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Unconfirmed News Reports Please post any unconfirmed/unverified reports here

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Default Ever changing & never ending truth of this whole forum

Hello all,

A forum member here recently told me that she/he is leaving this forum because other forum members either did not respond or provide very little response to that members posts, threads and such. I will say that if this is even possibly true I will definitely keep it in mind concerning me and this forum.

Because I actually believe that in order for this forum to get stronger to where we are all more united, that all truth and ALL possibilities concerning all truth must be placed immediately out into the OPEN for all to perceive (understand, remember, know, process, experience).

Extremely important to understand that I was not involved in those same experiences as that particular member so I can not say much at this point. For example, if I made new threads and post that were basically very boring or made no sense for the majority of members here, then by all means do not respond to such posts/threads. Actually it's always the right of everyone here to ignore others in anyway they so chose. So long as such complies with forum rules here and for the most part we all do comply.

So many times I bite me tongue because my ego can't always handle it, lol. Yet concerning this new thread my heart and highers self feel it all more justified than my ego right now. Either way this thread now exists!

I just hope that we all can continue getting along and continue evolving this forum as best as we all can in oneness as a whole. I see so many here doing just that and we can continue being even more of our oneness reality if we so chose.


btw You know I was going to go into the fact of just how sensitive I am as far as my "knowing" or what could only be described as my advance psychic being. What I'm about to say is ONLY done for very good reason. That is, well, I just want us all being more united and that only way to do that is to be HONEST and TRUTHFUL with each other. Guess nobody here could even challenge me on that part because I am about to be very honest. Yet I'm sure that some here could definitely challenge me in any other ways here.

Because I sense a lot of hidden talk (thought energy) among some members here. This mostly involves the private messages that members do amongst themselves with other selected members. Some of which isn't in the best interest and greater good as a whole (for all involved). So who am I too even talk about such? What right do I have? Absolutely no right at all. THAT'S WHY THEY CALL IT PRIVATE MESSAGING, yes? All I'm saying is that I don't like the thought energy among some private messaging that are among some members here and I hope that such involved simply understand that no truth is ever hidden in anyway, no matter what you may do to try and hide it.

Sure you could so easily respond by saying, "Kevin, your being to far in detail and to serious and/or I don't like it." I am sorry you feel that way because it is not my intention to cause you any harm, OK? I just thought that bring another perspective into such a taboo topic would help us all understand each other better, so that we all could become closer some how, maybe. Either way I did try and if you feel I was wrong for trying in such way I am sorry. Or maybe you would say "Kevin you have no business trying to "sense" and energy from others here." Yet that is who I am, an extremely natural sensitive or knowing being. So then someone could say, "Well Kev looks like you need to stop being so sensitive or you need to learn to calm yourself or you need to do this or need to do that." I am not here to tell anyone what to do which especially means I am not here to make anyone believe in my perspectives, beliefs and such, like my sensitive natural being that I've been all my life and beyond.

Just please, please consider that everything you think, believe and do also instantly becomes part of everyone and our reality. Most people are not consciously aware of it but so many are unconsciously aware. I just happen to be a very whole mind aware being. Also, anyone who would like to tell me that I am wrong for even stating what I experience, well, uh... ok. Doesn't change the fact that I still understand and love you as well (no matter who you are).

Actually... I've changed me mind. *If the private messaging gossip among member's here get's anymore worse than what it is then I will expose all involved and solve such challenges as a whole. No, I won't expose any names here. I'll just take the energy and reform it into a more oneness energy for everyone here. In other words, as Bob Marley song stated, "Don't worry bout ah thing, cause everything little gonna be alright."
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Default Re: Ever changing & never ending truth of this whole forum

Great post Kevin,

As a moderator here, I've contributed to the intrigue and tension behind the scenes. Not much I can say about it other than it effects me too.

We really have a wonderful collection of minds and hearts in this forum.

Things are changing now and will be more settled in the future.

Uncle John
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Default Re: Ever changing & never ending truth of this whole forum

Originally Posted by Clarityofawareness View Post
Hello all,

A forum member here recently told me that she/he is leaving this forum because other forum members either did not respond or provide very little response to that members posts, threads and such. "
Hi Kev

Hmmm, food for thought here, indeed. I thought it was only me, obviously not.

I wrote a whole lot but will leave it to this 1 liner.




