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Virma De Ris
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Default DNA Activation Experience Dream -- Need guidance

Hi Everyone!

I am new to this forum and I can say I was guided here. Last Friday night (1/8/2010) I had a peculiar dream since I don't have any other word for it.

This is a long post but I think is worth to read it.

Many have seen this crop circle imagery (below).


Well I had a "dream" about it. I've composed an image depicting what it looks like:


Initially this DNA crop circle was white on a black background. I was hovering on top of it. Suddenly it started scrolling down similar to how you see the strings scroll in Guitar Hero and in the same slope... so I was moving forward and upwards while the crop circle was scrolling down.

The peculiar thins is that the crop circle imagery kept repeating itself. I heard a background sound that sounded like the word "ahhh". I looked down and I saw the first circle of the image turn bright red as I was moving and crossing it I heard the loud sound of Do. The "ahhh" background sound was there and constant. Then came Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si with the respective colors of: orange (Re), yellow (Mi), green (Fa), blue (Sol), indigo (La) and violet (Si). I knew it was the Solfeggio because I took music classes when I was younger.

Then Do lighted up next but the background sound of "ahh" went to a slightly higher pitch (as if reaching Re). In the image I posted I divided each area in segments where withing each segment I had a different background sound tune.

Anyways the sequence continued as I wrote before and I kept moving forward and up riding on this imagery. When the background sound of "ahh" (as if reaching Mi) finished and it was Fa's I saw the background change from pitch black to a starry one like if I was in space (maybe I was). Between Sol and La I started to see the imagery of the crop circle disappear blow me. I didn't want to loose the connection so I had to conscentrate my mind a bit and kept the imagery "solid". As I was pressing forward I felt the passing of time but more importantly I started to be filled with love. When I reached Si I saw in the distance and below me an area that was a piece of rock. It had a flat surface covered with what I think it was black marble. There was a henge in the middle that was created out of what looked like gold and there was a white flame in the middle of the henge. Because I was still high floating above in the crop circle I only can see some people around this fire, they looked "human". I think they were waiting for me.

I've started descending to this area when I felt a strong fear wave. Then I started seeing what felt like still images of grays getting closer and extending their hand to grab me. Then I lost the connection and I woke up.

I've been searching for answers since then. This led me to Project Avalon and a DNA Activation post which is below:

Originally Posted by lightworkers View Post
THANK U ALL for sharing! sounds like a wonderful experience!

I have read that before you can start, you must formally ask the Sirian/Pleiadian Council for the 12 strands to begin the process, then apparently a soul must unequivocally accept its soul contract in order to recode since there is hesitation to place increased power in the hands of someone who may not be fully committed to the light.

Also you don't have to pay anyone to do this, that this is a process you can achieve on your own with the proper materials (ie books, etc) to guide you.
I wonder if this is what happened to me and I also wondered if I failed the mission. Will I have another opportunity?

I've also have been reading the links posted by Frank Samuel about Solfeggio DNA Activation/Healing. I will try out the frequencies to see if it helps.

I would love to hear from people that might have had this experience and want to share their thoughts and wisdom with me.

Finally thank you for reading this long post.

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Frank Samuel
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Talking Re: DNA Activation Experience Dream -- Need guidance

Since our childhood we learn to look at our world from a 3 dimensional perspective as a result in many ways our experiences become somewhat limited. Vivid dreams are part of your reality . After 3 years of research into DNA activation, healing, etc... I am amazed that what DNA activation for me really means is connecting to the information field , via dreams, intuition , remote viewing, meditation or just quiet time to listen to questions you have been pondering about. It is connecting to your world in unlimited ways. Language and contemporary logic and reasoning hinder sometimes our ability to experience the many colors , sounds , and images which can be perceived beyond the 3 dimensional. So my advice is relax , enjoy and just let it happen naturally your world will never be the same again.
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Default Re: DNA Activation Experience Dream -- Need guidance

Excellent advice IMO Frank Samuel. Thank you for sharing your point of view.

I had very much the same type of message not two days ago. It is/was exciting, but I knew to quickly center myself and carry on. I "feel" it happening and I am just trying to enjoy it without allowing fear to conflict with my heart.

Thank you for sharing your dream. If nothing else, it is beautiful, and that is plenty good enough. Take care of you.

