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Default Amasing little kit - all natural/does 100's of things


We all have symptoms that bother us and make our daily lives a problem. Whether it's something as simpe or as annoying as stress or a hangover. We go rushing off to the drugstore to get whatever remedy we can from the counter. We are in such a rush that we ignore the list of side effects that comes with the instructions. Yes that piece of paper that you throw away without even looking at. The medications may or may not work but drugs always come with side effects of some kind. You have to ask yourself whether the side effects are worse than the original ailment.

Even the drug companies who make the products are forced to talk about the side effects when they advertise on TV. You see the blissful shots of people who are being helped by whatever drug is being promoted while you listen to a list of possible side effects that is more frightening to think about than what the drug is supposed to fix. Now you can use remedies that will help whatever symptom you are trying to cure without causing any side effects that will make you miserable.

I created my Original Hollywood Survival Kit in order to help people on the sets of movies and TV shows that I have worked on. Now I want to share those amazing holistic remedies with you in an easy to carry and easy to purchase version called The Hollywood Survival Kit Pocket Pack.

The Pocket Pack contains the 5 most used remedies from the original kit. They will help with ailments such as headaches, anxiety, insomnia, colds, fatigue, shock, stress, and even hangovers. The Hollywood Survival Kit Pocket Pack can change your life and if you carry it with you then you can use it to change the lives of the people around you.

see here: http://www.hollywoodsurvivalkit.com/index.php/products

ps; we've used this product, and, it is totally amasing
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