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Red Sun
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Smile Seeds

I bought seeds from http://www.landrethseeds.com/ , a link on Miriam Delicado's site. Not knowing how to properly store seeds, I read a few tidbits online, I finally decided to put the seed packages inside an air-tight glass jar with a couple of silicia gel packages for moisture absorption. I placed the jar in a some plastic, inside a black trash bag that I secured with tape. It's sitting inside my refrigerator, toward the back to minimize any additional light that might leak in, after opening the door....

Was wondering how you guys are storing your seeds, or if you have better tips on how to do so.

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Default Re: Seeds

With mine to extend the usable life, i use an evacuated plastic bag system with an integrated heat sealer. Then store the seeds in a dark space at the lowest possible temperature as possible.
Just like foodstuffs, seeds deteriorate faster in the presence of air (oxygen), light, and heat or warmth.
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Default Re: Seeds

Thanks for the info!!! Yeah, I just bought alot of seeds, with the storage question still pending! I have a freezer, which most sites I see tell you to use, after vacume-packing, or jar storage, but how in the world can I store so much in my freezer! I also have a cellar, I think Ill use that instead, because if the power goes out, the freezer idea is shot. Im still waiting for some seed books I ordered, hope to get more storage ideas then. I worry that the investment I made in so many seeds, how long they will survive in my cellar, its cool enough now, but what about in the warmer seasons!??? Would love any further seed info !!!
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