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Edward Alexander
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Exclamation Where to go: Polar ice melting (Map), Wars in the world, other possible catastrophies


How many here are living in Argentina, and how many here are considering Argentina as their place to go for?

Just interested in seeing some statistics - and how many are interested in going other places and what would those places be?

Here is an interesting map showing how the world will be if the polar ice melts:

As seen there, Australia is almost gone, huge parts of northern Europe is gone, with Norway being left - which will probably heavily overfilled by refugees from all the other countries around, Africa is rather intact, so is middle east and asia for the most, and latin america got some severe flooding in couple areas, while USA do not have too much flooding.

But except for the possible and probable flooding caused by melting poles, there are other things needed to be taken in consideration, such as possible nuclear wars in Northern Hemisphere (which seems more and more likely) as well as the middle eastern and asian area, and possible unexpected catastrophic events occurring by other means such as an major accident with CERN etc. Biological warfare by the spreading of lethal viruses should also be something to have in mind.

Map of locations of Nuclear tests and use of nuclear weapons

In addition to that, other possible dangers such as areas that are prone to catastrophic events like earthquakes, hurricanes, unfavorable living conditions like too hot or too cold along with little food resources must also be evaluated when deciding your location in my opinion. Fertile places with little to none population and isolated from close cities and towns should be prioritized.

Some things to keep in mind:

1 - These communities should obviously not be mentioned in public as there will be people who would like to know about these communities (and not the kind of people you would want knowing about it, to put it like that)

2 - The Size of the communities should be rather small as large communities will easily be detected, it is better with many small groups spread around and any detectable equipment should be avoided (radios, phones, and any other transmitters / receivers that can be located by unwanted people)

3 - Open areas should also be avoided, for obvious reasons it's better to be situated in woods/jungles/mountain areas than flatlands with little vegetation - also, higher lands would be recommended as lower lands could experience flooding among other things which some signs are indicating.

4 - Great care should be taken when it comes to considering and selecting people to be part of these groups - the best advice would be to only have people whom you'd trust with your life so to speak

That's some things that I think is important, at least I am following these guidelines myself when it comes to this. I've lived several years in Latin Americas now as that is where I've been guided to be and found to most likely be the most safe place to stay. This information has not only been "revealed" to me through physical sources/contacts and research, but also through spiritual means.

We are some people here in Argentina as well working with these things but little can be said about where we will be located etc for security reasons. Other people should also take care when it comes to providing such information through internet communication as most things are monitored, the best thing is to meet the people you have in your group or plan to have in your group in person and discuss such matters privately.

If anyone have more suggestions to add to this that they feel is important feel free to do so.

Hopefully this is useful for some of you and something worth considering.

Good luck and blessings,
-Edward Alexander

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climate changes, emigration, safe zones, survival, wars

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