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Visions of the Future Visions of the future, What are you seeing? Thoughts, Dreams, Intuition....

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Default Visions of the 4th Density

I had an epiphany last night (Just to clarify not the Christian Feast)

I visited an inspirational lady last night who I met recently at a soul cinema gathering. Lots of ideas and thoughts were exchanged when astral traveling came into light. She spoke of bewildering stories of her astral travels and the substance of communication portrayed in these experiences.

One day she was watching the news on wars going on in the middle east and the projections of fears associated with the images. That night she visited the astral world/lower 4th density only to see a group of middle eastern ladies huddled up trying to protect them selves against this force of wind with extreme depth. She asked who are these ladies and what are they doing in disbelief. A voice/spiritual guide answered they recently passed away from a bomb explosion.

Then it clicked. How powerful and detrimental our thoughts and emotions are just before we pass away into the 4th density.

It's the same with dreams. What ever thoughts and feelings we have for the day are programed in our subconscious then projected in the dream world, another level of the 4th density.

All the stories you hear of ghosts/spirits remaining in their projection of the 5 sense reality... soliders still in their uniforms inbetween incarnations. The movie 'The Others ' is a classic example of spirits holding onto their thoughts and beliefs who can't distinguish what density they are in.

Not only do our thoughts create our reality in the 3D but also on all other levels of densities.

If you see a Rothschild or Rockafella in the street announce you love them, not fear them, their game plan will dissipate.

Read your positive affirmations every night before you venture off into the dream world. It might be the last time you wake up or in better words awaken from this dream we are experiencing.

Everthing is vibrational energy including our THOUGHTS ocsillating between opposite polarities. Most of us hear I believe know how powerful our thoughts are but like myself struggle to put it in practice.

A gentle reminder to raise the vibrations through love not fear and experience the higher realms of 4th and 5th densities my friends.
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