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Default Matthew's Message - Feb 2010

In this message...

Earthquake in Haiti - cause, effects; sending light to dark-hearted individuals; power of negative thoughts; global economy, debts; answers within; vegetarian diets; stargates; no “second Earth”; reincarnation

1. This is Matthew with loving greetings from all souls at this station. As Earth’s ever-accelerating ascension pace takes her into progressively lighter energy planes, we see more and more hearts and minds opening to the light even as turmoil continues. Unwilling to accept that their efforts will end in utter futility, those with negativity at their core still are fighting tenaciously to keep their dwindling strength from disappearing entirely.

2. We see the widespread grief, confusion and massive destruction in Haiti, and we weep. Not for the tens of thousands who died, as those who need special care are receiving personalised attention from dedicated souls in Nirvana, and others are joyful about returning to that wondrous spirit world. No, our sadness is for the millions whose lives are even more desperate now, far worse than their family elders who have endured the pain of impoverishment for many decades. Knowing their soul contracts does not render us immune to sadness about the personal tragedies still unfolding for our brothers and sisters in Haiti, where the starkest evidence of the best and the worst in humankind exemplifies the extremes of duality.

3. The earthquake was not of Mother Nature’s making. It was the intentional work of those among you who have the technology to create such catastrophic planetary upheavals. In this case, it was to cover an attempt to move through Haiti a vast fortune from its discovered hiding place to a secret destination. If there can be a sliver of a silver lining in that diabolical act, it is that no longer is the truth hidden about weather control technology and its wicked uses—the information is on your Internet for all to see. The use of this kind of “weapon of mass destruction” cannot be prevented, and once set in motion, only softening, or levelling out, steps can be taken. As devastating as the earthquake was, without our space family’s intervention that lessened the impact on Port-au-Prince, the death toll and destruction would have been even greater.

4. The best in humankind was the instantaneous compassion throughout your world and the outpouring of assistance. This is creating light to help rid Haiti’s soil, water and air of the negativity that caused it to become the poorest of countries. Despotic dictators who lived in opulence denied their countrymen even basic living standards, thus consigning them to debilitating diseases and virtually no healthcare, educational opportunity or source of liveable income. Loans that could have alleviated those conditions and the suffering they caused instead went into the pockets of the dictators, and the peoples felt helpless to improve their lives or their children’s. When those decades of fear and oppression ended a few short years ago, the country was beset with political turmoil, and soon the Haitians’ hopes of betterment were dashed.

5. The souls who chose to embody in those harsh circumstances known of Haiti did so willingly to balance other lifetimes so they could evolve spiritually, the goal of every soul. Many who recently transitioned to spirit life had fulfilled their soul contract choices to complete third density experiencing, and in time they will reincarnate in a fourth density world of their choice. Those who died before completing their soul contracts have the same opportunities to do this in Nirvana, where they have help in accomplishing their karmic lessons and prepare to evolve out of third density.

6. In all instances, these souls are serving their families and friends in two ways: Their leaving reduced the amount of negativity caused by their former wretched living conditions and also prevented the negativity that living in even worse circumstances would have generated; and those souls are beaming light from their spirit home to all on Earth with whom they are bonded in love, and to Earth herself.

7. A positive aspect of the quake and the tremors that followed is that even with “softened” destructive capability, they released a mammoth amount of negativity from this small half-island nation. That reduction in negativity will allow the beaming-in and anchoring of light to facilitate the Haitian peoples in rebuilding their lives and their country.

8. Despite everything they have experienced in the past weeks—grief, injuries, traumatised psyches and desperate circumstances they still are encountering—a resilient spirit still shines brightly. With medical teams and other helpers from many nations coming to their aid, albeit insufficient to relieve much of the suffering or supply all basic needs, the peoples of Haiti know the world has not forgotten them. The light in their new-found hope added to the light of all who are helping—whether directly by their side or prayers or donations from around the world—is far greater than the negativity of combined grief and trauma.

9. The darkest of hearts that created the earthquake have no light except the spark of viability, the life force that is every soul’s eternal connection to God and Creator Source. Their conscience has atrophied from lack of use, and now that their corruption and unfathomable fortunes are being uncovered, they commit heinous deeds to hold onto what they feel is their rightful power and possessions. The dark-hearted ones cause massive harm to produce fear and agony because the energy of those emotions refuels them. We and other messengers of the light have urged you to send light to those perpetrators of unconscionable acts because only light can heal their damaged souls and thus change their deeds. You can send them light by imagining yourselves holding a candle or a flash light to guide a lost soul onto an illumined pathway.