I fully understand about the "sensitivity" thing too. Oh yes, don't be surprised to see a lot of the older, more serious members drop away.
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Default Re: Ever changing & never ending truth of this whole forum

Originally Posted by Clarityofawareness View Post
Hello all,

A forum member here recently told me that she/he is leaving this forum because other forum members either did not respond or provide very little response to that members posts, threads and such.
If anyone reading this would like to have more attention let him/her speak now or be silent for ever

seriously....if u wish to....talk about it...there is Avalon Chat...and...make a thread...state your "concerns" and at least one person here should be "weird" enough to respond....in one way or another just be honest
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Lightbulb Re: Ever changing & never ending truth of this whole forum

Greeting's Kevin,

I love it when member tap into the energy flow > here on the forum.

Some inciteful and very insightful personal comments

Believe me~ your sentiments are quite the norm here at Avalon.

The thing is~ this forum is a magnet for those with intuitive minds. Some are quite aware of their heightened abilities and like to flaunt them about, while others are just beginning to realize theirs~ whilst wandering through the dead text and hanging threads > in this jungle of discernment

I have lost many friends here on this forum, due to their sensitivities to the (often) inflatable ego energy conditions

But~ what is refreshing for me, is your willingness in opening yourself up to the opened abandon possibilities of your true feelings.

I look forward to reading more of your post and threads.

My best too you<>gio

Note, I believe possibly, the above member you spoke of~ is (was) a friend of mine.
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Default Re: Ever changing & never ending truth of this whole forum

In all honesty I was feeling upset while creating this new thread. After post it I realized that. Then I realized the possibility that what I had posted was wrong. So I felt that people, for the most part would be very upset for me making this thread. lol. I guess not, at least so far judging by the few responses so far. Speaking of judging anyone...

Who the #$@# am I to judge anyone? lol. What does it mean to judge anyone anyways? We don't realize it but we all are constantly judging others here and I really don't like it anymore. Oh well, nothing I can about that right? Why should I care hu? Just let them all work it out and I go my happy way yes?? That's the kind of attitude that AVALON members should not have here. ***In fact I am working on this for me self as well. For I too now ADMIT that I have judge people from this forum!!! So why don't you all just admit that you too have judged others here? Because in some known or unknown way(s) we ALL judge others and ourselves. I believe that much of this "judging" can be a good learning experience, so I embrace, thank and reform that change into more oneness change for all to perceive if they so chose. So just what kind of judges should all AVALON forum members be anymore these days? What's your opinion on this?

I just believe that we all must work together and do so right now and forever.

My god, how else can I show everyone just how powerful their thought energy really is!?!? Thought energy, what is that? It's ALL your past, present, future emotions, memories, ideas, desires, intentions, beliefs, dis-beliefs, habits and more (you get the idea right?). It's like do you even realize just what your own whole conscious & unconscious comprehension of reality is anymore? YOU are YOUR whole reality in everything that you do and don't do. What's that mean exactly? Well, for starters how'bout we all simply understand that out thought energy are also all possibilities as well. In other words, YOU are everything that you allow or chose your whole being (thought energy).

For the most part, you guys and gals have no idea what I experience and some of which would instantly put you in the funny farm if you ever attempted to experience what I experience. Seriously. Energy has no bounds and based on my experienced it's probably so much more powerful than many here could ever realize. Why do I make or dare preach such a point? Especially when so many here realize, I mean "really realize" what I'm saying? Because it's all from your eternal unlimited being. I mean, this whole reality is YOU. Well, I dunno... I mean for me it's not about who is negative or who is positive (for the most part). It's about oneness reality and those being it are experiencing it.

For those who do not know me I offer you PROOF of my oneness ways. A video I made...

BTW just cause I say I prove oneness in some ways doesn't mean I don't in others. I am doing the best I can in life, k?

Attention All Chemtrail Pilots and Others Involved

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Default Re: Ever changing & never ending truth of this whole forum

Kevin we are here for a reason.

According to Roberto Pinotti, General Secretary of the Italian CUN and long time contactee, "Ummites, Bahavians, Elta V and UTI, the ones physcially similar to us, now dwelling on our planet had been worming their way into our society (since the mid fifties), infiltrating themselves into undercover roles in Italy, both in the industry and in areas of similar relevance. Their organization is said to have been active in France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Argentina, and the former Soviet Union.

