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Thumbs down Why register this time and vote?

Being positive minded in all things and having been in the presence of one of the people in this video who absolutely disagrees with what I and many of us research in these forums, I am searching for reasons to actually vote.

We are aware both sides are owned. Diebold has admitted flaws in their electronic machinery and current poll numbers are being manipulated (and WILL be.) We know who really owns the me$$ that has been planned for decades. We know the truth behind Oklahoma City, Waco and WTC (for starters.) Some of us have seen William Greer turn around and whack JFK from the driver's seat. Some of us know of a planned escape to underground bases by rich cowards. We are made aware of off-world origins. Bill and Kerry have (also) provided us with insider info about 10/7 @ 7:10 am UTC. Some of us are aware of the real reason for active Iraqi war weapons (soldiers) being activated on our soil. We know of flouride in the water, man-made biological appetizers and the Georgia Guidestones. Etc..., etc..., etc...

Genuinely, without looking for angry flamers (this isn't ATS,) are there any positive thoughts and/or legitimate suggestions others might also benefit from on this subject?

...oh, yea, that is, If the inept Reptillian does not suspend the elections...


Be well
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