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Default Re: The Bibles Signs in our Sky

Originally Posted by Gale View Post
Where is all that water is going from the melting polar caps? The ocean water levels are dropping not raising as according to popular belief. Check out some of the small islands in our oceans, and see what the inhabitants are saying about gaining land from receding water levels.

Well I am living on an island. Unfortunately not since very long (almost 5 years) so I cannot tell if there are big differences.
I recently saw a picture in a newspaper that a certain restaurant came closer and closer to the sea. It suggests
that either the sea level is rising or that the beach could be disappearing there (due to currents).

The reason why some of us connected this with HAARP is that it creates the same effect as Aurora Borealis.
Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomena on our poles (weaker magnetic field) and has to do with sun activity.
However this is not the natural period for it, that is normally at solar spot max. I think.
But currently our sun (and galaxy) is influenced by dust and material from the Galactic plane.
On top of that, earth's magnetic field is weakening ...

Is this where you are heading .... ?
About the retracting water ... are you heading to hollow earth theory ?

Well, these are some of my suggestions but I guess you have either the answers or maybe a more solid theory.

I am anxious to hear about it.

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