In light, of love
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Default Re: DNA Activation Experience Dream -- Need guidance

Welcome a board Virma De Ris!

I can tell you my experience which started in July 2009. I also read somewhere that I must ask for a DNA activation, so I tried out of curiosity. I must say that I didn't expect much...

So, I've been asking every day for a DNA activation, sometimes just in my mind and sometimes I asked for it with a spoken words. At that time I also experimented with 18 sacred solfeggio frequencies which I generated with my computer and synthesizer. I mainly used 528 Hz and related harmonies.

My friend told me that you can massage a body with your own voice, so I experimented with that too. Sitting under an old tree and producing a sounds that vibrate a different parts in a body is quite fun and relaxing! The lower sound pitch you can produce, the lower parts in your body you can vibrate...

And then it happened something that I really didn't expect! One morning I felt strong vibrations in the center of my chest (I can't tell exact frequency, but it was low, I think somewhere between 10-30 Hz). I wasn't totally awake, so I thought that I was dreaming or something, so I put my hand on that vibrating spot (approximately 5 cm big circle) and my whole palm was strongly shaking! This lasted about 3 minutes or so.

That encouraged me to proceed with my experimentation. So, in the next months it happened a few times more, but always in the morning and always on a different spots, sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right... The last time I felt such a vibrations in the center of my forehead.

To my surprise I later found this message that talk about the vibrations that I experienced:

Good luck with your DNA activation!
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Virma De Ris
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Default Re: DNA Activation Experience Dream -- Need guidance

Thanks for all of your responses!

Since very little I've had your normal than average dreams. Unfortunately I can't seem to control them as I want to. All of the "psychic activity", for lack of a better term, always happen when I sleep. I have premonition dreams, seen deceased loved ones, seen past lives, seen horrible accidents (which sometimes happen) and even had encounters of different kinds of ET's (the good, the bad and the ugly) but that "dream" took the whole cake.

It hasn't been long since I started my journey of waking up from this matrix, since 2008 to be exact. I searched many subjects and stumbled across DNA activation while back but I didn't believe in it with me so I let it go.

That Friday my husband stumbled across this YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/linkspleiadian
(Linkspleadian Channel is in Spanish but many of his videos have English subs - really good videos btw)

My husband and I are both dedicated to learn the Truth as much as possible so each of us search and share info with each other. I got curious of what he was watching and I've decided to see a bit of the video he was currently playing (one from Origins series).

My husband thinks it's from the fact of me watching a portion of the video that triggered something in me that made me "dream" what I did. Still... I didn't watch anything related to DNA activation.

Also something interesting that might be related to this is that after XMAS 2009 I've started seeing a lot the numbers 1:11, 10:10, 11:11 and 12:12 everywhere and thinking about last week this seeing those numbers all the time got to the point of being ridiculous.


Oxiigen thanks for sharing your experience with me. You know yesterday I did feel a tickling feeling deep within my chest, like butterflies in you stomach but it was in all around my chest area.

Have you aver had a vaccum sensation in one of your ears? This happens to me all the time and the sensation is as if someone is whispering to your ear but I only hear a low frequency hum.


This link http://www.sourcevibrations.com/Downloads.html was in an old DNA Activation link in Project Avalon.

Today I've tried the Chrakra Tuners and man oh man that was something!

It does feel like getting a massage from the inside out. I really hope this helps me get back to that place and finish that journey. I do recommend listening to those tunes.

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Lightbulb Activation

Earth >>>><<<< We

WE >>>><<<< Earth


Back Then, Lazaris Asked, Somewhat Incredulously, Of Those Listening (And Now, IN ENtangled Fashion, Those Now Reading)

“Don‘t You Realize That You Are The Earth?”


And Continued At:


Prior To Descent

Sophia >>>>>>> Gaia

Was Embedded With Patterns Of Experience.

So As S/HE Entered The Realm Of Distortion And Suffering,

Those Codes, Keys And Master Could Be Activated By Frequencies And Energies From Outside

The >>>>>>> set

Creating Cancellation Waves

And New Possibilities >>>>>>> Probabilities.......

Crop Circles

Are A Prime Example:

The Patterns Were There From The Beginning

But Are Activated From Implicate To Explicate

By Various Time Codes

To Facilitate The Planned



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