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Bill Ryan
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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

Originally Posted by sleepingnomore View Post
I'm relatively new on the forum but I've been following your interviews for a long time now. What struck me about you both was the committment to reveal the truth. I know how hard that can be and the opposition and attacks it can draw to you. From my spirit to yours thank you for continuing your mission.

My question is regarding a recurring vision of a solar eclipse I keep getting. Does this mean anything to either of you in regards to a possible outcome or a possible time line?
Thank you! But the recurring vision you describe of a solar eclipse means nothing to me personally as best I know. That does NOT mean it's insignificant... it may be concerning something that we're totally unaware of.

We DID have a warning of a possible CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) - referencing "the event of 1859" - from a well-known scientist with a Top Secret clearance, contracted to the Department of Homeland Security. But this is not the same as an eclipse, and the two do not really have any connection.

Originally Posted by historycircus View Post
Dear Bill and Kerry,

In what ways do your own spiritual beliefs guide your approach to these interviews, and your own intellectual digestions of what they have to say?

Do you believe in an "all-powerful" NWO/Illuminati/secret society? Do you believe we are far beyond saving ourselves, and if there is still time on the clock, how does that conflict with those who openly subscribe to the belief that the PTB control everything, and that we are doomed?

Kerry, do you still have the same passion for disclosure you had when you began Camelot? Bill, do you still have the same passion you had when you joined Kerry in her journey?

Thanks, on a bunch of different levels,

The HistoryCircus.
Apart from the fact that Kerry and I both have a strong, clear spiritual perspective, I don't think that perspective influences the way we conduct interviews, or how we regard the information we hear.

Between us, we try to ask smart, well-informed questions, and after the interviews we try to be equally smart about what we've learned. Our capacity to do that depends significantly on our knowledge base - as well as our spiritual outlook.

We do think there is a NWO/Illuminati secret society which has heavily influenced world events, possibly for longer than many are prepared to believe. The evidence is overwhelming. But they may not be "all-powerful" any more.

Despite the Report from Iron Mountain, and the Global 2000 report - both of which call for drastic steps to reduce world population - the population has NOT so far been reduced as planned.

Using this as an obvious example, this seems to indicate that this group is not as powerful as it might have wished to be. Otherwise, they'd surely already have implemented many of their plans.

If no global pandemic emerges in the next 12-18 months, I'd start to be really pretty confident that this simply will not happen.

I'd say that Kerry and I still have the same passion as we had when we started. Maybe even more so: we're aware that we have a leadership role, and a huge responsibility when speaking at conferences and in radio interviews (and on forums like this) - none of which we'd anticipated when we started.

Our audience is now massive, and beyond our wildest dreams when we first started out and realized that someone had actually visited our new website

We're working as hard as we ever did, and if we can do our part as members of a large team (including thousands of people we do not know) to help steer the world safely into the dawn of a new age, then we'll feel that everything we've experienced has been very, very worth while.

[to be continued]
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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

Bill & Kerry youare fantastic and I admire the work you are continuing as I feel its only fair to say that we are all successful because we are standing on the shoulders of giants.

I have a time question. 10 years ago I was led to believe and still do the following information on which I would greatly appreciate your comments.

1. That time has effectlively ended and we are in what they described as an extended 'moment' this why why for some everything seems to have speeded up or in other circumstances slowed down.
2. Transitions have started to occur already for people of the earth and we will see big groups of people who will disappear from time to time, in various ways.
3. There are many aspects or versions of this world but principally two diverging paths, this one and another so called 'higher' one. You will stay or move depending on your ability to understand your individual nature, however neither is doomed. Some may feel this intensely and others may wake up and not know the difference.
4. As time has effectively ended we have all the ability to change or stretch or control time to change as we are currently in no-time.

What do you think of any of that?

Thank you again and take good care of yourselves

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Bill Ryan
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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

Originally Posted by Dean Plejaren View Post
Hey Bill and Kerry I am really into your forum lately as you may have noticed! The people here are just interesting to interact with you attract interesting people i don't mean to be a pain.

This thread is a big task to try and make a dent in it while you have spare time is admirable and so is the willingness to clarify and listen to others all the time you guys are open minded and have a good sense of balance I respect that and think you guys are genuine but I have two major issues.

two questions to throw out here to you since you are offering.

1) How do you feel about someone that does not consider themself a guest on this forum or that it is private property and who does not agree to bind themself with certain written agreements over self leadership critical thinking and self responsibility. Do you think that it's unethical to dismiss the need for using rules or guidelines as a sort of crutch in which people use to point to why they made their decisions. Such as moderator conduct and such as users referring to conduct of others and themself.

