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Default New HPH Interview - Clif

Not quite sure where to put this, so mods/admins, move as appropriate.
Clif High did an interview with Beyond the Ordinary dot net on 12/8, just before the Dec 12-15 window. They've just gotten it posted. The blurb and link are below. Oh, BTW, I notice that earthquakes are heating up again... Michael Mandeville mentioned it on his earthchange bulletins group on yahoo that Chile is having a series aftershocks after their 6.3 yesterday, which will affect the North Atlantic Rift. Could we have a timing issue here??? It's a wait and see kind of thing.

below is the blurb from BeyondtheOrdinary.net
A new interview has been uploaded with Clif,

December 8th, 2008 - Program Topic at:

"Reality School"

The Alta Reports are a must read that are not for everyone. To get a
taste, George (Ure) is sort of a PSA publisher for Clif at his
urbansurvival.com site where the free information is released. Clif
thinks in Aikido terms, he came from a Chinese tradition of reality
school Taoism. The two quakes coming up around the 12th are still
indicated with attributes of damage and isolation. Suppose we remote
view a future event, can we change it? There's so much not
understood about time, and natural disasters are different from human
acts. A story of the "Weather Lords"; emotional components we do
have control over; populace acting on change; a perspective on
troups in US. Clif finds this time of transformation exciting, "we
need not fear and buy into the 'Elite's' control and fear." The
global populace and rumors; Georgia Guidestones; the raid in Ohio;
and 2009 will be a transformational year. What is encouraging is that
he is now seeing people asking the right questions on youtube, "a
truth movement is really starting to come out on it's own, I don't
think it's stoppable at this stage," his data suggests this will
cause all kinds of issues with the powers that be...


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