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Default Jack's Thread - What happened to it.

The group has guidelines. Several of them are not enforced, but making money posts are considered spamming, which is strictly enforced.

I am advocating for taking a good look at our guidelines and considering rewriting them, as I for one would like to network with the people on this list to make some money rather than going to sign up for welfare, because I live in a small town with my mom and cannot find any jobs that can accommodate a few health issues like chemical/fragrance and electromagnetic sensitivities. I would like to see a section where people can network to exchange their goods and services.

But there are some really negative aspects to allowing this on the forum. So Jack's thread has been moved to the area for review (not by me) while the moderators continue discussion of the issue. It still exists, just out of sight for now. Throw your two or twenty cents in if you like. For the full guidelines click the link in my sig file.


Spamming is strictly forbidden, and members who abuse the trust of the list by spamming will be immediately banned, and their Internet Service Provider contacted regarding the nature of the abuse. Using email addresses acquired on the list to spam members privately is also forbidden.

Be aware that any discussion of a product or service for sale, or of a website designed to sell products or services, is forbidden, even if you do not directly profit from such a discussion.


Everyone joined this forum to discuss our material, not to hear others showcase theirs. Members who insist on promoting / showcasing themselves, their own websites, philosophies, products, services or other unrelated teachings will be unsubscribed.

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