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Default heating and healing through energy and vibration

Sue Yarmey, of sueyarmey.com posted in her Third Quarter predictions, channeling The Many, a segment that I reproduce here:
There will be ways to gain information in secretive type ways about your heating information. As you were speaking earlier, it is something that is bothersome to all of you. There will be information leaking also about the body's ability to heal itself using the right tone or vibration within the physicality. There will be information in, following with that concept of vibration, on how to use it for heating.
There will be information coming to you in small ways that will assist you in figuring out how to do this
Talk about a bombshell! It has been pretty evident for a while that between the upsurge in interest in Wilhelm Reich's orgone energy, Nikola Tesla's work with radiant energy, the new "electric universe" model, intention experiments, the quantum field and Yang-Mills' broken symmetry, that much within the existing scientific paradigm is about due for retirement. I can see The Many's observation in light of this, especially when they mention that it's not simple, but I don't see that being the entirety of what they are saying. They mention gaining information about these developments in "secretive type ways" (i.e., sidechannels, internet forums, word of mouth, etc.); perhaps Project Avalon is one such modality. I wonder if any of you have heard/seen any evidence of these new energy uses and modalities.

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