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Smile The Paradox of Human Science

I've had some very direct, friendly and informative ET contact experiences while I 've lived for 6 years in tiny Himalayan village , hosting Tibetan community , wonderful old style monasteries, huge pine trees , views to the valleys and peaceful life without much stresses.
They were sort of repetitive though each ocassion differed from the other but happened once or twice a year during that period.
To them I do not count dreams, visions or sort of dreamlike communiques as those few were rather unique and certainly not initiated by me .
Happened always unprecendentally, out of the blue and were clear and quite direct.
I had no electronics with me during those years, except digital watch I used as alarm clock at one of the occassions and in another period, a walkman.
But, prior to one of these encounters , I 've spent evening chatting with friend , traveller from New Zealand who had an ipod

In my naivety , somehow I thought afterwords that those two incidencies might be connected and though it was even implied to me by the beings themselves ''not to get too excited about these (human) devices'',
my mind started to race forwards, soon after the event in the technical direction, thinking that perhaps if I had wi-fi connection or similar I could speak to them every other night, call them etc. lol

Talk to me about SETI program and all the telescopes and expensive equipment used by scientific laboratories in vain effort to contact ET intelligencies.
ET does not care. Their technologies are multitude times forwards and they virtually don't need ours to contact us.

They were computers and internet shops already that time in the village but I've never touched computers as I was throughly occupied and busy with my meditations, temple schedule and did not want my 'energies' disturbed.
In fact, when I came too close to the computers, popped in few times attending a friend who needed to check her emails , I felt the air inside was vibrating, the electric sort of feeling making me instantly nervous.

Cell phone too I did not want because I was too long away from Europe and I'd be getting my human relatives and friends spending useless money for phone calls just to disturb my inner equillibrium.

Still, I was convinced somehow that some sort of device might help

After I've returned to Europe in March 2005 and recovered from the worst ( I had bad bronchitis that time apart from else ) , my mind was fixed on getting a notebook. I still find internet one of the most fascinating inventions of this time, database of knowledge easy to access, I don't think I'm computer addict but especially while I can't go out much it became my companion, sort of.
I was also almost enforced cell phone at the beginning ( you will need it here ) but I love it more now since the time it has more apps lol

Now what is the joke. Of course , I don't have more ET contact, being surrounded by quite few useful devices , maybe it's about being in city and the huge cover of EM pollution above, who knows.

My human friends don't contact me too often either because they are afraid of ETs or that I'd teach them something weird they can't use in everyday life. They loved learning meditation, philosophies and healing techniques, but ETs are strongly out of the norm for most of them.

My mind is travelling back to the mountains very often, to the Elders and their mindsets, original knowledge .

I've heard and read many disrespectful allegation over the years on address of H.H.Dalailama ( usually from people with poor book education about the nation even ) and Tibet and how these people were/are poor, uneducated and simple minded. While opposite is the truth.
Some of their teachers are 'walking libraries' of scriptures and knowledge memorized and passed over from generation to generation, noble minded beings keeping ethical disciplines for all their life that 'western minded rascals' despise for luxury of hamburgers and 'sophisticated' on button enjoyment .

They live seemingly simple lives , fighting natural conditions as best as they can , yet they've built huge monasteries where everyone is free to join and study . They still preserve one of the most beautiful, complicate, cannonical arts that never degenerated from their high purpose standards to disgusting vomits on expensive canvas I've seen some people admire here.

Please do not think I'm siding to any particular culture. People of wisdom live everywhere but forgive me, if I say that the real ones are rare .

But my mind keeps longing for the peace and beauty and richness of expressions and true feelings of fellowship shared in the old communities with culture and intelligence.

And it makes me to rise a question , if there's the clue to ET contact as well. From what I know , many of the Elders and old tribes probably were in contact with ETs , without having much technical set up.
Also, ET seems to be sharing their know-how frequently with 'innocents' who can't make much 'harm', including kids .
They do not favour us with expensive ET toys for hard proofs.

Does it all say something perhaps ?

What if, the most beautiful, complex and intelligent device we have is our mind . Depending how we use it, how we cultivate it, what do we feed it, of course .

You may say that we live in 'advanced' society and that our intellect is becoming more refined, more specified, more fed with information than ever. On the other hand, what is so intelligent on switching Windows on and off everyday , knowing how to use elevators, spending business hours on how to trick everyone , doing the little research they allow you to do so that someone on the top of the pyramid can get money for that ?
What is advanced on culture that feeds itself on violence in movies and relaxes at beauty parleours and hunt for expensive shows ,
where had the real values, the true humans, real intelligence , where had they gone , changed for the stresses , for fears .

I think that ET contact us if we are deep, thinking , peaceful and non conflicting beings, with ethical standards to follow ,
and that's not something to be attained overnight, payed for , manipulated.

Super-millitary labs are still unable to produce better people if all their focus is to fabricate biological intelligence to that point that it can kill without mercy , lie without shame and live in dark , they can enhance some abilities on behalf of the other and use tons of equipment, all it results in is almost always deluded souls with disorderly knowledge and traumas for all life .

I did not intend to make this posting so long . But I'm curious what others think . Or maybe this was meant to be a message . I don't know, just wanted to share.


