going on with the spokesperson for the uvf, about them still having guns when there is peace, and then 2 days later a huge cash of uvf guns were found in a house somewhere. (Seem strange?)

Then for the first time probably since the 1st world war, the Government is sending TROOPS for a home coming parade in the center of Belfast, which is doing pritty well at the minute with peace and unity. (Seem strange?)

And then i find out that the loyalist paramilitaries have been sending presents and gifts to those very solders that are coming here, that was even in the News. (Seem strange?)

Then the dissidents start a mini riot in lurgan and (S.F) come out and say the police are protecting informants. (Seems strange)

Then to wrap it all up the NWO decides to allow (S.F) to hold a protest in the center of town, they allow the (dissidents) to hold a protest in the center of town and just today a got a message to my moblie saying ''All (loyalists) must go into the city center to hold a protest. (This is far to strange to be just a coincidence mate)

I truly believe the NWO Mi5 Government are organizing all this, and i think they are doing it purely because we are the only country at the minute there isn't any real killings going on from civil dis rest.

I honestly think that there will be a bomb in the city center mate, im getting really bad feelings about all this ****, and i really do not want this country to go back to all that ****, i mean we are the one's setting the example for the countries at war at the minute. And i think the Belfast people should start waking up to all this ****, i mean it is as obvious as **** that the government is trying to start **** over here, why else would they send a load of BRITISH TROOPS to a country that has just went through all mighty **** to get those very TROOPS out of our country. (it makes me sick mate)

Well wats your view on that my friend, as you are the first i have layed my thoughts on this subject as i believe we are on the same wave length, i know i can trust your opinion.

I can send you the message the loylists are spreading about to let you see how much this whole this is one big plan, i truely believe in my heart mate there will be a bomb in the city, to try and strat it all off again. And i pray it will not happen but im doubtful anything can stop the NWO, The reason i seem so sure is that the illuminati always do their nasty stuff on ritualistic dates, (and am sure your more clued up with the numerical stuff more then me mate lol) and the date of all this **** is 2nd 11th. Im not sure if you know that the earths binary code is (11.11) or 19.5.

I think the 2nd of the 11th is a date they would chose as its one of their most powerful numerical codes. And if not a bomb in Belfast then a bomb in the UK.

This is the way i have predicted the crash of the markets the bali bombing and the 7/7 attacks in London, im very confident this will happen mate, so i just want someone else to have this information as if it comes true i think i will be able to work out most of the coming attacks as i have been studying these types of dates along wit the moon cycles and im getting better every time.

Be great to hear back from ya mate,


so.. what do you guys think??
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