10. Messengers of the light have told you about those who act in darkness so as to help you break any hold they may have in your lives and beliefs, and the same information will be revealed to the public to serve in that same way. As those truths come forth incrementally, please help others understand that they need not condone any action that causes atrocities and agony, but the light in forgiveness will serve all of you far, far better than the negativity of demanding punishment for the perpetrators. A part of third density mentality is the refusal to forgive individuals who are considered “evil,” and it isn’t consciously known that as equal parts of God, every soul in this universe is eternally interconnected with all others, or that the darkness in any one dims the collective light in the “universal heart,” or that one’s own light is dimmed by judgement and condemnation of those who are bereft of light.

11. Individuals acting with dark intent don’t remember that when Earth life ends, every soul will have to review every minute of it—not only watching everything they did throughout the lifetime, but feeling every emotion exactly as it was felt by every person whose life they touched in any way. The next lifetime of those ones who are lost in darkness will be a hell of their own creation—a punishment, if you will, that is far more severe than any you could ever conceive—and until they accept the light constantly beamed into those dense placements where their lifetime energy output consigned them, there they will remain.

12. We ask that you please keep in mind what is in store for those lost souls as we address other issues in which you have expressed interest. Yes, the recent snowstorms in the eastern parts of the United States are another incidence of man-made technology used for self-serving purposes. Virtually closing down the US government was the main intent because so doing also impacts many other countries. The snowstorms— just like the clumsy “Black Ops” attempt on Christmas Day to explode an airplane by means of a very confused individual operating under mind control, then the devastation in Haiti—are intended to disrupt actions under way to remove the Illuminati’s tentacles on untold wealth and their toehold on the global economy.

13. Previous messages have identified many disparate groups under the Illuminati “umbrella,” the pyramid organisational structure that keeps lower ranking members uninformed about the intentions of those at the peak, and the powerful global network that for centuries has controlled everything that influences life on your planet. We know of the opinions that US President Obama is leading his country in the wrong direction, and we tell you that if only you could know how prudently and wisely he is moving behind the scenes to upset the entire Illuminati apple cart, instead of concerns about his direction, there would be rousing cheers.

14. The larger purpose to be served by assuring you that Obama’s intentions are aligned with the light is of utmost importance. The energy of negative thoughts about his leadership and all other situations anywhere on Earth that are seen as worrisome is flowing out into your world and delaying effective resolutions to tumultuous happenings everywhere. It is the energy of love-light that motivates the spirit of cooperation among peoples and brings an end to conflicts, violence, deception and unjustness. Some of you say, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” YES! The truth in that expression of personal responsibility derives from soul-level awareness that you chose this lifetime specifically to help speed Earth along her ascension pathway.

15. So the individuals who propose that a collective will to make your world a better place will achieve that without extraterrestrial help do make a good point—absolutely you must act, must set the pace toward world transformation, because it is your world. But those individuals are way off track by not acknowledging that without many other civilisations’ immeasurable help that started about seventy years ago, none of you would be where you are because the planet would have died. And we assure you, your space family’s continued help will be welcomed by all except the ones who are fighting mightily to prevent reforms anywhere.

16. We can tell you what is fomenting behind the scenes regarding the truth about the global economy, but because Earth’s energy field of potential is in such wild commotion, we cannot discern what information will emerge first or the order in which other facts will follow. We can say, though, that it cannot be much longer before the “first spill” because all the corruption must be exposed so it can be eliminated and an honourable system implemented. It is possible that the end of the Federal Reserve in its present form will be the first public “news,” and it seems likely that close on its heels will be a new and much fairer system of taxation. The disclosure that the United States’ unmanageable debt is due to the owners of the Federal Reserve banks very likely will include that the system was slyly established a century ago along with a corporate structure that fundamentally has kept the country under England’s dictate. However, because United States’ chaotic economy was the first domino to fall, so to say, and the line of dominoes around the globe swiftly followed, the long history of corruption within all major banking and lending institutions worldwide could be disclosed first. Somewhere along the way will emerge the Bush and Clinton families’ involvement with the Rockefeller Illuminati faction that helped to mortally bleed the coffers of the United States. Did you think it rather ironic that both of those former US presidents rushed to show their keen interest in what was going on in Haiti?

17. Regardless of the order in which that information becomes public, it appears that delaying the televised acknowledgement of extraterrestrial civilisations’ presence until after current upheavals settle down is unavoidable. An announcement of such extremely critical and sensitive nature requires the intricate planning that Hatonn explained [November 19, 2009], and due to the serious matters that have required focused attention and disrupted program planning sessions, final decisions have yet to be made by participating countries’ representatives. Much to the distress of the ones who caused the disruptions via their strategic upheavals, the announcement program will only be postponed, not cancelled as they intended.