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Default Re: The Paradox of Human Science

I hear you Agape, sometimes technology hurts, but mostly it divides us from each other and nature.

E.T.'s have bigger and better plans then to come here and save us from ourselves. We have to do what they did themselves, figure it out on our own.

I believe E.T's also will communicate with people who do not posses the high technologies, as the E.T.'s have already had their lessons on what technology can do. They are way past that now.

They seem to like the astral plane to communicate in, so it just seems natural that they prefer to relate to "energy' beings, over technological type communications.

I also believe, that we will learn more from them when we meet up in the astral plane, then we will here. I think the most important lessons are for the soul, and I know they are helping out in this plane.

Oh, if I could get to the Himalayan mountains, what a time I would have.
Someone would have to pinch me to remind me to eat, as I would be in such a meditative state, I would most likely forget!

For now I go to the woods almost everyday, to be close to nature and to cleanse my soul. I envy the time you have spent there, it must have been quite the energy lifter.

love & light
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Default Re: The Paradox of Human Science

I still know they are always trying to pass some amount of technical/scientific information to human domain but feel their cautions .

Though many of us think we live in peaceful world their view seem to be that our world is one of untamed violence where serious conflicts and fires of war may burst out anytime and they are scared to be part of it all,
one good reason why open contact was not initiated from their side yet .

Yes, it seems they are not waiting for more technical advancements on our side but for that we are 'people of peace' and culture.

From little minded human perspective the difference in technologies and why are they not ready to share directly seems to be unfair, I have to admit.

Astral /mind plane is easy to access for many but not safe to rely on, according to my experience , it may produce very mixed up stream of so called knowledge which is far away from what it really is.
If I read some of the 'channellings' records , and if I did not have own experience, it may seem that these 'ETs' comment just on everything and everyone, that they are interested in our politics and religious dogmas
and persistently trying to repair our mind set , piece by piece, like some of the cults do.
I think , but that's my opinion, that these may contain seed of truth and lots of spontaneous mental discharge .

That's nice that you 'hear me' Rosie. I can assure you that you'd be soon very hungry and eat with great appetite up there because all the fresh air .

There are some similarly great and beatiful natural landscapes in America too , I know. Still happy we have some nature and not just stone and metal cities all over the place .

Greetings to you

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Default Re: The Paradox of Human Science

Its our consciousness that matters the most. I have encouraged many to go out under the stars, or simply in meditation, to seek, until they have contact, and they will. Providing they work on their heart, mind, souls and how they feel about others, nature and this world. And whether they can envision a world without banks, money, and caring deeply for others, not standing for one person to live without, and how they take repsonsiblity towards the world and nature.

Anyone can seek, and ask for signs under the stars, many who do this are flashed and even more. Its something we can all prove to ourselves, but we need to move beyond our programmed conditioning and into our heart chakra, along with developing our awareness, our communication with nature, our natural telepathy.

Theres nothing more important at this time than working on raising our level of consciousness, frequency and reporting for duty.
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Default Re: The Paradox of Human Science

Originally Posted by mystiq View Post
Theres nothing more important at this time than working on raising our level of consciousness, frequency and reporting for duty.
Spot on mystiq, but who gets time to go out under the stars anymore with the time-consuming hardships of life we all have to endure day to day.
Its a wonder we even find time for Avalon.
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Default Re: The Paradox of Human Science

Science divides but it is necessary for human progress and survival. Without science we would have remained the apes not only on civilization scale but also on consciousness scale. It never helps to remain in "kali yuga," the time when all effort is directed towards one's survival for long, to a person or to a species.

Then again, technology that is being employed now is in many ways hurtful, but it is not because of the technology itself (though some of it might be a little backwardish), rather, it is because it is used such a way as does not take into the account the hidden realities of human condition, or rather the realities so far hidden to modern science (they're readily available and shown to all who seek them).

Thus it is impossible to say that technology is bad, or that the ET resent it. The E.T. use their own forms of technology, though radically different from what we have, and above all, they understand that collectively, this is the best we can have right now. The E.T. are compassionate beings and thus will not exclude people or civilization because they have technology; or despite they don't have it.

The truth is, consciousness is the necessary component here, not technological level, and the more spiritual oriented people and peoples are preferred for the mere fact that they can be more easily contacted, are more capable to understand the message and will be able to respond in an adult and complex fashion, and won't be so much like children in the kindergarten for the E.T. It is the difference of issues, for the E.T., the nonspiritual people are wont to have simple, unimaginative issues, much more often then the spiritual ones, and will have a tendency to give unnecessary attention to those issues when they are contacted.

And lastly, let me correct one thing here: To my experience, the E.T.'s are, out of compassion, in fact out to save us from our mistakes, in order to help this civilization and to avoid the Máhakrantí that would otherwise happen, and be catastrophic, some 170 years down the road. It would, in essence shake many people off this Earth (well, kill them), and reduce the human population to less than 10%. This event can be avoided if the E.T. introduce an artificial outside wave of spiritual energies into the collective populace and I have seen all the indicies pointing to the fact that this is exactly what is happening.

Plus I have indications that a contact event is scheduled before 2012 ends, further helping us to advanced beyond our collective spiritual childhood.

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