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Default Re: Alien Abductions Stopped By the Name of Jesus Christ?

Hi Housemouse2 -- that was an interesting post, on the use of the Name of Jesus as a symbol -- however, this was not so in my case -- not saying that someone using the Name as a symbol would not have success --

for myself, i've always felt that those who use symbols are using a somewhat corrupted form of spiritual power -- like, why use symbols/rituals when you can go directly to the Creator? & certainly the nwo is misusing the power of symbols on the collective & individual consciousness -- it's a kind of 3D/
4D 'spirituality' only

it's easy to go to/be directly w/the Creator when around the innocent & pure on our Earth -- i.e., Earth herself, the trees, animals, birds, etc -- but when in the scary world of human beings & our many uninvited visitors from space & other dimensions, help from others in higher dimensions is much appreciated & often needed

my post that got knocked off was a full account of the abduction i woke up in & fought back, ending the abductions about 3 wks later by using the Name of Jesus -- that was in '98 or '99 -- & only the 2nd time in my life i'd done so

synchronistically for me, just a few days ago i did so for the third time, so it is fresh in my mind -- long story -- basically where i am living right now, there is an energy portal that i think is also connected to the underground tunnel system -- this area filled w/salt caves/caverns, some natural, some from digging for the salt -- the portal not in the hands of the Good Guys, & i have been subject to a lot of harrassment on more than one dimensional level -- others have heard the crashings & bangings & footsteps, etc-- the 3D manifestations--

come to think of it, it was the nite of the solstice -- i just kind of reached the point where i'd had it up to here w/all the invasions of my space -- i gave the human living here, who aids & abets the portal guys, a good piece of my mind; then, as w/stopping the abductions, not planning to do this -- i found myself standing, facing the portal in the next room, & shouting in anger,' I mean you no harm, but I am under the protection & care of Jesus & His Angels, & LEAVE ME ALONE!'

as i was shouting, i was aware of some very powerful Beings standing all around me, incl covering my back --the sell-out human here looked really scared

it is my impression that many abductees -- those relative few who remember, tho more are as the quickening picks up pace -- i think many live in fear -- i am familiar w/the fear that comes from post-hypnotic suggestions helped by implants -- the fear of talking/writing/even thinking about the abductions -- & also i know that strange sleepiness that hits when one is trying to write or talk about this subject

i have tried to adopt Edgar Cayce's personal prayer -- 'Others, Lord, others' -- & don't really like talking about myself -- but maybe this will help someone else -- just recently i have been told by several different beings whom i respect that i am a warrioress -- i did reflect that after i read the book 'How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abductions' during the 3 wks of fighting off abductions every nite until i called on the Name/Person/Presence of Christ Jesus -- when i woke up to find 3 or 4 greys hovering over the foot of my bed snickering nastily amongst themselves, i did not go for the sending warm fuzzy love to them, one tactic in the book -- instead my instant reaction was to attack, & i snapped off one of their arms w/my mind/will -- they disappeared & did not come back

i'm thinking that anger is the flip side of fear, & way more empowering -- all abductees have the right to righteous anger -- i was VERY angry, at the Draco during that last abduction, & after his psy/sexual attack when i called on Jesus -- & when i yelled at the portal guys

i read in an Earth First journal one of their mottoes: 'Anger + Love = Action' --

Peace & Freedom, wynderer
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Default Re: Alien Abductions Stopped By the Name of Jesus Christ?

yes i can agree with you ,calling on jesus has heled me more than once and the hairy little creature that was lying on me a few nights ago and doing something sexual i believe got booted when i call for jesus to help me ..
although i got angry and said to this creature get off me you --------
it seemed his strenght wasnt so powerful with my anger of what it was doing ..but i couldnt get him off on my own it was like stuck to me ..yack
love and light
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Default Re: Alien Abductions Stopped By the Name of Jesus Christ?

Maybe it is more important for them that you to believe in the jesus myth than an abduction. Just a different angle. I dont know if jesus existed but really does it matter?
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