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Post Allien Interview by Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy

During July and August of 1947 Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy interviewed an extraterrestrial being who she identifies as "Airl", and whom she claims was and continues to be an officer, pilot and engineer who was recovered from a flyer saucer that crashed near Roswell, New Mexico on July 8th, 1947. This is one of the most amazing information, about were we came from, human history, science, biology, immortality, and future.

“You may not know that I was enlisted in the U.S. Women's
Army Air Force(WAC) Medical Corp which was a
part of the US Army back then. I was assigned to the
509th Bomb Group as a Flight Nurse at the time
of the incident.

When the news that there had been a crash was received
at the base, I was asked to accompany Mr. Cavitt, the
Counter Intelligence Officer, to the crash site
as the driver of his vehicle, and to render any needed
emergency medical assistance to any survivors, if
necessary. Therefore, I briefly witnessed the
wreckage of an alien space craft, as well as the remains
of the several alien personnel aboard the craft who were
already dead.

When we arrived I learned that one of the personnel on
board the craft had survived the crash, and was
conscious, and apparently uninjured. The conscious
alien was similar in appearance, but not the same as,
the others.
None of the other personnel present could communicate
with the survivor, as the being did not communicate
verbally or by any recognizable signs. However, while I
examined the "patient" for injuries I immediately
detected and understood that the alien being was
attempting to communicate with me by "mental images", or
"telepathic thought", which projected directly
from the mind of the being.

I immediately reported this phenomenon to Mr. Cavitt. As
no other person present could perceive these thoughts,
and the alien seemed able and willing to communicate
with me, it was decided, after a brief consultation with
a senior officer, that I would accompany the surviving
alien back to the base.

This was partly due to the fact that I was a nurse, and
could attend to the physical needs of the alien, as well
as serve as a non-threatening communicator and
companion. After all, I was the only woman at the site
and the only one who was not armed. I was thereafter
assigned permanently to serve

My duty was to communicate with and interview the alien
and to make a complete report of all that I discovered
to command authorities. Subsequently, I was supplied
with specific lists of questions provided to me by
military and non-military personnel, which I was to
"interpret" for the alien, and record the responses to
the questions provided.
I also accompanied the alien at all times during medical
testing and the many other examinations to which the
alien was subjected by staff from numerous government

I was given a promotion in rank to Senior Master
Sergeant to improve my security rating, and to increase
my pay grade from $54.00 a month to $138.00 a month, for
this very unusual assignment. I performed these duties
from July 7th through August,1947,at which time the
alien "died" or departed the "body", as you will read
about in my notes.

The Domain is a race or civilization of which Airl, the
alien I interviewed, is an officer, pilot and engineer
serving in The Domain Expeditionary Force. The symbol
represents the origin and unlimited boundary of the
known universe, united and integrated into a vast
civilization under the control of The Domain.

Airl is currently stationed at a base in the asteroid
belt which she refers as a "space station" in the solar
system of Earth. First and foremost, Airl is herself.
Secondarily, she voluntarily serves as an Officer, Pilot
and Engineer in The Domain Expeditionary Force. In that
capacity she has duties and responsibilities, but she is
at leave to come and go as she pleases also.

Mankind needs to know the answers to questions which are
contained in these documents. Who are we? Where did we
come from? What is our purpose on Earth? Is Mankind
alone in the universe? If there is intelligent life
elsewhere why have they not contacted us?

Perhaps the information in these documents will serve as
a stepping stone to a better future for Mankind. I hope
that you can be more clever, creative and courageous in
the distribution of this information than I have been.
May The Gods Bless You and Keep You.

Mrs. Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy
Senior Master Sergeant
Women's Army Air Force Medical Corp, Retired
100 Troytown Heights
Navan, Meath
Co. Meath, Ireland”

“Many men have been killed to extinguish the possibility
of revealing the knowledge I have helped to withhold
from society, until now. Only a small handful of people
on Earth have seen and heard what I have had the burden
of keeping secret for sixty years. All those years I
thought that I had been entrusted with a great deal of
confidence by the "powers that be" in our government,
although I have often felt that power is greatly
misguided, to "protect" Mankind from the certain
knowledge that, not only do intelligent extraterrestrial
life forms exist, but that they have and continue to
aggressively monitor and invade the lives of everyone on
Earth every day.

Therefore, I think the time has come to pass along my
secret knowledge to someone I think will understand it.
I don't think it would be responsible of me to take the
knowledge I have into the silent afterlife, beyond reach
or recognition. I think there is a greater good to be
served than protecting the "vested interests" for whom
this information is considered a matter of "national
security", whatever that means, and is therefore
justification for making it” "TOP SECRET".

You can download the information here:

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