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Default Joeseph Newmans big EUREKA

I have been involved in the Project Camelot scene now for over a year and what really brought me into the light Bill and Kerry shine was the interview with Ralph Ring. I saw that thing years ago and i must have seen it over 10 times sitting down. Now i must admit i do have an affinity for energy machines and the like but i was so captivated by Ralph when he was speaking about natural law and his friendship with Mr. Carr..... i kept thinking to myself man what if these guys could just interview Joesph Newman, anyone reading this know of him?, the guys a genius and deserves your attention http://www.josephnewman.com/ his website is a weird running blog but it works fine. He has the ability to create these machines to power the world now, but you know who is holding him back. i'm refering to the trillion dollar oil/power oligopoly we are all aware of that would be crushed by Joe's machine which cannot even put a price tag on the amount of energy created, that's right were talking resource based economy stuff here. a means of transition, you pay once with your money, then have the machine forever producing energy. with everything being tied to the cost of energy just imagine, ahh soap box... ill step off
i just wanted to be a messenger not the message.

what do you think of Joe and his big EUREKA?
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Default Re: Joeseph Newmans big EUREKA

Well I saw Joseph Newman at a National Health Federation conference in the mid 80s. He had a standard fan in 110 volts and his fan with his motor not plugged into anything and voltmeters attached to both and light bulbs attached downstream to his motor. The standard fan drained energy. When he hit the blade of his fan to start it, it spun much faster than the 110v fan and lit the bulbs. People where allowed on stage to examine the setups and his device appeared to do what he claimed without any apparent other sources of energy.

He had a lot of problems with the patent office. Why his fan was not put out in the market place for the benefit of people in rural countries is beyond me.
He had a book describing the original technology.

A physicist from the Rand corporation (as I recall) confirmed his original technology as "over unity".

His original epiphany was that magnets work with energy that crawls in clockwise and counter clockwise rotations.

Much to his credit he has not sold out but I think his technology is remains proprietary.

His "Big Eureka" seems to be a refinement of his early work.
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