18. An issue of great importance being considered by light-filled leaders is: How much shocking information can people assimilate before it starts wreaking havoc within the collective consciousness? You will greet each revelation with rejoicing, knowing that it is a step closer to world transformation and Earth’s Golden Age. But ignorance of that and many other truths—like the various kinds of mind control to “dumb down” your brain functions, and the vast underground laboratories and living accommodations for the “Little Grays” that are funded by the Illuminati’s illegal drug industry—is the lot of most people. Many may indeed be living in honourable ways, but they are asleep insofar as heightened consciousness and spiritual awakening, and those cannot come to traumatised psyches. So truths of startling nature must be an unfolding to the populace, not a bombardment.

19. We must tell you that it is with mixed feelings that we address these issues of most interest as indicated in emails sent to my mother. We do want to dispel the negativity generated by your concerns about information you have heard or read, but we do not want to sabotage one of the primary aims of these messages: That you learn to communicate with your soul-self; ask questions and be still and listen to the answers that come intuitively. Because hearing and heeding the messages from your soul to your consciousness is an essential step in soul evolution and the purpose of our messages is to offer enlightenment and guidance to assist you in evolving, once again we urge you: Seek answers within!

20. Furthermore, even truthful information from external sources can err in omission of some facts, thereby unintentionally conveying incomplete data that readers can assume is the entire story. Let me cite an example that in the Tapestry of Life is insignificant, but still I gave a flawed bit of information. With thanks to all who wrote about the medicinal effects of marijuana, I see the error in my reply [in the January 11, 2010 message] to readers who asked if certain enjoyments, including “social drugs,” could delay spiritual evolution or prevent physical ascension with Earth. In my “Yes” answer, I was thinking of heroin, cocaine and the assortment of synthetic drugs that cause adverse effects on body, mind and spirit. Marijuana does indeed offer medical benefits, and there are no damaging effects from its moderate use in a social setting. Legal consequences, yes, so I surely am not encouraging its use without medical prescription! I am simply stating that with the sensible use I mentioned, marijuana is not among the drugs that form a barrier between the consciousness and the soul and prevent the absorption of light.

21. Now then, animals becoming vegetarians will be a process of their choosing that kind of diet because it is more appealing, just as it will be for Earth’s human residents. As the light intensifies in all bodies at cellular level, humans and animals alike naturally will choose foods that have light properties, and severed animal flesh does not. Without the current food chain, animals will not overcrowd the planet; instead, they instinctively will reproduce more slowly or not at all. There absolutely is no “condemnation by God” for eating meat and seafood, but expressing gratitude for the animals that provide these foods is most appropriate. A strong immune system is the best defense against harmful substances in processed foods and seasoning's, meat from animals injected with steroids, seafood contaminated with mercury or other toxins, and genetically altered foods; and the energy of light is the ultimate strengtheners of immune systems.

22. We don’t know if a moratorium on all existing debt will be a blanket provision of the planned restructuring of the global economy, but it seems likely during the transition from the old systems to the new. What we do know is that debts incurred by countries due to loans at usurious rates of interest from the International Monetary Fund—money that went to those countries’ greedy leaders in exchange for Illuminati control of natural resources—will be forgiven, and it appears that adjustments in individuals’ debts will be in accordance with circumstances that caused the debts. The purpose of economic restructuring is to fairly distribute the wealth of your world so that no one lives in the poverty that enables others to live in luxury. And the idea that when the Illuminati’s illegal fortunes are recovered, a million or more dollars will be given to every person on the planet is pure fantasy. In Earth’s Golden Age, the trend will be away from money and toward systems of sharing and bartering—the light intensity in souls will let those means of remuneration for services and conduct of commerce become as satisfying between nations as between individuals.

23. No asteroids or comets are being aimed at Earth by powerful malevolent aliens. Even if this were the case, you are surrounded by thousands of spaceships and millions of light beings with the technology to steer away any celestial body that could collide with your planet. Another rumour to create fear, that “Planet X” is on a collision course with Earth, also is a falsehood.

24. What is your sun doing? It is responding to the rapid changes going on throughout your solar system. If your astrophysicists were aware of Earth’s ascension through the “universal time window,” they would know that stepped-up solar activity is a natural effect and that Sol poses no danger to your planet.

25. No civilisations will enter a stargate to take control and keep you from destroying your planet. Let us speak more of stargates, the various views about their purpose: Portals opened in antiquity by civilisations who came to Gaia; openings that motherships can pass through; areas where spacecraft crews observe happenings on the planet; channels through which our space family’s technology operates successfully; safety zones for “walk-ins” from other civilisations to enter; energy vortexes through which light from far distant sources is beamed to raise the vibrations of lands or seas dense with negativity; locations of intensified light that help to anchor light on the planet. There is some validity in each of those views, and we also see stargates as parts of the protective light grid surrounding your planet that serve like beacons for the souls in free spirit and astral travellers between Earth and Nirvana.

