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Default Re: A video the army doesn't want us to see

Originally Posted by sammytray View Post

This video makes me ill. I could not continue to watch it.

.... Erase, erase, erase. I am shocked and disgusted.
It made me ill too, that's why I took action and posted it...and that's what I'm asking you to do Sammytray...don't just stick your head in the sand when you see something you don't like, if it's an injustice speak out against it and tell everyone you know. War isn't something that happens on a video screen, all neat and tidy with sound effects and bright colors. It's a living hell that makes monsters out of good people under the wrong circumstances...

Too many people in America are sticking their head in the sand and going about their business when innocent women, children and men are dying everyday, denial is only making our problems worse. If I lived in Afghansitan I would want to kill Americans too. If another country invaded the US we would kill the occupiers every chance we got.

We have to be the change that we seek, come up with solutions and take action...it does nothing for anyone when we sit around and complain. Get angry enough to take action, we all have to work together to manifest the changes desperately needed in society and to bring down the criminal elements running the world.
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