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Default Night Blindness and Light Blindness - Manifestations of Polarity Dis-ease.

Ashayana Deane Speaks Copyright Azuritepress

Night Blindness and Light Blindness - Manifestations of Polarity Dis-ease.

It is hard to create the positive things when you refuse to acknowledge the negative things, for denial empowers the negative influence just as much as focusing upon it in fear and victim-consciousness does. If you want to "wish something away" within the reality experience you are walking, you first need to acknowledge that it is there. Once acknowledged, you then apply the higher consciousness of knowing you are a creator, and without fear or dis-empowerment, use the energy of your consciousness to manifest a higher vision through which the negative polarity can be integrated and thus healed. In the New Age movement, the idea that "don't learn about the negatives because you are ’giving them energy’ and thus empowering them", is a popular misrepresentation of the real mechanics of manifestation (and guess who is promoting that idea of looking only at the "light" without cultivating a reciprocal awareness of the darkness it implies). The truth is, the negative aspects of the mass-drama now moving through our world, just like the anti-particle miasmic buildups that hold our ancient "karmic" patterns within us to manifest from a subconscious level, will remain there to "rain on our light and love parade" no matter how diligently we focus upon the happy picture we want to manifest. Many new agers wonder why they there great pictures of manifestation often appear with unintended problems or negative distortions, and do not exactly represent the picture they had in mind for manifestation. Where did that unexpected "zap" in my thought-projection of light-love-peace come from? THAT wasn't part of the picture I was planning (on a conscious level) to manifest. Such twists of the product of conscious manifestation come from the subconscious level, from the physics-mechanics of the karmic-miasmic imprint stored in the DNA and personal morphogenetic field. One will continue to have such "glitches in the manifestation picture" and continue to get "inexplicably blindsided" by the negatives (lessons you allow to be created from a higher level until you consciously "get the lesson" and take responsibility for releasing the miasmic imprint within which the "negative" lesson is stored), unless one acknowledges the existence of the miasmic energy within which the pattern for distorted manifestation is stored. Once the "negative" is acknowledged, you don't "give it energy" to GROW more distorted, or feed into its emotional fear-anger programs, you simply apply your advanced understanding of the physics of manifestation through the wisdom of soul love to reverse the polarity / clear the distortion / release the miasm by reintegrating / frequency-harmonizing its energy into the greater vision of wholeness and light to which you direct most of your attention.

Light-Love-and-Cluelessness teaches you to ignore the negative in the immature hope/notion that it will "simply go away". Will gravity go away simply because you consciously – from the ego level – say I refuse to believe gravity exists? (I wouldn't try to find out by walking off a building roof to prove that you can biologically fly simply because your ego chooses to refuse to acknowledge the existence of gravity. If you try that I hope you believe in angels, as you will need someone to catch you when you fall). Transcending gravity is a skill completely possible for humans, but it doesn't come by uneducated wishful thinking and surface-level thought creation alone. It comes through integration of the higher and lower levels of identity, and of understanding the mechanics of identity-energy-spirit and DNA, by which ones learns to regulate the 15-dimensional biofields to vibrationally transcend the influence of the gravitational pull. Manifestation is a physics issue as well as a spiritual one.

In the mass drama, denial and wishful "thinking away" of the detrimental Illuminati agendas will do no more to help you create light-love-safety than will being in personality-denial of gravity when upon tall buildings; either way, if you continue to walk forward in blind-denial the of force you refuse to acknowledge, that force will continue to influence you and most likely "take you down." If you want to be empowered to transcend undesirable influence, you simply acknowledge the existence of the pattern you dislike, don't EMOTIONALLY engage it as a reality (then you ARE feeding it), put your emotional energy and MOST of your attention on the vision you desire to create, then reserve a bit of emotionally neutral attention to consciously focus and bring into the undesirable pattern, the light (awareness) and energy (scalar-frequency) of your higher dimensional spiritual parts, so the "negative" (lower frequency scalar pattern) can be combined with the "positive" (higher frequency scalar pattern) to reverse the polarity on the lower/negative and unify it with is opposite to create the physics of polarity healing through unifying the elements of consciousness caught in the polarity.

WHAT YOU RESIST PERSISTS... DENIAL feeds as much energy into an undesired pattern as does focusing upon the problem and putting no energy into the vision of its solution. In personal terms this "natural dynamic of the Law of One and Unity Physics" can be directly applied to any problem in your life – hold and KNOWINGLY WITHOUT DOUBT create the vision of what you desire to see, then reserve a bit of attention to look at the "problem" and again KNOWINGLY WITHOUT DOUBT call in the "Light" of your Soul/Over-Soul/Avatar/Rishi identity levels directly into that "negative," don't emotionally respond to the negative and FEED it, but direct the scalar-frequency of the higher-light directly into it, so the negative can transform, transmute and heal, its trapped energies re-harmonizing with the higher vision – the negative becomes more energy within the positive, rather than remaining as a counter-force to rain on your parade.

In terms of the mass-drama, even those "spiritually aware New Agers," (whom I admire greatly for their heart sincerity and real desire to employ spiritually motivated, unity-healing-based thought-creation-technology), who refuse to look at the manifestations of polarity AS THEY EXIST in order to hold that higher vision, are not helping as much as they would hope in planetary healing by the denial of the "negative" component. To heal it all you need to focus non-emotionally-attached energy of the higher light into the negative, and hold that energy in the negative-space until the light shatters the template of the negative design so the trapped energy can release to higher order. THAT is TRUE healing. TO CREATE UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS YOU NEED TO GIVE ENERGY-INTENTION TO BOTH POLARITIES AND BECOME YOURSELF A BRIDGE OF FREQUENCY-LIGHT THROUGH WHICH THE LIGHT CAN ENTER THE DARKNESS TO TRANSFORM IT.

