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Default Prophecy Sri Herakhan Baba Gorakhnath

Yoga Perspective On The Coming Destruction Of Humanity

Sri Herakhan Baba Gorakhnath (d. 1960's)

The changes of the present world, which is full of turmoil and not working properly, will necessarily be revolutionary and bloody. Peace will return only after revolutionary change has done its work.

No country will be spared. Some countries will be totally erased. Some will have only 3% to 5% surviving population. In even the least affected countries, only 20% to 25% will survive.

This great death and destruction will be brought about by earthquakes, volcanoes, giant meteors, tidal waves, floods, nuclear and chemical accidents and horrible wars.

These destructive elements have been held in check by God, but now they are being released in various ways to do their worst. Those who pray to their chosen divinity and keep faith will not be affected. It is the selfish, incorrigible, material minded who are the target, and they are the majority. They are bringing it on themselves, not on spiritual people.

People today are full of misery and unhappiness. This pain and tension is not just happening to the poor, but to the wealthy as well. All classes of people are suffering from repeated illnesses, miseries, difficulties and unhappiness.

While things are getting worse, the leaders of all countries are busy safeguarding their positions and have totally ignored their people's needs and interests. These leaders are misguiding the public.

New leaders are being trained under divine guidance to come forward and govern a peaceful and harmonious world after the great death and destruction of the present world and its sick, heedless majority of materialistic humanity.

The world is becoming increasingly under the sway of demonic influences and is headed for megadeath and vast destruction. This is not going to be stopped and time is running out.

Prayer and mahamantra are the only safeguard against all this.

Forget the world history and the world future. Abolish all thoughts and anxieties for the heedless, materialistic, arrogant humanity and its false leaders. You cannot help them; you can help only yourself. Connect with God with total concentration of your soul. Chant mahamantra. Mahamantra with spiritual faith defies death and demonic destructions.

Remember, evil influences and the coming death and destruction cannot come near you if you have mahamantra prayer, Yoga connection with God. Keep up purification of body, mind and heart with faith and concentration.

Do the work you know you must do! Spiritually inspired work goes with you wherever you go; even if you leave the body and go to the other world, the work you do goes with you. You cannot fail to be benefited by good work. Whatever kind of garden you are making here, you are making there as well, and whatever seeds you are sowing on earth you are sowing in heaven also.

Whatever work you do must be spiritually inspired and not come from proud materialism.

Great and good work is not yours, but is the work of the whole Universe, the whole of existence coming through you.

Do you understand this?

Let the whole, the Omniverse, work through you. Work with Divine Inspiration.

Use time and energy on cosmically inspired work. The more time and energy you use with cosmic inspiration, the more you will be benefited. Your health will be improved by this; your digestion will be all right and you will sleep well. Also, your mind will be purified of selfish worldliness and you will feel better about yourself.

Yogis do all kinds of Yogas but often fail to do cosmically inspired work. This holds back their progress as well. Real Yoga must include the Yoga of work to purify the mind and purify the chitta, the inner consciousness. To do cosmically inspired work is the highest Yoga.

Do you understand how this is so? How do you like these ideas? Do you see how cosmically inspired work brings God right into your personal system, saturating your being with His being? I want to inspire you and bless you with this teaching. Will you accept this and work with it?

Do not let what is happening with the world and with foolish people you know in your life dishearten you! To lose heart, to lose your courage and vigour, is death. Don't lose courage. You can move mountains.

Remember always that Yoga means being courageous, vigorous. To get dejected or lose courage is not Yoga.

Listen now to Bholebaba: the coming great destruction and death of masses of unyogic people means you have to be prepared for anything. You must dont_use_thisf to be flexible and do all sorts of work.

Do you understand this? Will you get yourself ready to be useful to God on the Earth, to be one with God on the Earth?

In order to not provoke the Ruling Deity, the Lord of the Universe, it is important that you be quiet toward the material-minded ones and let them be led to their doom without your interference. Whoever God wants to kill, you cannot save.

It is you he wants to save with mahamantra and cosmically inspired work. You must put all your concentration, energy and vigour into true religious life. With mahamantra and mahakarma, cosmic chanting and cosmic work, you can win everything, because these are stronger than all of mankind's weapons of mass destruction.

If you are at peace, Nathji, the Lord of Yoga, is at peace. If you are troubled, Nathji, the Lord of Yoga, is troubled, if you have problems, Nathji, the Lord of Yoga, has problems.

You can have faith in this! There will always be hills and mountains of obstruction to overcome on the way to oneness with God. Do not be disturbed that the institutions of the world are collapsing, that billions of foolish, heedless, faithless human beings are bringing on the destruction of their world, of their foolish ways.

It is the duty of the mountain of darkness to fall down, and it is the duty of the soldiers of God to remove the rubble and build something holy and beautiful with it. To share in divine building work brings peace of mind, light in your soul, which is the state Nathji, Lord of Yoga, wants for you and Himself.

When Lord Krishna was at battle where everything was on fire, a locust came to pray at his feet. Krishna then placed his helmet over the locust. Everyone and all creatures on that battlefield were killed, except the locust, which was revealed alive there when Krishna came to pick up his helmet.

Mahamantra is like Krishna's helmet. It will protect you from the forces of destruction God is releasing in the world to purify the Earth through fire.

In a flour mill, all of the grain is ground up, just like the vast majority of people on earth in the coming great destruction and megadeath. But a few grains always escape the grinding process because they are near the center pole and fall down in the central space between the pole and the grinding wheel.

When you hold near to God with mahamantra and mahakarma, cosmic chanting and cosmic work, you are liberated from the ordinary terrible destiny of people of the world. Have faith in this.
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