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Default Truth about 2012 and Human Evolution

I would like to present the perspective about the 2012 event from the GA-MCEO (Guardian Alliance - Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order), which is a collective of inter-dimensional races, souls from which have incarnated as Avatars in human form, like Jesus, Rama and Krishna during various periods in Human History. First of all, let me provide a link to the website for this group, www.azuritepress.com, which provides an introduction to what this group is all about.

Here(www.azuritepress.com/New%20Comers/intro_topic_summary_1.html) is a link to a summary of the Historical Origins of the MCEO teachings, which pre-date the seeding of the Angelic Human genome on our Planet Earth. The more recent pre-ancient historical MCEO teachings of Earth emerged from the 12 CDT-Plate Silver-recorder-disc Libraries that were given to the ancient Urtite human races of Earth by MCEO Guardians–Azurite race, in the 246,000 BC Atlantian period, as part of the Emerald Covenant Co-evolution Agreement treaty. These pre-ancient teachings formed the basis for the “Original 12 Angelic Human Earth Re-Legions” or Original 12 Religions. Over time and through the intentional historical manipulations orchestrated by Illuminati races (who possess hybrid Angelic Human + various “Intruder ET” genetic lines), the original complimentary perspectives and teachings of the “Original 12 Ancient Angelic Human Earth Religions” were progressively distorted into competitive, contradictory doctrines and “control dogmas". The Atlantean Illuminati False Yugas “Parallel Wormhole Opening” Precession Calendars were later introduced to various Lower Earth Sleeper human populations in recent times and became the basis for the “Mayan End Times Calendar” and numerous early “Pagan seasonal-worship” rites.

Here(www.azuritepress.com/New%20Comers/intro_topic_summary_2.html) is a link to the 2nd summary page about the MCEO teachings. This page summarizes the difference between the MCEO teachings that lead us to an energetically eternally self-sustaining path of accretion of our Quanta towards God-Source and the "false" Ascension teachings, which are based on devouring or destruction of existing finite Quanta for the accretion of further new Quanta or in other words death/destruction and re-birth cycles. The "The Tree of Life" teachings that were dispensed by the entity Quetzlcoatl to the Mayan Civilization, in fact, represent The Tree of Artificial Life or Metatronic Death Science technologies. Quetzlcoatl is the same Anunnaki entity who was known as Thoth in a previous incarnation in the Atlantean period and who stole one of the CDT plates that contained some of the MCEO Ascension Science teachings. The Illuminati Elders used that technology to create a Wormhole link between our Earth-Sun-Milky Way Galactic Core and the corresponding Earth-Sun-Milky Way Galactic Core in a Parallel Universe, which is a falling system that is based on Metatronic Death Science. The Illuminati plan to open this wormhole in 2012, when our Earth-Sun-Milky Way Galactic Core come in alignment with the corresponding counterparts in the falling Parallel Universe system. No wonder, there are verses about Wormwood (something that comes through the Wormhole) in Biblical Revealation texts, which is part of the distortion introduced in religious texts as part of the Illuminati Master Plan. If the Illuminati Master Plan was successful, our Solar System and the Parallel Universe Solar System would engage inorganic Metatronic Death-Star Merkaba-vortex dimensional-blend via the Wormhole, which would cause rapid mass extinction of the life fields in both systems, then both solar systems would be “drawn back in time” to the 10,948 BC Atlantean time period of just before when the wormhole link was created. However, this Illuminati Master Plan will not succeed, as they will soon find out. Due to the GA-MCEO Guardians' intervention efforts, the Illuminati's wormhole link opening event will not proceed to completion in 2012, but will instead be postponed to about AD 2230. The MCEO Guardians have progressively activated a very ancient network of trans-dimensional Earth Interface Star-Gates which include the “Arc of the Covenant–Hub Gate Network,” the “Polarian Gate System,” and the “Na-VA’-Ho Spanner Core Gate System,” which together, in 2012, will allow for the opening of the “Aurora Silver Seed Gates,” through which Earth’s Templar can retain direct connection to the Living Cosmic Templar Ascension Passages, despite the Illuminati’s scheduled 2012 opening of the Fall-aligned wormhole. These gates will remain open for the next 200 years. In 2012, the Guardians will introduce an Expedited Bio-regenesis Healing technique called the “Silver Seed Awakening”, through which accelerated reverse-mutation of the DNA Template can occur, to allow reclamation of the organic ability of Ascension through atomic Transfiguration. This “200-year window” will enable humans, both of the “Angelic” and “Illuminati-Human” lines on “Amnesty Contracts,” who engage the “Silver Seed Awakening Healing” at its initiation in 2012, to heal their atomic-biology and Encryption Lattice sufficiently to engage biological “Star-Gate Slide Ascension” into the nearby “Free Worlds” and the “Path of Re-evolutionary Ascension” within which these worlds reside. Contemporary Earth is presently a “Blended System” with over 66% of its Encryption Lattice in Fall System BPR alignment. If the fall alignment percentage remains at the same high levels in 2012, Illuminati’s strengthened environmental electro-magnetic Metatronic Time-Harness in 2012 might induce an automatic “Metatronic 55-Blending Ratio” permanent DNA mutation in all life forms. However, Individuals who make choices that allow their personal Encryption Lattices to enter Co-resonant Harmonic Alignment with the Guardians’ Stardust Ascension Grid between December 21, 2012 and January 31, 2013, will receive the gift of the “Silver Seed Awakening”, which will create progressive biological immunity to the Illuminati’s environmentally induced automatic “Metatronic 55-Blending Ratio” permanent DNA mutation.

So, what can a caring humanity do "in the meantime", in preparation for 2012 and beyond? In short, the answer is to make positive, love-based, joy-filled and wise choices in life, in preparation for, and following 2012, which will provide the opportunity for us to SHIFT ourselves into a more desirable evolutionary alignment than that of the “Path of Fall,” with which the primary quanta of Earth are now engaged due to the 66% quantum alignment of Earth’s Planetary Encryption Lattice, and geomagnetic field, to the Metatronic Code. An example of a wise choice would be to refrain from engaging in Metatronic Death Science based "false" Ascension teachings. Pointers have been provided in the above linked summary #2, on how one can discern between "true" and "false" ascension teachings. Eg: if one sees constructs such as the "tree of Life", "Fibonacci Sequence" or "Golden Mean Rectangle" used in the teachings then that paradigm is definitely based on Metatronic Death Science.

I hope, I have been able to "summarize" the somewhat long summaries on the Azuritepress website in a form that will be comprehended relatively easily by people who are not yet connected with the teachings. Please feel free to post your queries about MCEO teachings on the "KeylonticScience" Yahoo group or directly contact the MCEO speakers via the Azuritepress website.

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