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Post Help

I have thought long and hard about posting this and as http://www.nomorehoaxes.com/ is not only open for business mr green is in the process of building a new website but as mr green has ignored all correspondence about my $40 refund what choice do I have

I am looking for suggestions on how to get back $40 I paid to George green for books he did not send mr green miss calculated the postage cost it has been around 8-9 month since. This is a last ditched attempt to shame him in to paying me my cash back.

Can you all remember the person in the George green hand books the person with very low integrity and only interested in monetary gain?

Is this person George green?

I e-mailed him with a new selection at less cost but still silence

I have e-mailed I have called but nothing no refund I know he is in South America the way thing are this is food from my children’s plate

Any good business man would have cleared this up long ago he is ripping me off. No doubt I am not the only one

You will know them by there fruits

Your ideas your thoughts are much appreciated


Your website is still open for business george so please take care of your business, pay me back my $40 that you have had for months upon months


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Default Re: Help

I think you are on thin-ice with this post and if it doesnt cross the forum standards then it is pretty close to the line.

Mistakes happen.

I'm not suggesting that you dont have all your bases covered, but if you don't have concrete provable facts, I would be a little wary of your current course of action.

Eg: Did you have postal insurance, registered service recording dispatch or a tracking number? ie: can you prove he didn't send them ?

I am a satisfied customer of that web site, but I can quite easily see how things can go wrong in the current world.

The HNP books I got were free $0 when I ordered, all I paid was P&P. I dont think this guy is a con-artist.

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Old 02-25-2009, 10:21 PM   #3
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Default Re: Help

Everybody thinks they're a 'good guy'... Peggy Kane has words on a thread here somewhere on George Green... look for it.

My take is that "whistleblowers' that led lives on the "inside" are more particularly programmed than the average 'joe (the average, normal person is fairly programmed, including self)... and we all exempt ourselves... w/passion.

Mr Green is distracted in more important matters me guesses...
eyeballs rolling, what do I know for sure... just piping in... things such as this are problematic... but airing it here is probably not appropriate, but I hear you! We all get hasty sometimes wanting answers, wanting to hold people accountable in some manner. And the avenues are practically non-existent.

I saw a tabloid the other day locally... has postings of people w/photos along w/their convictions; that's the purpose of the tabloid... costs a dollar to buy it, can you believe that someone would purchase such a thing?...... "Hello, mr/ms so and so, excuse me a moment, I have to check the latest tabloid...." as if that proves anything.
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Default Re: Help

When George Green or anyone else owes you $40 it is not important now. What is very important now, today is that you have let this resentment eat at you for so long, to the point you feel it necessary to post it here. This resentment will if you don't let it go drag you down to the level that the PTB can get at you. Please wish Georg all the happiness you desire for yourself even if it is through gritted teeth at first, but when ever you think of him replace the though with the though of good will and then you will be free of the resentment and have some peace of mind.
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