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Arrow Over-Population, new site for action


Best Greetings to All, Peace Be With You

Please accept notice that a new website has been established for the major problem facing Humanity -- the problem of Global Over-Population.

This is the link to the Homepage: ...>

I have been working together with a group of others with the common interest to present this problem of overpopulation and proposed solutions.

Our Planet Earth is running out of time to address this problem in a logical and humanitarian way. Already the Climate change is reaching the tipping point. Refugees are pouring out of areas devastated by droughts and crop failures. The Governments have NOT been telling the full truth as to the scope of the impending Global disasters. The Governments have also purposefully underestimated the current total global population -- they say "we are about 6.5-Billion," where the true number is 7.7-Billion Human Beings now on Earth. Of these, nearly One-Billion are now at starvation and bare subsistence levels.

The Mission Statement of The Circle For Humanity is expressed here ..>

[ The ultimate goal of the Circle for Humanity is 'To bring awareness and understanding of the problems and results of the massive Over-Population, with proposed solutions. An 'implemented and regulated worldwide democratic birth control'

[ However the group is not a political group or have any power on Earth to change policy in respective countries. Policies and laws for such changes are the discretion of each respective country. The Over-Population is a Global problem which can only be addressed at local levels for now. We are not a group which conspires to over throw any country. We do not wish to become a political party or make policy ourselves. Within the stated goal above we conduct a peaceful, logical and objective approach to bring awareness to all nations and peoples on Earth of the true dangers of the excessive Over-population. Demonstrating that Over-population is the root cause of all ills on Earth and that only by an 'implemented and regulated worldwide democratic birth control' can Earth, life, plants, man and animals be saved from suffering, disease, destruction, extinction and so on. ]

Please drop by, get some good information, and help us spread the word.

Truth Must Come Before Peace

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