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What Does It Mean ? What does this all mean for the Ground Crew ?

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Default Re: Chemtrails!!!!

Originally Posted by UlfFreya View Post
... And this would be NASA's take (propoganda*cough*propoganda)

"Contrail Education"


Or as my friend said to me, it should be more accurately titled "We Can't Believe We're Saying This With a Straight Face, Either".

Contrail Count-A-Thons?! Egads.
You know... I used to see this sort of thing ALL THE TIME... Every single day in fact... I never, ever, once stopped to think. "That might not be a natural forming cloud". Hello... wake up call. Thanks for the info guys and gals.

Gov. is scary... I'm glad I'm down here. "Just me and these dead sheep".
lol... Very interesting anyway... Whats with those disks or balloons or whatever they are. Has the gov. tried to explain those at all?
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chemtrails, haarp

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