2) Are you guys upset or do you reject anyone that decides your whistleblowers are likely traitors and or not worthy of attention or completely trustworthy that can possibly manipulate and who sees the entire means of getting this information immoral, unneeded and in most causes trivial information that is very much speculative. Do you reject the contributions of anyone that sees this secrecy as invalid to creating communities and a culture of freedom and wisdom that is needed in the changing times ahead.

I did my best to try and express what I meant. These are my main two issues that is all. Thanks guys.
If you do think we are genuine - and you may be telling the truth - you have to stop playing both sides of the fence. It's a matter of integrity.

Some people watching your posts here and elsewhere will know what I mean. I'm sure you do, too. Make up your mind who we are, and then stand behind that. Don't blow with the wind. It makes you look weak.

If I've understood your question properly (and do come back to me here if I have not answered your question, rather than criticising me elsewhere): we regard this forum as our own house. It's our party, but we've sort of thrown it open to everyone on the street.

We thought a few hundred people might come along, but instead we had over five thousand. We never had enough beer or chips for everyone, and not enough room for everyone to talk quietly and have a good time. So things got crowded and out of hand.

Not only that, but quite a lot of people have wandered in who do not seem to know us, and some of those people (as with any party) are just out to have fun, break things, or cause trouble.

If that happened in your house, with a real party, you'd probably want those people to leave. If you made it clear that they were unwelcome and yet they still stayed and continued to abuse you and the other guests, you'd probably escort them to the door and then lock them out.

This forum is not a public place. It's our house. So we're offended when people come in here and abuse us or the other guests. It's as simple as that. It's not really a matter of "rules". It's not a school, or an office building. It's a matter of what you'd want going on in your house.

This is why some people have been asked to leave, or have left of their own accord (and some mods, too). They have realized that the party is not one they enjoy, or where they were welcome.

Our advice to them is to go find another party and have a good time there.

The role of the moderators is to help us throw a good party. Everyone has been trying hard to help. No-one gets paid, they work long hours, and they do it not for themselves but for the other party-goers. Sometimes they've made mistakes (because they are human) - and some of them have left because they didn't enjoy the party themselves any more. All that is fine and to be expected.

There's no reason for conflict, no reason for personal criticism, no reason to behave badly. It's just a party, and we'd like it to be a good one.

So help make it a good party if you like. If you're bored or you don't like the music, then go to another one... there are plenty around.

I'm not sure that I understood your whistleblower question. If you're talking about Mary Lou's reporting of Henry Deacon to the FBI, this was an unacceptable breach of moderator trust. Think about it.

If a whistleblower came to us and thought that they might be under any circumstances handed over to the authorities, do you think anyone would ever talk to us again? Probably not. Thankfully, Mary Lou did not know any of Henry Deacon's personal details at all. We keep things compartmentalized too, just as the agencies do, and we know how to keep important things confidential. And that was why.

Not only that, but Mary Lou did not understand any of the Henry Deacon background, and did not realize that he did not know what he was working on until the morning of 9/11, that he was horrified when he was briefed, and that he contemplated sabotaging the project from the inside (but did not, and he suffers for that).

None of that Mary Lou understood or had read on the Camelot site, where it had been for over a year. We asked her to leave, and we published all the correspondence transparently on another thread so that there could be no misunderstanding about what had happened.

It's our duty to protect any whistleblower who comes forward. This is our senior responsibility. Anyone who does not stand with us on that should not be on our own team.

[to be continued]
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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

Hi Bill and Kerry,
Thanks for your dedication and hearts,
A main focus of a lot of peoples anxiety, is the supposed journey through the dark rift.
My question is which astronomy agency data can we trust, for our true position in our galaxy?
I understand and have no reason to disbelieve top whistle blowers testimony, and am so grateful to have watched and enjoyed most of your interviews, but these short reports say, that by mapping hundreds/thousands of background stars, our true position is actually North of the rift and climbing away.
I know NASA are not to be trusted and as RH says 'the lies are different on every level, so my question is.. who do we trust for a true galactic position?
here are short links with an official interpretation of the data.
Ill understand if you have no time to read them and MUST! thank you again for your great services to us all. thank you Bill and Kerry so much.

According to this study, conducted by Humphreys and Larsen, Dept. of Astronomy, University of Michigan, 1995; the sun is approximately 20.5pc above the galactic plane. This is equivalent to 63.6 light years.

A more recent study by Reed of Dept. of Physics, Alma College using parallax measurements from OB stars, confirmed and refined, Humphreys, et al by concluding 19.5pc.

