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Visions of the Future Visions of the future, What are you seeing? Thoughts, Dreams, Intuition....

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Default You are so close

My friends, you are so close to openning up your true potential for the future. If dreams of distruction come to you it is to bring fear to you. Each of us is a power generator, but the frequency of the power output changes with our countanence. There are dark forces that want you to put out a low energy field, or even better they would like you to run in reverse like them and start to suck energy out of everything around you.

Do not give in to such manipulations. Yesterday I had a dream pushed onto me. In my dream Martial law was declared and suddenly troops were pulling people out of all the houses in my nieghborhood. I was terrified, then this man came to me and told me to start killing the nieghbors and join in the round up, and if I did my family would be spared.

I had the presence of mind to look at all the images in the dream and realized that everything I was seeing came from my mind exept the man that made me the offer. I summoned all my will power and visualized him on fire. I heard, in my head a loud scream and the vision was broken, I woke up instantly in a sweat.

If you are an intuitive the dark side knows you, they know that you posses great influence on the world around you and want you to live in fear.

I medatated for a few min. after my ordeal and brought peace into my life again.

This is the sort of reason that we are seeing revered people that are seen as seers fall down in predicting the future. The forces of darkness want us to predict events that will not happen so that when things of great concern do happen it will bring maximum fear to the masses. That doesn't mean they are not seers but that it takes careful understanding to know the source of information coming to us.

Be at peace, most of the horrific predictions of the future are fabrication of fear.

Please let me know what you think of this thread....thank you.

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