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Default healthcare and skull and bones 3/22

took this from abovetopsecret,

Americaís first intelligence operation known as the Culper Ring was established by George Washington during the Revolutionary War and its most famous member Nathan Hale was one of four graduates of Yale University in the Culper Ring beginning a long standing relationship between Yale and the Intelligence Community that continues on to this day.

A statue of Nathan Hale stands outside of the CIA Headquarters at Langley Virginia.

Samuel Russell founded Russell and Company in 1823 principally to smuggle Turkish Opium into China to feed that nations growing addiction. In 1830 Russell and Company merged with the Perkins syndicate in Boston and began to smuggle opium into America as well.

Many of the wealthiest European and American families including the Rothschild Family and the English Monarchs made fortunes in the Opium trade and many of Americaís most influential families have their original wealth rooted in the trade.

Warren Delano, Jr., grandfather of Franklin Roosevelt was Chief of Operations inside China for Russell and Company.

To give you an idea how much influence the Opium Trade and the wealth it generated had on America through other Russell and Company partners consider that Abiel Low financed the construction of Columbia University while John Cleve Green financed the founding of Princeton University. Joseph Coolidgeís son would organize the United Fruit Company that would come to practically rule entire nations throughout Latin America, and his grandson Archibald C. Coolidge was a co-founder along with Rockefeller of the infamous Council on Foreign Relations whose plans and members have been a heavy part of every U.S. Presidential Administration since the 1920ís.

Even the Forbes family of Forbes Magazine fame owes it original fortune to Russell and Company.

Samuel Russellís cousin William went to Germany to study from 1831-1832 where he picked up some very radical ideas from Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel whose philosophies espoused the notion that the state is absolute reason and a citizen is only free by worshipping the state and absolute obedience to the state. Hegel believed that the State has supreme right against the individual and the individuals primary duty is to be a member of the state and worship it and give their obedience to it.

When William Russell got back to the United States he was shocked to find that an anti-Masonic backlash had been sweeping the land and that Masons were leaving their lodges in droves after a high profile murder case of a Mason by other Masons for betraying Masonic Secrets led to a whole examination of Secret Societies and the role the Masons had played in the nationís founding.

Many Americans were unhappy with some of the financial settlements and obligations concluded with England and Europe after the War of 1812 as well as many from the Revolution of 1776. Popular opinion was that the Masonic Founders of the nation had made deals with European Powers that were good for them and their posterity but bad for the nation and the citizens who had to pay for them.

The notion of secret societies suddenly became repugnant to Americans and this went beyond the Masons and extended to the fraternities at Americaís universities.

So William Russell cofounded with Alphonso Taft the only other Chapter of The Order of Scull and Bones besides the original chapter in Germany, later the name was changed to The Order of Skull and Bones 322.

Each year 15 juniors are Ďtappedí at Yale by senior members of Skull and Bones. Unlike most fraternities known for their wild keg parties the Skull and Bones is geared towards ensuring success for its members throughout life.

Many end up in high Government positions with several having become President of the United States, several others have been Defense Secretaries and other top Cabinet level positions with others taking key positions in Media and Banking. Sworn to secrecy no Ďbones maní has ever divulged the orderís secrets to an outsider.

One of those secrets is of course the meaning of 322.

Many believe it revolves around pagan rituals but I for one believe it has a far more secret meeting.

Julius Gaius Caesar who legend says was assassinated on the floor of the Roman Senate did not in fact die. His nephew Octavian later known as Augustus Caesar and Lepidus secreted him out of Rome while Mark Anthony held a mock funeral using another manís shrouded body, to fool the assassins and whip up public fervor and backlash against them.

Caesar lay near death unconscious for 7 days following the attack and reopened his eyes for the first time on March 22. 322.

