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Default Understand what free energy really is... it's YOU!!!

Whether or not some or all of the following applies to you is always your choice of being your reality experience. In other words, if you believe you have a better solution than I, then by all means post it here please. Because what I'm about to say is probably the most missed opportunity that is constantly "missed" by you, me and the majority.

All you need to do is just experience more perspectives and then evolve it all more and more. How do you evolve? You ask more questions and definitely seek/visualize/imagine/think more perspectives/possibilities/and much more. After that maybe you'll see more possible solutions for it all. Ok, now are you ready for the shock of it all? What the majority of media, government, school systems, employment, religions don't every want to advertise in any respect for any reasons what so ever??? Then hear me out please.

Tired of hearing or promoting basically the same stories concerning free energy? Because it seems that is all we are all doing isn't it? You hear about someone or something that seems so good concerning free energy. So you post it on one or more forums. After that then you've done all you can do concerning any free energy having any possible chance in #$%$ of actually being a physical reality for all our world.

Note: IF there are any threads or other forums, where it's users can do more than just gossip about free energy, then please do tell us right now! Feel free to post it here in a simple reply.

To continue, for example...

An inventor created an amazing free energy device that will save everyone a #@#$ load of money, but something happened to where it's all in litigation of some strange kind or maybe the inventor disappeared all of a sudden and is nowhere to be found. What ever the reasons seem being, it's all YOU who decides what immediately happens next. Actually it's YOU who decides everyone's fate. ***Which is an extremely limited way to explain this (by the word "fate"), but it's the only way so that you can understand more... maybe. At least at this point.

Mainly because you are all eternal unlimited beings and all reality is your "being" it all constantly. You constantly decide what happens next in everything that you do an don't do constantly. If you can open your heart and mind more and more each and everyday you may very soon come to find that I am very correct in what I am saying here. Either way the choice is always yours. Question is, "What other immediate choices do you have and that make more sense than all this here?"

For example maybe you could actually trust your open heart and mind to actually help you further humanity, such as discovering a free energy way of living that is just so "FREE" it would severely cost all those more and more money for every day they did not use that free energy "way" (a device or otherwise) for themselves.

Maybe you could actually afford to turn off your mind controlling TV programs, video games, news media, gossiping friends, family, co-workers and strangers and so much more, which really aren't here (at least that what it seems at this point) to immediately, completely and most effectively benefit us all, the world.

For the most part, majority of governments, current laws and others aren't the ones who chooses exactly what you should or should not experience. They only try to continually break your spirit down (for the most part). All of which can be changed by YOU, but that's probably another thread some where in this forum. Because you are god and god is you, and you prove it in everything you do and don't do.

What else does that mean? The only way to really know more is to consult with your open mind and heart concerning just how UNLIMITED your whole being truly is. If after such consultation with your open mind and heart, which in one sad example may tell you that you have no right being unlimited, as god certainly intended, then by all means please ignore this thread and continuing only gossiping about free energy if you so dare and your doing nothing more. Such ways of existence is also know as , "There is a policeman inside your head". If you like here is a video concerning that..


Or, if you like.... find out what exactly you can do each and every moment to help make free energy so free that no lazy and ignorant folks (such as your government) can no longer ignore it all. For example, Did you ever realize that you could spend a day, week or how ever long it takes until you develop an amazing yet so simple free energy for our whole world to evolve and use? How about an energy that doesn't harm nature or consume our earth like most other energies constantly do?

No matter what you do, the more that you do to help our world be more free energy, the more you help yourself be more free energy. The days of low frequency such as continued and evolving greed, selfishness, fear, lust, anger, war, crime and so much other low frequency are coming to an end. At least for those who chose a more balance positive reality.

It's another parallel reality that's coming to every place in the world. It's one like no other that hasn't been seen in millions of years and it's about to merge with and become our current reality. *If you chose to be more aware of this more balanced, more positive reality, then you will soon exist in it, just as you exist in this current low frequency reality (except you'll exist in the more balanced positive reality). Oh and there is more free energy than you can shake a stick at that also exists in this particular reality. In fact this kind of free energy is so far advance, yet so simple and sooo safe for everyone using it, it's also mostly unimaginable for most people in our current reality here. Don't believe in other or parallel realities? Well, that's not what science and research are discovering these days. Sorry, you'll have to find a related website or internet search concerning that particular topic, yourself.

I made a video that shows another perspective concerning all this. Again, this is not something that I'm asking you or anyone to believe. On another note, it seems that such ways of thinking (like if I were trying to make folks believe in what I believe) are for the majority of politicians who never live what they preach and then folks still vote for them. God help me the day that ANYONE ever accuses me of such sick depriving and perverse ways of continued living by such politicians and those (you?) endorsing them in what ever ways. Not all politicians are low frequency.

At any rate, here is the video...

I know their secret & its YOU!


Maybe some of what I've said here doesn't seem to belong in the free energy section of this whole forum. If so then please move it. IF ever this thread removed, well, at least I tried right? I'm just looking at a much bigger picture of our whole reality. One where there's more oneness and very little, if not any separation for you, me and everyone to ever experience.


Kevin and all true beings of freedom out there.
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