Edited: you know what forget it, your busy and i get my answers elsewhere anyways, i still worry on the 19.5 energetics we are entering and probably dont need your help so wont waste your time.

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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

I had an abduction experience in 1981, followed by some other very weird events, and that totally changed everything. Many other members will resonate with that and understand totally. "Quote from Bill Ryan post in this thread"

I copy/pasted that from one of your replies....I never knew this about you Bill. I would love to know more about it.

Also, I know you and Kerry give interviews and would love it if ,wherever possible, you guys could post them on Camelot. I don't know if you realize this but your interview from 2006 is very hard to find (the one where Kerry interviewed you about Serpo) The paranexus radio interview really filled in some gaps...I bet other interviews would do this as well.

While we all understand that Camelot is about the interviewees....The insights and opinions of both you and Kerry are very important (to me atleast) and are very helpful. If it is feasible, I would be delighted to hear any interviews that the two of you give.

Warmest wishes-Francie Jones
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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

Hi Bill,
Regarding the "death of the soul" concept of Bill Deagle.
The beginning of the New Paradigm Handbook distributed by George Green can be seen to say precisely the same thing and more. IT describes the "death" of the Creator of all life through the intention of "dark forces". It describes the intention of these "dark forces" is death to the ultimate creator and that the dark force methods to bring it about are extremely advanced to the point of possible sucess.

This is a staggering book in those passages alone, which can be easily bypassed as the above concept is not repeated even that clearly again.

I have my own interpretation of the concept of causing the Creator to "unexist itself"
re: how such a thing could come to be. What kind of ultimate "game" are the dark forces "playing"?
I mean, it is a question is it not? IF there is
a single or simultaneous create point or prime mover unmoved create point of life itself;
if we are emanations of such a point , each life unit or "grain of sand" containing the secrets of our origins in our most basic makeup;
then, it follows, and the following logic is also stated in the Paradigm Handbook;
then.... it follows, that IF the emanations of life that all manifested existence IS...
can be brought into a state of AGREEMENT and WILLING SELF DESTRUCT....

THEN... could such a non- existence be brought into or brought.. OUT OF...existence causing the CORE of existence and all its subsidary coparts to become the Core of unexistence?????

Would THAT not be the ultimate accomplishment of the "DARK" forces?
Or, we might say, could GOD cause ITSELF to cease existence?
Well, the Handbook states that the dark forces have a large misunderstanding.

Complex as the escalated infinitely tiered challenge of a sucessful unmocking of GOD (be it trickery to have GOD self will annililation across a hundreth monkey syndrom formula) would be, it seems that ithis ultimate challenge might be a "game" being described by the likes of Bill Deagle and the writer of the New Paradigm.

And the ultimate statement of all activities that engage our senses in challenges between "us and them".
But indeed, it can get very very "serious"!

Many times, I have worked with humans who have willed themselves into states in which they no longer believe they exist; how difficult that can be to revive and how very skilled one must be to attempt recovery.

Tis ultimate mind control experiement!

How do the Duncon's become awake?

How do we?

And how would ..... god? GOD?

IF all of life became simultaneiously convinced it were "better" to unexist it/them/all/ ultimate existence; THEN

would THAT not be the game descirbed here?

The indeed very dangerous "game"?

So, I for one, believe that YOUR intention, Bill and Kerry, to SHOW the darker sides, ALONGside of the intention to SHOW and ASSURE that IF one does not TAKE PART in BUYING the BAG on the hopelessness of it all (rendering us hopeless by demonstrations of force and knowledge superior to our own)

THEN.... not "buying the bag",
is ONE (as in yourself being ONE) more reason that the "dark" forces cannot and could never WIN.

Only with OUR participation by agreement CAN the "dark forces" WIN the game of God it/him/our SELVES

Uncreating consciousness and awareness of ourselves as the co-participant formulators/emanatiers of LIFE!

BUT NOT ultimate and total positation of UNEXISTENCE

You work, Kerry and Bill, is INVALUABLE and PRICELESS therefore, because THAT which LIGHT is NOT SHED upon will prevail.

We only need be continually reminded that ONLY our BELIEF in the POWER of the "dark side" can make US loose light.

As long as there is light to shine, then someone KNOWS of those parts that have been lost.
And that light that knows - can shine upon it.

and therefore, we awake!

That is my two cents, it is deep acknowledgment; unprecedented appreciation.

and can be treated however you choose to treat it.

in ultimate support to you, Bill and Kerry,


PS. In my opinion, the BEST modern day movie version of evil and Illuminati method is in the last Star Trek movie. Watch and LEARN from the SITH. Being an artist, the potential of art to create deep understanding is instant and internal. We have the good fortune in that movie to be on the outside looking in!

