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Default Re: Tree of Life

One thing is for sure. You produced a provocative subject. I believe that anyone who shoots down an idea without really considering it first isn't doing it justice.

Most if not all psychedelics, put you on what I call the other side of the veil. They allow you to a take a "trip" into spirituality, but as with any "trip" you have to come down and then take another trip. That's why it is not sustainable. The native Americans would do peyote to peer into the spiritaul world, but they would take two years to cultivate themselves and the plants by praying to them and then when they would take the Peyote they might have a vision that set a path for the rest of thier lives. There was a purpose.

Sometime people need to gain a glimpse of the destionation so that they may set out for it, ulitmately with a better way of creating a permanent residence in spirit rather than just a "trip".

May I recommend serious meditation as a way of creating a permamant and truly mind altering alternative...Tao

PS I think that I like others in this concersation are not just one one side or the other. I have smoked casually in the past and had visions on other organic hallucinagens, now I meditate. It is to my knowledge, the only activity that can alter the neuro nets in your brain and bring the mind into true balance.
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Edward Alexander
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Default Re: Tree of Life

Arcora: Sorry if I have mistaken you, my mistake if so, but from what you've told it seemed to me like you take the Bible as the Word of God and thus as a fact. If that is not the case, my error. I'd like you to expand on how God relates to you then, and what source you base your godly beliefs on.

Regarding speaking with spirits, yes I do that, and that is why I know how careful one should be, and also why I know there are a lot of deities and beings out there whom pretend to be something they are not, such as Gods. They are not Gods more than You.

How to test them? First of all it takes a lot of studies and experience and knowledge about such contacts to be able to even comprehend what these experiences are, but shortly, never trust anyone, no matter what, take what they say with a grain of salt, and question everything - though the ones who always are filled with love, joy and goodness and never speak or do anything that can be considered negative, nor ever try to make you do something, those are usually the "good ones" - as they emit love and kindness that the deceivers and liers can not - on this level such things are more easily felt than physically, as telepathic and energetic influences are stronger and harder to hide.

With love and blessings,
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Default Re: Tree of Life


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Default Re: Tree of Life

Hi Ashton. The tree of life is a unified energetic matrix. It is based upon the superimposition of Plato's Solids in a tesselated matrix. What is referred to as the tree of life is the bisection of the nodes on a two dimensional plane. Depending on how many tesselations are utilized in a given matrix, you can create from one to thirteen. Any tesselations greater than thirteen will yield stub solids, or Johnson Solids that can be either right or left handed depending on construction. Mind altering substances get in the way of understanding and performing these matrices. Peace.
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Default Re: Tree of Life

i can't resist offering another view of the tree of life. Sorry if it's a bit gory but when I gave birth to my son at home, the pattern of blood vessels on the placenta looked like a tree and it had quite literally given life to my child.
love to all
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Edward Alexander
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Default Re: Tree of Life

arcora: Thanks for the background information and for expanding on what you mean and believe and have experienced. That puts you in a new light for me and I can say I can understand the things you mention there.

Personally I'm not trying to say there is nothing divine, or no good or bad etc, actually quite the opposite: There IS good out there, and the Divine Laws are here for all of us, no matter if we believe in them, know of them, or not.

There are good entities out there to help and assist us and try lead us towards greater understanding and insights, to see the bigger picture and the connections, which I've been experiencing for many years, decades really, myself now.

What you call God seem to be what I call Goodness, or the Positive Energy. This is there to help and guide and protect us, and so are we ourselves, we need to understand our own being and we'll be free - we can learn to distinguish negative influences from positive ones and we are all influenced by both at many levels through our consciousness in our daily - and nightly - lifes.

For me, Jesus was a normal man, that spent time on spiritual development, traveled around and found various systems of spirituality he practiced that helped him gain what is popularly called Enlightenment. There's been many such individuals through time. And there still are, and we can all reach that level of being ourselves.

He was not more a Son of God than anyone else, we are all Daughters and Sons of God - he had just evolved spiritually more than most.

When it comes to GOD, GOD is a conscious Source that embraces everything that exists, and everything exists within the consciousness of God. Nothing can exist outside God, as that would make something Above God and thus that other element would have to be God. So, there exists many gods, deities, demons and devils, all within the Source of the Consciousness of the TRUE GOD.

It is possible to connect to the Source and gain great insights, understanding and knowledge on everything about existence and all within it, but communication with God as a "conversation", is not something I see as probable as it is potraid by the Bible and Prophets etc, and other people who claim to be in contact by God and "speaking" with Him. For me, those are most likely in contact with other entities.

Best wishes,
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