I say to all light workers, don't be afraid to face the lower-resonating polarity, for you have the power for its healing. Like a child who demands attention from an emotionally distant parent (the child's energy of demand grows stronger and more persistent, the longer its need goes ignored), an ignored miasm, problem, issue, negative mass agenda etc... is fed and strengthened when its existence and need is not addressed. If we want to help this planet, we can spread the word about this subtly of manifestation, so HEALING rather than the POLARITY CONSCIOUSNESS OF NEGATIVE POLARITY DENIAL can begin to take place. True healing and AWARENESS come from facing the world with opened EYES as well as an open HEART. Perhaps those on the Om-a-da group, who tend to be the courageous souls who are willing to face the shadow with healing intent, can help to spread the reality of manifestation to others in the light-movement who still cling to the POLARIZED "LIGHT EXISTS ONLY – DENY THE NEGATIVE" agendas that are becoming progressively popular. Unity comes from acknowledging both polarities, and bringing them together so the higher light can free, repattern, transform and heal the lower pattern to its higher expression.

If we want to help in planetary healing as we approach the 5/5/2000 and what lies beyond, we can teach the truth of manifestation to all who will listen and use that truth within the intimate realities of our private lives. Presently the "light worker" communities are being intentionally and covertly divided through this principle of LIGHT POLARITY – they are needed as HEALERS who know that it is JUST AS IMPORTANT to address and focus light into the negative to catalyst its transformation as it is to hold the vision of light that you are trying to manifest. Many are taught only to hold the vision of Light and to deny existence of the darkness, they do not realize it but this tactic of twisting a Universal Law is being used to keep them so focused on the FUTURE VISION that they are loosing touch with the PRESENT MOMENT REALITY in which they are needed as UNIFIERS OF POLARITY. Many in these communities do not realize that "seeing light only" IS POLARITY CONSCIOUSNESS, just as much as is the "fear-based" mind set of seeing only darkness that in their "light" they try so hard to "pretend away" and deny (the more defensive and self-righteous a person is when you point out the need to understand the negative aspects of the now as well as the positive, gives a clue as how blinded by "Light Polarity" they have become). Usually this same group uses the defense of "I'm above that, I'M in Unity Consciousness" (while they subtly imply they are so much more spiritual and in-the-know than you-who-even-acknowledges-the-"lower"-polarity). They say "I'm in CHRIST consciousness, where everything is light, love and surrender. Sad. They are being tricked into focusing into a false-Christ-Unity consciousness, the LIGHT POLARITY denial game, which neutralizes their ability to heal the polarities within themselves and within the mass reality drama... Christ consciousness comes ONLY through unifying the polarities, by bring light and shadow together and focusing light into the darkness so it can transform. LIGHT POLARITY keeps you as far away from attaining true Christ consciousness as does DARK POLARITY – both energize POLARITY, separate parts of the personal identity and create segregation among peoples. Both reinforce the darkness. Neither foster LOVE, (which stands against no thing, allows all and seeks reunion, healing and joyful integration of all polarity – because the reality of the ALL being ONE cosmic identity is comprehended).

If we want to assist in global healing right now, we can begin to face the misleading implications of LIGHT POLARITY beliefs within ourselves, KNOW we are all going to be just fine and are always protected in Divine Right Order, and face our issues gently but firmly to bring the light of transformation where it is most needed. We can also begin to spread awareness of this issue of LIGHT POLARITY BLINDNESS passed under the guise of false-Christ consciousness, among the light-worker communities, so they can get their focus balanced between the polarities of the NOW their bodies are stationed within and the vision of the unified future of TRUE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS into which they are focusing their minds. The healing is in bringing the reality of the Unity into the present moment then knowingly focusing it into darkness of the present polarities – which cannot be done while the light-workers among us are too distracted by LIGHT BLINDNESS to pay attention to the shadow issues that need to be faced and healed NOW. THIS is a MAJOR ISSUE IN PLANETARY HEALING... for if this planet is going to pass through the 2000-2017 Stellar Activations Cycle / Ascension Cycle harmoniously, THE POLARITIES IN THE PLANETARY GRIDS MUST BE BROUGHT INTO BALANCE. HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS is part of the planetary biofield – people of both DARK POLARITY BLINDNESS AND LIGHT POLARITY BLINDNESS are presently IMBALANCING THE PLANETARY GRIDS – and neither are aware that this is what they are covertly being motivated to do by forces both refuse to face and acknowledge.

It takes more than good intentions, an open heart and a vision of light to balance the disharmonic energies in the planetary bio-systems. It takes KNOWLEDGE of the true mechanics of POLARITY UNIFICATION and the courage to focus the light into the darkness where it is most needed. Please spread the message if you feel so inspired... the grids need to be brought into balance for planetary healing and progressively the New Age movement is being programmed into LIGHT BLINDNESS to unknowingly assist the advancement of the Dark agendas they refuse to address. Help our kin in the light to begin to realize the difference between true Unity consciousness and the false-vision of Light Blindness, so they can focus their power effectively in the present to become part of the REAL planetary healing team that is actively facing and transforming the dark agendas. Their light and love are needed by Earth – but so is their AWARENESS and action in facing and transmuting the collective shadow.
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