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Default Re: The United States of the Solar System

I think I may have seen my first UFO's just a couple of nights ago. I first saw a slowly moving pinpoint of light which suddenly became quite bright...and then disappeared. Then I saw several very faint pinpoints of light moving erratically...in a manner which no conventional fighter could do. I thought I saw a couple of small flashes...but I'm not sure. Could this have been a UFO dogfight? Someone commented in the last couple of days that they had noticed a marked increase in military helicopter activity in this general area. Hmmmmm. I was jumpy enough to wonder if my call for a Solar System Exorcism and the establishment of the United States of the Solar System was the reason for the 'UFO dogfight' and the deletion of all of the abraxasinas threads (including my own 'Thuban Thoughts' thread). That sighting...plus recent occurrances on Avalon have really spooked me. I have quite the vivid imagination...and it has been running wild during the past couple of days. I've imagined all manner of Star Wars.

There may very well be good reasons to put a stop to certain activities...for legal and ethical reasons...but the abraxasinas threads may contain valuable information of historical, contemporary, and future value. I find pulling all of the abraxasinas and Thuban material http://www.projectavalon.net/forum/s...ad.php?t=20721 to be very curious. I did not identify with or subscribe to the Thuban material...but I smell a rat. I'm sorry...but why can't the objectionable and legally problematic posts be removed (and safely stored)? This site has gone down so many times...that I suspect foul-play and powerful plug-pulling. I'm not mad...I just wished to place this point of view on the record. There needs to be a way to access the abraxasinas and Thuban material...even if it's complete BS...and abraxasinas is the most unsavory character imaginable. It may have great research value. If abraxasinas was in the process of turning from darkness to light...and was beginning to expose the darkside...this material takes on even greater value. I made a couple of pointed posts on the abraxasinas thread...and abraxasinas did not respond to the second one...which was the most intense. Then...last night I thought I saw the very brief UFO dogfight (my first sighting - and I'm not sure what I saw - or thought I saw). I felt sick. Now I feel even sicker. I wished to attempt a cordial and friendly conversation with abraxasinas...but now I can't. Nobody can. Again...I hope that the reasons for this action are as stated...and that they are not being imposed by alphabet agencies or underground bases. I was hoping for improved relations with the Thubans. How about "Live...from the Thuban Mehta Center for the Performing Arts in Alpha Draconis...it's 'Christmas With the Thubans'...with a special appearance by 'The Groovin Thubins'! My goodness...haven't we all come a long way from the dark days of the Thuban Missile Crisis??!!"

Now...back to your regularly scheduled program. Stay in your homes. Everything is fine.

Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom

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