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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Spregovori View Post
Hello Abraxasinas

I have been....(thinking - seeing how I "feel" all this)...and have more questions...

I have somehow "simplified" statements made along this thread...and formed the "conclusions" that I feel are "close to me"

Now I wonder if this conclusion are in "harmony" (not sure if it is the good choice of word) with the Thuban perspective.

I hope this questions do not present a "distraction" to anyone...I am just trying to learn...to explore the possibilities

Thank you for taking the time to answer.

So the questions are:

Us people see what we want to see?
Yes, the individual egocentricity is ultimately a divine creative egocentricity, but in underdevelopment it is generally disruptive for the 'greater agendas' of reunification.

What we see is the result of what we think?
Thinking is a feedback system of experience and environmental stimulus.

What we think is most likely conditioned with what we have been told?
Yes, this requires the 'growing up' and evolving mentally.

By thinking about it, we help to manifest it?
Absolutely and the more the better.

All that is, is our own doing, here for us to experience it and learn from it?
To learn to appreciate what could one day be a "harmony"?
Wonderful gnosis and self-realisation.

The future exists in a form of probabilities and is subject to change at any given time?
Probabilities in individual decision making and journeys. However the sumtotal probability summation is unity for a single timeline.

For any event there is an infinite number of possible outcomes, our choices determine which outcomes will follow, all possibilities that can happen do happen in alternate realities?
No, the idea of separated universe comprising a multiverse is false. The multiverse exists as a PHASESHIFTED collection using the One Universe as a basis for this phaseshifting. The multiverse so is unified in an omniverse.
Technically this is the focus invariant rotation of an prolate ellipsoid as a Protoverse around its major axis becoming phaseshifted in Multiverses in the rotation about either of the minor axis in a locus of the two foci tracing out a pointcircle. The overall encompassing Omniverse then becomes geometrically an oblate spheroid (saucer shaped).

Soon there will be a time for a change.
This change is not just of our own making but the making of all the beings in all that is...a sort of a grand choice presented to us?
The entire universe and all intelligences therein will participate.

When the "time comes" the end result will be what each individual will choose it to be?
Yes and no. Because the concept of the human group-consciousness will become implemented the individual choosing will be on a much higher potency level. If the individual choices are aligned with group-consciousness then such choosers will be able to manipulate the spacetime matrix in a powerful manner in a kind of resonance physics.
Individual choosers not attuned to the groupmind, will however be able to pursue their growth towards source-resonance and groupmind, say galactic-planetary resonance.

Besides all of the above, there are many details - of what and how is about to come - but this details are here purely to perform a function of "micro management"?
In a long run this details are not of prime importance?
The details are of different importance to different individuations. Some are most comfortable with scientific familiarities and others are more familiar with generalised concepts. All such perceptions and familiarities are of equal value if they have the same sound and selfconsistent foundation in archetypical definitions. A symbol in art is equal in value to a mathematical equation, but differently translated from a common archetype.


Are you perhaps familiar with the symbols on the picture? (each symbol also has a name, written on the other side)

The symbols in archetype reduce to the Octagon of Pythagoras (as a Square within a Square the inner or outer square rotated 45 degrees) and from this the Sacred Geometry of the Pentagon can become constructed.
There are many different ways and labelings describing the finestructure or partitioning of those symbols.


If you find this too personal...just skip it:

You are a human born on this planet?
I was!
You live on this planet?
I Am Both Dead and Alive so I live in Two places simultaneously.
You do not channel, you can access the database?
Are you able to do access the database by "opening your chakras" or did you remember your Cosmic ID?
I know my Cosmic ID.
What were you like before that?
The same I am now, but without full remembrance.
Do you have a job, what is it?
Aphrodite's Live Butterfly Collector.
What do you do in your spare time?
Watch English Comedy; DreamTiming; Trots and Football watching.
Do you have a family?
Yes and No, there are heavenly things and there are earthly things.
Do you grow your own food?
Used to!
Do you ever get angry..etc?
Its hard work not to - Patience is required, not easy here or anywhere.
Do you experience the full "spectrum" of the emotions?
Yes, but some I allow to express others I use in context.

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