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Post A message from the soul and heart

Hello First post.

I was not quite sure if this was posting material, but I tought to *blip* with it, why not. If their are any spelling mistakes I am sorry, but I am Norwegian

This was written shortly after a rather deep meditation.

For numerology users, my numbers are: 7 - 11 - 11 - 9 - 8 - 3 - 4 - 2 (base nr.)

Here it goes, i hope it makes sense to some - Mods: Please move post if forum place is wrong.

So the days go by with little or no trace. We only see the ‘big’ events as time. It seems that the world is moving in a never before seen pace, and it doesn’t seem to slow down anytime soon, forever closer to the center of the spiral.
As the days go, we learn, and I learn to live.
The more I dream, the more I heal, the more we feel, the more we learn, not one, but all, as one.

I have learned that I am old. One with all that is living, of energy and light, and now my ancient soul. A lightworker I like to call people of our kind.

I have found an 'answer' for the ‘creator’ question. Not the answer I sought, but some sort of a answer, alltough I insist in people finding their one. But what I can say is; look at the early civilizations.
I have lived many times, and I forgot as much as I lived. Simply because I had no reason to remember in the past. Now the past seem to look to much like the present, and so I remember again. Some.

What I do not ‘remember’ is how we got where we are today. It seems this current wound is quite more fresh than I previously thought, and now we pour the salt into it. The wounds of Terra are ‘heal-able’, but that does not justify our common actions as one. The days of thunder are not far off in the horizon now, but the thunder will be of man. As the bee's fly off, and the animals cry, so we shall learn to listen. Man in its desperate attempt to act as god in its own fashion. Of them I shall warn you, but the warnings to many know, to many for not doing much, with exceptions. Humanity has it’s flaws, but the flaws of some is not enough to condemn. I have seen respected people fall into their own self-made reality. I have seen tall men falling after in a pace grater than their minds. This is not new. But what is new is certain ‘souls’ or spirits as some referrer to them as, taking its place in our daily life, your life. What you don’t think of is the fact that we follow you, tracing your steps every step of the way, right into your grave. As you never die, neither do we. The universe is more-or-less in the vast of forever.
When reading, you are either in a world picking up the pieces of what once was, or you are in the process of doing so, simply by being at this communication channel.
Nothing have the power to scare you, nothing can harm you, only you have that power.
So it has always been. No one can ever give you the answers for every single question or problem, but many as I can certainly help you find them if you seek, as you help me every day. As we live and learn, the pyramid of life will always spread its seeds further down, to your children, and to those you love and cherish. There is no greater fear in the world than the one for yourself. I have seen ‘miracles’ and some see my hands as doing just as mentioned, but I have only come to learn that it could not be more natural. I see white, black, gray, short and tall for what they are, the same. It’s all Us. And remember, the rule in a 3D world is + and -, just like the water, fire, air, space, cells, poles, and souls. Learn to see them, and learn to live with them, for they shall all know their place. We must learn to remember how we balance the weight.

In unity I salute you


This was raw mind outlet time, and I do so at times.
If you wish to ask me regarding any topics, feel free to ask, as I shall answer the best I know how.

My fields are:

Healing (hands\energy)
'Spirit' guides


I have had some E.T encounters for those who are interested.

I look forward to learning with you!

and thanks again Camelot for doing exactly what you are doing.

In all that is light, I give you my forever dilligence in all that is Terra,


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