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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

Hi Bill & Kerry,

Has the Interview with Miriam Delicado been postponed? I thought this would be out on Camelot.
Maybe it's still being editted?
Must be a long interview!
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Cool Re: Ask BILL and KERRY


I would like to ask you a question and hope this is the right thread to do it.
Rather by coincidence I stumbled on this video: Project Camelot looks at George Green's magnetic motor
Is there a link on the Camelot site? I didn't find it at George Green's interview page on your site. At the end of the video a text says you can find more info at NoHoax or Project Camelot. More info is indeed what I am looking for. Didn't find it at NoHoax. I would like to reproduce this magnetic motor. It's seems pretty simple, but still, any additional info is welcom.

I've downloaded the Patrick Kelly manual. But with over 1750 pages... I've been looking for George Green's magnetic motor in it, but didn't find it. Maybe it's not there?

This GG motor is so interesting because it seems easy to reproduce and demonstrate. If you talk about free energy, most people think you're a little crazy, superstitious or something like that. They always come with the same arguments: if free energy existed, it would have been on the market, people would be making money out of it, etc... With something to demonstrate at hand, it would be easier to make your argument solid.

Everyone here...
I'm interested in all small and easy reproducable demo products as the one above. Everything that can make people wonder and open their minds.

For instance the CELT or rattleback, demonstrates in an easy way, Newton's inertia law isn't as absolute as they teached us at school... All things like that are very welcom.
(The CELT is demonstrated in this video: Boyd Bushman FULL Interview - UFOs & Antigravity along with other nice small demo's)

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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

Bringing you back to the top Bill and Kerry
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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

look bill u dont need to explain yourself to me i know how funds must be tight. i am working 7 days aweek at the minute taxi driving in ireland and its tough

so god know how it is for you and kerry...as for your car i know how it feels i just traded in my old merc which i have spent 4k on fixing in the last 2 years nightmare!

can i ask 1 question. you said you were interviewing david icke soon a while ago and i have not heard anything since..have you interviewed him yet?


ps keep up the good work my friend
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Dean Plejaren
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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

Thank you for listening

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Smile Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

Hi bill and kerry,thank you for what you do!!Any idea when you will have a new update from george green?Cheers,Best,Antz
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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

B&K, no need to answer this. I want to help support your PC/PA Forum. Would be helpful for me and others--who also wish to donate, where to send the cheque or m/o ?
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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

Digital TV...I have been wondering if anyone has contacted you regarding this. The USA's conversion in February 2009 has always made me a bit nervous.

Any information about this from whistleblowers as of yet?

Thanks - Francie
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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

Originally Posted by Bill Ryan View Post
...Many thanks, Steven. No plans. But I've read his first book, and was impressed - particularly with the very sensible notion that many of the ET visitors simply have commercial interests or are otherwise self-interested with a eye on Earth's resources...
Thank you for your quick response Bill. I'm glad to hear you have read the first book. I invite you, without any pressure, to read the book 2. Book one was written in a manner to be addressed by a large public not necessary informed about ETs. With smooth curves. While Book 2 goes much deeper in the explanation of the Intervention. Details about who are the group of ETs doing it, their purpose, the way the Greater Community of Milky Way sees it and what we can do to keep our Freedom a reality. Steps to Knowledge are daily exercices to access the Spiritual Intelligence inside.

Another question, would it be possible to have a "Handbook for the New Paradigm" section in the Avalon Forum? So, it is more easier to gather all related material. I perfectly understand if you prefere not to create a special section, I'm a grateful guess here.

Thanks again for your dedication, All my blessings to you, Kerry and your beloved, Namaste, Steven.
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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

Back to the top babe(s)
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Michael H
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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

Hi Bill & Kerry,

First, I would like to thank both of you for all the hard work and courage your have poured into your projects.

Could you comment on when you plan on uploading your new interview with Marcia Schafer?

Thanks & all the best,

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pineal-pilot-in merkabah
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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

hi bill i have resent the personal message as you requested hope you and kerry are doing ok.. i feel i can identify somewhat with your plight.. im currently occupiying a friends converted garden shed lol.. i know what its like to be tight for cash.. can i pay for a years subscription in one chunk ???
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Ace of Hearts
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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

Hi Bill Kerry you guys have done an awesome job and you are great leaders for having taken this intitative of getting all this information out to the public.

thank you

my question is, have your lives ever been treatened? And if so how are you able to continue your work of interviewing whistleblowers?

Bless you both and may the creator shield you from harm.

