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Default Re: CHRISTIANITY and avalon : a question from clark

Yeah, clarkkent, I have often the same feeling here.

It's weird. Christianity is the most aggressive and intolerant belief system on the planet, and since there are hundreds of factions of it, each claiming to be the only true one, it's obviously a pile of nonsense. Sure, based on "some" bits of truth, but if it's 10% truth and 90% nonsense, then what's the point of being a christian? You can keep the 10% of useful knowledge, and not "be christian" but rather just "be."

It is beyond me, why people who came to this forum, and therefore should be aware of the manipulative aspects of religions, as well of the realness of straight "blasphemous" things like ETs [at least blasphemous until the ****s of Vatican decided to change their view on the universe once again], can still be christian. Instead of just figuring out "I don't need this stuff anymore," they try to incorporate all this ET and whatnot stuff INTO christianity, thus creating christian faction #5648432. You know, like "I'm a christian, BUT I don't believe this or that." Ffs, don't be a christian then. It's ridiculous.

Every time I see someone quote the bible to support some christian views, I wanna throw up. The bible is so symbolic, metaphorical and unclear [and heavily censored], that you can use quotes from it to support ANY belief system, religious, philosophical, anthropological or whatever. You can find ANYTHING you want in the bible. You have people with dozens of alternative versions of history, and all of them support their theory with quotes from the bible. Bible is a joke. A bad one.

Why don't people just believe in simple "truths," not necessarily only "proven facts," but let's say "spiritual truths," without messing it all up with a religious agenda? How can people on this forum be catholic, when cathonacism is ruled by the illuminati jesuits? Really... weird.
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