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Question Canadian gov inside job? Need advice for research

Hi fellow truth warriors, I would like to share with you information I have come across recently that raised quite a few red flags and I wanted some advice on how I could do more research on this matter.

First of all I would like to thank Project Camelot for how it helped me wake up. I've been reading this forum and went through pretty much all of the camelots interviews so far as well as doing my own research.

Alright, let's get to the point...

A friend of mine works at the Place du Portage in Gatineau(Hull sector), Quebec in one of the 3-4 buildings that are rented to big companies and government agencies.

Anyway, last week she was on her break and was heading outside passing through another one of the buildings to go have a smoke, but she couldn't get to the other building. There was police investigators, CSIs and everything, a rare thing to see in this area where pretty much nothing interesting happens. At least that's what I tought.

She told me that apparently 4 or 5 stories of one of the buildings was robbed. That building has high security since it stores important data/documents. After she told me about this I was expecting to see something, anything about it in the local news... but nothing. I've done my own little research and found absolutly nothing about a robbery or crime related to that incident.

That's when a little red flag lit up in my mind. I felt that was quite weird that such an incident hasn't been reported anywhere. What I found in my research was quite compelling, but I'm still unsure of what is going on since I just started to do my own little research and I'm not even sure if what I found is related to that incident.

I still need to get important information about it, like what date it happened exactly, in what building, who rented those 4-5 stories that got robbed.

Since I coulnd't get a hold of my friend lately I still went on and did a little research. Though it is highly speculative, it is still quite compelling. What I found is that part of one of the building is rented by Public Works and Government Services Canada, and that it has defense contracts with israeli government. What I found are what seem like contracts for things ranging from state of the art weapons to and I quote the document

"a requirement for the supply and delivery of a firm quantity of 304 Close Area
Suppression Weapons (CASW) (40 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher) complete with Weapon Assembly Group, Ground Mount Assembly Group, Fire Control System (FCS), Thermal Weapon Sight, Ancillary Equipment, various types of ammunition, Logistics Containers, Tactical Containers, Project Management, System Engineering, spares parts, Interim Support, provisioning of spares parts, and Training."

I do not know if it is that specific government agency that has been robbed, but it would make quite obvious target.

What I want to do is to conduct my own investigation but I do not know where to start and what ressources are available to me. I'm pretty busy at the moment since I have my hands full with university projects and exams.

If anyone could help me, just by pointing where to start, it would be greatly appreciated.

PS : Sorry, my english isn't perfect!
Edit : I will provide the links to the documents as soon as I have time to continue my little research since half of them are in hebrew and I have alot of difficulty going through them cause google translator is giving me a hard time :P

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