Anthony, Octavian and Lepidus would go on to rule Rome through the Second Triumvirate for the next 13 years with Caesar guiding them behind the scenes while writing out his plans to conquer the entire world and install a one world government. A plan that is still much being followed today with the Vatican as a front and secret societies like the Skull & Bones playing a role in making sure that world events mimic the biblical prophecy that Christians believe will usher in a one world government.

This is the dark secret of the Skull & Bones tasked with gaining influential leadership positions in our society and compromising the foundations of the nation to subvert itís will towards a globalist one world government agenda where the State rules supreme as Hegel envisioned.

Here are but a sampling of names from the Skull and Bones roster, Harriman, Whitney, Taft, Jay, Bundy, Rockefeller, Goodyear, Pillsbury, Kellogg, Vanderbilt and Bush and many, many more.

The power wealth and influence of Skull & Bones members is indisputable and practically legendary.

William Russellís grandson was William Howard Taft the only man to ever be President of the United States and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Yet as deep and dark and potentially sinister as this ultra secret, secret society full of the nationís most powerful and richest families is, let us get back to Healthcare.

The Russellís and many of these families partnered in Russell and Company owed their fortunes and their continued fortunes to Opium smuggling.

Now while we think of Opium Dens, and people smoking Opium, and Heroin and Junkies the Russellís and other Bones Men saw a new way to develop a market for their narcotics that went well beyond just addiction.

Enter Daniel Gilman from the Yale class of 49. Gilman like Russell went to Germany to study philosophy and upon his return he incorporated the Skull and Bones 322 as the Russell Trust in 1856 where he served as Treasurer and William Russell as President.

They would spend the better part of the next two decades consolidating the order and getting it off the ground and then they set their eyes on a new venture.

Expanding the opium market in America by developing a medical industry in America that would use their drugs for the alleviation of pain and suffering!

Gilman then went on to help found and become the first President of John Hopkins Hospital and Medical University the first of itís kind in the United States and still the preeminent Medical institution in America today.

All to expand the market for narcotics, in fact through other Bones Men and the Universities they would found and endow the literally created the Medical Industry to be an outlet for narcotics.

Big Pharmaceuticals is big for a reason and thatís because these men began thinking hundreds of years ago how to create a market, and grow a market and sustain a market for one of the most lucrative cash cows ever madeÖnarcotics.

Yet the Skull and Bones 322 isnít just about getting its members into powerful positions and generating wealth.

It is about Hegelís philosophy of the State becoming all powerful and citizens worshiping it and serving it as their primary duty.

The Chairman of the Board of Russell Trust also sits on the Boardís today of John Hopkins, Citi Group, Chase and JP Morgan all companies who have received combined hundreds of billions of TARP bailout money.

The Government and the biggest corporations are becoming one, one of the last lucrative areas of the economy where Americans are still finding work and decent economic opportunities is Healthcare.

Healthcare being now taken over by the state but still enriching big pharmaceuticals!

The State that the Skull and Bones 322 would like you to worship and give your every allegiance to.

The State that was celebrating this Monday on 3/22 the passage of the Healthcare Bill making it mandatory for every American to have and pay for insurance so they can always afford to pay for Big Pharmaceuticals.

Think these powerful and super wealthy and influential families and Bones Men having nothing to do with it?

Do you think that they are doing it for your benefit or that it will work out to be to anyoneís benefit but theirs and the State?

Guess againÖ322!
In case people are really questioning how important the medical field and pharmaceutical industry is to Skull and Bones Daniel Gillman along with fellow Bones Men Timothy Dwight and Andrew Dickinson went on to also found the American Chemical Society and the American Psychological Association.

None of whom majored or even minored in medicine, chemistry or psychology but all of them majored in philosophy. Hegelís philosophy of worship to and absolute allegiance to the State, a State that had absolute power of life and death over the citizens in all things and in all ways, including the health of the citizens itself a power that the United States of America now virtually has and demands over its citizens.

Think these are just the goals of the Administration and the Democratic Party or is this a CFR/Skull and Bones Agenda?
Georgia Guidestones

Erected March, 22, 1980.
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