Ace of Hearts
I Seek Truth, Peace & Purpose
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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

Juat to say - Avalon and Camelot are really interesting and not least of all USEFUL(!) resources and I do believe that they provide a valuable service also - that is why I would be happy to pay a modest subscription and also make a donation by paypal.

One other question. With all the chasing around, interviewing whitehats etc in hotel rooms etc, you both keep remarkably calm and considered and keeping a balanced view and remaining aware of the audience.

I love adventure etc but, how do you do it?! is it pure belief? Adrenalin?? Do you ever figet frustrated with any setbacks etc?

Also, how do you decide whether an interview is more important than another? Eg, Bill Deagles recent interview?

Best wishes and a lot of respect,

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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

Bill & Kerry have you read or heard of Laura Knight-Jadczyk
at http://cassiopaea.org
She would be a great interview...
Just check out the front page introduction.
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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

I wish you guys would do an audio or video interview with Scott/Flying Pyramid, who posts on this forum, because he says he'll be leaving when it goes to a pay site.

Scott could give you a good quality interview, with a positive forward-looking message, instead of dire predictions, and dwelling on how bad things are/will be.

I have enjoyed several of the interviews you did, but I just don't care for the overly negative ones, and the overly sensationalized ones. (Hell, I can watch that kinda stuff on the news!) Seems we've had a lot of those lately; that's the primary reason I'll probably just fade away when it turns into a pay-to-post site.

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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

i am very turned off when people begin asking to trade money $ for the "truth". I've loved this site & appreciated Camelot since i first logged, much love.
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Michael H
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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

Thought I would bump this up...
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Bill Ryan
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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

Originally Posted by watchZEITGEISTnow View Post
Hi Bill and Kerry,

Just wondering if you have the same sensation of time and how fast it appears to be going lately?

Everyone I have asked in my life is agreeing even kids, and when I was a kid time seemed painfully slow and well 'stuck'.

So I guess I'm asking if you know anyone in your circle, that has some kind of explaination for this? Bizzare question I know.


No explanation - but we've remarked on this between ourselves, and then realized that others were talking about it too.

It MIGHT have something to do with the region of energetic/energized space which the solar system seems to be entering (connected with the galactic plane). But just hazarding a guess...

Originally Posted by NXS View Post
First of all, I'd just like to say how impressed I am with the amount of work and dedication the two of you have put in, to try and shed light to the true reality that has been hidden behind the proverbial veil. Your efforts are both appreciated, and inspiring. My question is this. With your decision to focus more on future-related events, does this mean that your efforts with Project Camelot have been put on hold/ceased? I only ask, because as an avid viewer of the PC site/news/interviews, I would hate to see an end to what has become one of, if not the, most comprehensive whistle-blower/testimonial sites. Few, if any sites I've come across have had such in-depth interview sessions with such prominent names.

Thank you for everything, and keep up the excellent work!
Hi - our work with Project Camelot absolutely continues.

We're currently editing interviews with Stephen Bassett from the Paradigm Research Group (on the USG and Disclosure), Jim Humble (the inventor of MMS), and an interview with a wonderful girl in her 20s called Jessica who we met at the NEXUS conference in Australia, who's had some interesting experiences and who very much represents the very aware younger genereration and the potential future of this planet.

We'll soon be publishing a written interview with James from WingMakers, and have interviews bookmarked (but not yet scheduled) with David Icke, Jordan Maxwell and Jim Marrs. We also have a number of other projects and releases we're working on behind the scenes, some of which are pretty interesting but which we can't say more about at the moment.

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor View Post
Dear Bill and Kerry,

When and why did you decide to start Projects Camelot and Avalon? Do you have some information about your backgrounds that you can share without compromising yourselves?
Kerry and I met at the Laughlin UFO Congress in February 2006, and had the idea for Project Camelot while visiting Tintagel (in Cornwall, England), the legendary home of the real King Arthur's Camelot.

When we first met, I was the webmaster for http://serpo.org, a strange and complex release of information about an exchange program between a team of US military scientists and an ET race in the 1970s. The story was heavily contaminated, but is likely to have been based on fact. That was my first public involvement in the UFO/ET arena.

Our abbreviated bios have been on http://projectcamelot.org/about_us.html for quite a while. What else would you like to know? We have no secrets about our backgrounds, and what to say depends what you're interested in.

Essentially, I have a professional background in management and team development (after studying math, physics and psychology at university in England). Kerry has a background in the film industry in LA, having trained professionally as an actress in New York. We've both been armchair UFO researchers for many years before stepping out publicly, and have also both had quite a number of paranormal experiences of various kinds - as of course have many people who will be reading this now.

[To be continued]
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