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Or I mean... a post on FASCINATION!

FASCINATION is the opposite or negative of IMAGINATION

The moment when you sit down to watch a movie or the TV you become fascinated. You become absorbed in the images and the sounds. You begin to relate to the characters or actors on the screen and even begin to 'create' your own feelings for them.

Any hypnotist worth their salt would be aware of the mystery of fascinating anothers attention.

FASCINATION is a form of sleep or hypnosis. When you are fascinated you are not in contact with your BEING, you've lost your awareness.

Would you rather live in a FASCI(ST)NATION or I-MAGI(CK)NATION?

Today we are constantly bombarded with colours and lights and technologies and toys that were barely dreamed of 40 years ago. This has most of us in a constant state of fascist nation.

You lose your sense of where you are and even who you are during say... the watching of your favorite TV show or playing that video game.
Any exterior forces can fascinate you. Anything that can steal your attention. These are not always bad things, and indeed we can often learn many things well being fascinated. The harm is in not being aware that this is happening all the time. The harm comes from ignorance only.

We can also become fascinated by interior forces such as the ego and mind.
The mind fascinates us in much the same way as a movie projector. Contained within any one of your countless memories are vibrations of PICTURES, EMOTIONS, SOUND, ect.. These vibrations will steal away your attention the same way as a movie projector. The force required to keep your ATTENTION is WILL.

Your ego will also trap your attention. This is Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. These thieves come and steal away your attention, the connection to your Being, your soul. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.. envy, pride, lust, greed, anger, vanity, ect... These are the 'LEGIONS' of the ego that will steal away your God or Nature.

IMAGINATION when not coloured by FANTASY is a door through which one can perceive other dimensions and make direct contact with your BEING, Higher Self, Mother Nature, Intuition, God, Creation, it matters not what you call it. Meditation is the best method to improve imagination. Ritual (experience) and meditation are common ways to train your will. One of the most fundamental practices in magik schools through out the ages right up until today is SELF OBSERVATION.

Every mystery tradition from every culture through out all ages taught the importance of self observation, ninjas referred to it as self look, western traditions called it double attention or second attention. For a simple but powerful exercise, start to notice that moment when your awareness slides into the background while on your way to work, what caused the slip? Was it the car in front of you or that person walking down the street? How long until you noticed? Who is doing the noticing? What is it that is asking questions in your conscience?... ect ect ect...
Maybe you arrived at work and sat down before you realized you were lost in thought. Maybe you will have gaps as long as week or two before you surface and realize you were asleep through most of the days. It matters not as it is a skill that can be trained and improved with hard work and WILL. One of the abilities a master has is 100% second awareness at all times. It might sound impossible but with practice it will become easier and easier. Also... SELF OBSERVATION is a key that unlocks THE ART OF REMEMBERING.

All the blest everyone! Know that all is well! If you doubt keep searching. I hope to see many of you all in another forum sometime in the future.


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