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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Hi Abrax, thanks for your reply. Basicly, I really started reading the Urantia book few years ago...but I only started...as I didn't found the concepts presented there being in tune with my own vibrational state at that time, nor I have the feeling I must go back and read the whole book.

As I read what you replied, it becomes obvious to me that actually, I did answered my questions with my hypothetical answers. To specify some things, I will use excerpts of your post and comment on them:

And yet your idea of the 8D is appropriate if you do not associate it with the 'standard ideas' as portrayed in the above.
No, I don't really associate the multidimensional, and therefore the 8D, with any "standard ideas".

The ascension of Gaia from 4D spacetime into 5D spacetime is an UNPRECEDENTED Cosmic Event, that will reconfigure the Entire Universe.
This is getting clearer and clearer to me now...there's something "special" going on and we're all a part of it. I guess, we should considere us being "lucky" (I know lucky is not the apropriate word for this) to be here and now!

It is not some 'wishy-washy' concept where the ETs from 26D interact with the ETs from 25D and fight some 'Galactic Battle' over the 'Poor Gaians' stuck in 4D; the latter awaiting deliverence from this state of affairs from their ET-Friends in 15D.

Your 8D-9D nexus point is 'crucial' not as some 'place' from where the ETs are coming from; BUT as an intersection of the 4D spacetime with itself at the same locale.

The physics and mathematics of the matter shows you what can become physical 5D reality and what is fantasy and cannot manifest as such.
I've never considered the "creation", no matter how multi/interdimensional it is, to be a place where battles should be battled. I don't even consider there are any battles...except one, which is the battle to unify the one that is with the one that isn't. Like said in your beautifull Parabel...the moment the gardener realise he is the planter and visa versa, that's the moment of unification.

So your 8D-9D nexus point is a nexus point of INFOLDMENT, a MIRROR between Translation-Rotation and Vibration.
And that point of INFOLDMENT...this is what I considered as "the Mistery".

So I guess, the things are getting clearer now...but still much to learn here.

thanks again
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