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Kerry Cassidy
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Default Project camelot update

Dear All:

Project Camelot Updates for those with a need to know:

Two Upcoming Conferences


1) The Swiss Ground Crew present A New World If You Can Take It Conference in ZURICH (10-12 July)


This conference is being organized and put on by the Swiss Ground Crew in cooperation with Bill Ryan. Speakers include: Bill Ryan from Project Camelot, Dan B C Burisch, Sc.D. and Marcia A. McDowell, Ph.D, Dr. Bryan O''Leary and David Wilcock.


2) Awake & Aware in LA --- Project Camelot in Los Angeles, California (September 19 & 20)


This conference is a Project Camelot Production and will include the following speakers confirmed: Bob Dean, George Green, Duncan O'Finioan, Miriam Delicado, Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot and Rich Dolan. More to follow.

Anyone who wants to volunteer to help organize who has not already submitted their name and skill set are welcome to email us at: kerry@projectavalon.net and please put: AWAKE & AWARE in the subject line.


Project Camelot New Site Idea

We are working on a new site or site division that is going to address a sort of Yellow Brick Road to becoming a Jedi Light Warrior or enlightened warrior in the face of the coming changes and the future.

Any input is welcome. We are planning to build it with the Camelot site as the foundation. Based on requests from many Camelot supporters we want to focus on inner development and self realization... Providing guidelines via a sort of virtual board game where each destination would contain suggested reading, links to developing certain skills... such as remote viewing, meditation and so on... along with recommended sites to go for more info on each topic... We want to have 2 divisions; a portion for young people say 12 to 18 and then 18 and above for adults... We want it to have a lot of graphics and color...

Anyone who wants to submit possible ideas, graphic approaches, concepts are welcome... Please keep in mind we are not able to write back to everyone so if you don't hear back please understand. We will try to review all submissions.

The bottom line is that we are facing an invasion of the planet (it's been going on a long time) and we need to take the planet back... and to do so we need an army of fully developed light workers. It is a battle for hearts and minds (and souls). It's all about consciousness.

Anyone submitting ideas or volunteering skillsets put OBIWAN in the subject line and write to: support@projectcamelot.org


Further Updates regarding Funding and our new Radio Show

Thank you. We want to thank everyone who responded to our recent call for additional funds. We are pleased to announce we paid our credit card balance from travel off and are able to pay rent and food for June and July... Please continue to donate if you are able.

We plan to travel to Barcelona to attend the upcoming Exopolitics Conference and to nearby areas to do interviews with the remaining funds ... see http://www.exopoliticseurope.com/

One person asked me what we use the money for... and for those who don't know we are totally self-supporting and rely on donations and subscriptions (to the Avalon forum) in order to pay the rent and food as well as finance any travel for Project Camelot interviews. Our travels have been severly curtailed for the past few months due to lack of funds.

We are also investigating filing for nonprofit status to allow for larger donations and longer range planning for our site.

The Alamo UFO conference went very well and many people were very interested in the new aspects of the Big Picture that Kerry Cassidy had to share. Charles Hall and Tom Dongo also presented excellent material.

Project Camelot has been asked to do a regular RADIO show on American Freedom Radio:

http://www.americanfreedomradio.com/index.html -- please stay tuned to our front page blog State of the Planet for more information.


We encourage everyone to visit our site as well as the websites of all those we have had the good fortune to interview. One of our Avalon consultants, Athena Thompson, has a great new SciFi novel, The St. Clair Twins: The Forbidden Truths -- for young adults and for those forever young... along the lines of the Harry Potter series. Highly recommended! It is loosely based on material gained from Project Camelot as well as other sources.

Brief synopsis: The St. Clair Twins: The Forbidden Truths

Thrown headlong into a perilous intergalactic battle, the two teenagers come face to face with the hidden forces that have shaped humanity for millennia—an ancient race of ruthless Reptilian overlords and a subordinate race of mind-bending Greys. As the twins grapple with their newfound knowledge and abilities, they quickly come to realize that reality, as we have all been led to understand it, is not at all what it seems… For more info and to purchase a copy please go to: http://www.athenathompson.com


I have it on good authority that Rich Dolan's new Volume II (author of UFOs and the National Security State) is now finished and soon to be released!! For more info go to: http://www.keyholepublishing.com/

Best wishes to all,

Kerry and Bill
Project Camelot


Project Camelot is a website formed in support of researchers and 'whistleblowers' who challenge current paradigms. Our aim is to provide safety in numbers and thereby establish a climate of trust and support across many disciplines on behalf of disclosure of truth with an emphasis on the freedom to explore.

Please visit our forum at: http://projectavalon.net/forum/index.php
..."if you build it they will come"
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