Had some alien had the need to "go home" after a while, a deadly accident would be staged (for instance an aircraft crashing into the ground), and in this way he would have been able to get offstage. Others, assigned to settle for a long time within our environment, had even gotten married to Earth people, creating new children and families. This is possible because they are totally compatible, from a biological point of view, with ourselves.

Among the alien peoples visiting out Earth there seem to be aseptic nature lovers who would look after the evolution of living beings upon our planet, while restricting themselves only to monitoring. Then there are the "merchants," looking only for the easy ways to get raw materials, ethnologists studying the evolution of different cultures on this planet, missionaries caring for the future from an ethical point of view, military oriented (alien) people overseeing national structures, aiming to maintain inter-stellar routes, and to protect us from assaults from outside, and many more....

It's easy to acknowledge that our off-world visitors wish to protect their own safety. Therefore they often make use of "biological robots," which are human clones, built and used as workers, expendable to be lost, if necessary, to spare their own creators from harm. Even more, such androids should have been the automatic pilots, with a physical build representing at the very least, or, on the contrary, accurate copies of Earth people, imitated for various purposes. It is important to recognize in this viewpoint what one Col. Philip Corso has stated about Greys being subservient to "Nordic" aliens.

In order to monitor our environment, the aliens were making use of miniaturized probes (orbs) to recored images, sounds, even the thoughts of the people being observed."
Mass Contacts by Stefano Breccia bits taken from pages 11-13

The reality is that earth has its own off-world population looking out for it and some of these other issues ~ are really non-issues ~ when viewing them from a different, broader perspective. However, earth changes are upon us and that is why we have gathered together.

The next issue has to do with the solar event and mega gamma rays from the galactic center. I've had a number of different contactees share different stories. Some will be taken underground, some to the future and who knows where else. The issue is this. We don't know when or how, just that this will happen. Also keep in mind that Camelot whistle blowers said the Mars base is located in the future so I suspect other humans will be transported off planet into another time and possibly onto another timeline. These other beings appear to have more insight into the what and when, then the human contactees. The reality is that there are just some things we cannot prepare for other then to keep an open mind and be ready when the time comes to step forward, or not, depending upon one's own inner spiritual promptings.

I believe that we, as humans, are at a crossroads and ready to make a major shift in consciousness to the point where we can join with our galactic brothers and sisters as equals. This forum is to help us prepare for a variety of transitions (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual). Each person will navigate around the many threads posted here and be drawn to what resonates with him or her. In the meantime, the best that we can do is keep an open mind, research, explore and prepare in which manner is fit for each individual.

This forum provides an opportunity for many of us who would never have met in the real world to share our thoughts, experience and knowledge with a world-wide community which is exactly hat Avalon is. If people drop off because they felt ignored then perhaps what they were looking for is still something inside of themselves which needs to flower. There are hundreds of people who visit this forum daily. I've been here when it was up over 1,000. It is difficult to follow all of the posts given the multiple threads and multiple forums. If someone wants attention they need to pick something that interests them and look at who else is interested in the same thing... then contact that person via PM or make a friendship request. There are many people on this forum that I would love to spend a lot of time with but am limited due to my schedule. Since I've been sick with a cold and it's been raining I've recently spent more time on the forum. However, i too am organizing community groups with gardens and beekeeping while also working on my book about different alien cultures.

We don't have much time left and it's important to make the most of what time we do have. My primary priority now is self-sustainability. Since I have a young daughter it is her that I worry about and want to protect. If it were just myself, I really wouldn't care. But with family ~ they are what count. Next, is the global human family and all of the creatures of the earth. People have to sort out for themselves how they want to spend their time. if they want to work on friendships, Face Book seems good. Here at this forum, friends are made but those of us who are on track with the mission know ~ that the mission is about disclosure and about survival. We share what we know to help each other. That is what we are about.
Aloha, thank you, do jeh, toda, arigato, merci, grazie, salamat po, gracias, tack, sukria, danke schoen, kiitos, dank u, mahalo nui loa
Images to nourish the spirit: http://mistsofavalon.invisionplus.ne...&showtopic=198

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Default Re: Ever changing & never ending truth of this whole forum

Originally Posted by Clarityofawareness View Post
no truth is ever hidden in anyway, no matter what you may do to try and hide it.
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Default Re: Ever changing & never ending truth of this whole forum

Carol, I understand what your saying. We all have our own life paths but it's all headed into one whole experience, and as a whole.

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