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Default Life After Deagle (or Which Earth?)

Many different kinds of responses have been triggered by Karry and Bill's interviews with Bill Deagle. I am still not sure about the value of his kind of worst case scenarios which may be informative, but present the "bad guys" as practically invulnerable. At the very least, however, the interviews have motivated me to participate in my first internet forum (on the day when my homeland--where I have not lived for over 30 years--is voting for a new president). This is my vote for a better future.

Before proceeding, I would like to say that I experienced Deagle as a bright, sincere man with an astounding variety of experiences and insider information. I have little doublt that he is speaking truth as he understands it and am aware that much of the information he gives fits in with what other whistleblowers have said. Nevertheless, it has been hard for me to listen to him for more than a few minutes at a time--not primarily because of the devastating nature of what he says, but because of the absolutism of his statements and his choice of words in describing what he believes to be the ultimate truth. His description of the counsel of wise beings provides an example of this puzzling word choice. Obviously still very influenced by the Christian-Judaic tradition, he gives his interpretation of their message as: Repent or be destroyed. Why use that particular word "repent" with it's deeply imbedded psychic imprints and connection to teachings of hell and damnation? Is this being prophetic or delusional? Even after Deagle redefines "repent" it is not a message which inspires me to press on to greater self-responsibility and courage.

Over the past 10-15 years, I have valued the teachings of a collective of Pleiadian (channelled) entities. A few of my favorite quotes come from them, simple statements with profound implications: "There are stories behind the stories behind the stories..." and "Nothing is ever as it seems to be." Again and again they have urged their students to remember that whatever we imagine reality to be, at ay time, it is always, always much larger. Life is multidimensional, interweaving in ways we can only vaguely fathom, so we are admonished to be both astute and humble in our interpretations of just about everything. This wisdom, present also in other teachings I value, has cause me to modify my tendency to jump to conclusions and has made me more circumspect and respectful in my interpretations of events, dreams and information from internal and external sources. I can only hear whatI am ready to hear and understand what I am ready to understand. Yes, from one perspective, there is a battle going on between good and evil, freedom and tyranny, beauty and ugliness. From another perspective, it is a great cosmic adventure in which all of us play a significant role, significant because each part contributes to the knowledge and understanding of the whole and thereby to cosmic evolution. From that second perspective, "good guys and bad guys" categories are of limited usefulness. How would we recognize the light, if we did not have the darkness to help us define it? How would we recognize our own denial if we would not have it reflected back to us by those who attempt to manipulate us and control this planet?

There is not only one Earth, but as many probable earths as we create in our minds, our imaginations and our hearts. And every time we envision a world of constructive creativity, mutual respect, beauty, love and freedom, that probable earth becomes stronger. I remind myself of this often and nourish this version of earth. Where will I make my exit when my time comes to leave this life? On an earth undergoing severe destruction? On an earth groaning under an evil tyranny? On an earth being reborn joyfully out of its own ashes, with citizens who are finally understanding? On none of these, one of these, all of these?

There is no judgement in the Great Adventure--which is for an ex-Christian like me a liberating thought--and I believe that wherever I am at the end of my this-life days will be my right place. That does not mean I am free from fear about my ability to deal well with what may come, or from insecurity about the kinds of preparations I need to make for the tumult ahead. But I find comfort in the thought that, regardless of what my own personal drama might be, I will have contributed to the probability of a flourishing, transformed earth through my thoughts, my love and my imaginings. And thanks to myself and to those multitudes of physical and non-physical beings who are feeding a similar vision, THAT probability is gaining on vitality daily! Peace, joy, honesty and great envisioning to us all!!!

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Default Re: Life After Deagle (or Which Earth?)

Pathwalker your words are wisdom...
The discovery of the PTB scheme and reality , improved my abilities to question and doubt everything ( almost ) ...
Now when discussing anything ( almost ) there is no more black or white but shades of grey . Even the most honest and kind person have a dark side . Let our good side control and manage our dark side . Let our compassion guide our way to the probable but not definite things to come
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Default Re: Life After Deagle (or Which Earth?)

Hi everyone at project avalon new member Tom here.what are you're thoughts on sleeper(lou Bandi) who posted on ats and his new blog via pegasus web site.It would seem to me after reading just about everything on conspiracies over the last twenty five year's or so including nasa the planets ect,ect, he seems to be very matter of fact about everything. And also what are you're opinions about the elderly nurse who went to ireland to die,she claimed to have been the one that interviewed one of the et,s at roswell,but before dying she sent information to an author,which led to the writing of a book(interview with an alien)he book was very interesting but some of it conflict with what sleeper said.
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Default Re: Life After Deagle (or Which Earth?)

There are many different tribes of star people. Just as Terrans have their own take on things based upon ethnicity and beliefs, so are they as diverse. Sometimes you will hear or read things that are conflicting because one race that one Terran talks to does not have ongoing contact with a race that another Terran talks to. They all know about each other because of their technology and because they read minds. That does not mean they are engaged in ongoing negotiations and trade or have physically met each other. I have read most of sleepers thread and it all sounds reasonable. It also sounds like the star people sleeper has an ongoing relationship with are an exotic race that Terrans are not aquainted with. Peace.

ps. Tom, what is the url of the Pegasus website sleeper is on? Thanks.

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