26. There will be no “jumping over 4th density and entering 5th”—the laws of the universe simply do not operate like that, and neither does the evolution of any soul. However, the time between Earth beginning ascension out of deep third density and reaching her destination in fifth will be universally unprecedented in its speed. The enormous energetic differences between third and fourth density make that trip unimaginably difficult, and overcoming the darkness that pervades a third density world can take aeons.

27. It will not happen on December 21, 2012 or any other date that you will be standing beside two others and before your very eyes, they will disappear into their own “timelines.” Even the usual date of December 31, 2012, will be much like the previous and the following days—that is, except for New Year’s Eve celebrations. The differences between life in this moment and in the Golden Age will be amazing and magnificent, but life will not differ dramatically from one day to the next as Earth continues on her journey through fourth density and on into fifth.

28. Understandably, there is a great deal of speculation about what will happen to whom at the end of 2012. There is no definitive answer because what happens to each soul will be in accordance with the uniqueness of each soul. However, we can say with certainty that the theory of a celestial body appearing as a “second Earth” and becoming the third density home for souls who do not physically accompany the “first Earth” into fourth density is erroneous. You are a soul in a human body. Earth is a soul in a planetary body. Her soul remained in its fifth density origin while her body spiralled into deep third density during the millennia that her human residents were shedding each others’ blood, mass-slaughtering her animals and severely damaging her body. She could have chosen to let her assaulted body die, but instead she chose to have its health restored so all of her residents in their myriad life forms could continue. Moreover the “two Earths” theory accommodates only the people whose lifetime choices would place them in a different third density world. There will be souls whose lifetime choices automatically will take them to first or second density placements; and at the other end of the spectrum are the souls who came from fourth, fifth and higher density worlds specifically to assist Earth in her ascension—when their mission is completed, they will return to their homelands.

29. It also is understandable that reincarnation can be an enigma. We know of your thoughts such as “In another life she was Joan of Arc” or “He was Abraham Lincoln in his last lifetime.” Persons who have the same wisdom, ideals and courage—or maybe the same skills and talents and personality traits—known of greatly respected, admired and loved individuals who lived many years ago in linear time, may be personages, or soul parts, of the cumulative soul that includes those others. The person with whom you “endow” a specific other lifetime may be deeply inspired by that same individual and emulate the qualities that made him or her great, or the person’s high aspirations may attract the powerful energy of souls you call “masters.” A family member may have chosen attributes very similar to those of a “departed” member. Perhaps because of shared lifetimes in the timelessness of the continuum, any person may seem remarkably like someone who lived long ago in your linear time. There are numerous sources of unseen and usually unrecognised influences in every life, but every one of you is and forever shall be an independent, inviolate, invaluable and unique soul even as you are an equally loved, integral part of the Oneness of All.

30. Beings of light throughout this universe are cheering you on during this time of transition into the Golden Age. Keep foremost in your vision the glories of that world that already IS and awaits your arrival!


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Default Re: Matthew's Message - Feb 2010

Thanks - I read this and the following came into my head

Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand
Workin' in the dark against your fellow man
But as sure as God made black and white
What's done in the dark will be brought to the light


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Default Re: Matthew's Message - Feb 2010

This is Feeqa with loving greetings from all souls at this station.

In response to The Message from Matthew, Feb 2010.

Paragraph 10.
but the light in forgiveness will serve all of you far, far better than the negativity of demanding punishment for the perpetrators.
You see, I have an issue with this. I would ask them to be judged by their own Laws and rules that we ARE judged by them with. Fairs Fair right.
To keep this as short as poss, the paragraph numbers will head the responses to refer to above in Matthew's message.

11. Sounds similar to a Heaven & Hell paradigm, or belief system. Sounds like a Vatican mind-**** for the new age to me. Haven't we just shed that awful monstrosity? I certainly will not be buying that crock of **** any more and strongly recomend everyone take note of just how insideous those little gems are. Side note.

This in contradiction to the Teachings from Bashar Channeled through Daryl Anchor. He says After the transition back to spirit, the dark ones spend time annalising the previous experiences and no judgement or criticism is projected from any other onto them. But after they have done that the interact with the rest as everyone else does without chastisment and in love.

Knowing that the Gloominated have understood this as reality and have access to their previous incarnations, inasmuch as the ability to transition multiple lives into one long agenda, where they are able to recall, when the rest of us are not. (IE, Why are we here questions.)
The forgiveness paradigm is weak at best. (most likely another mind-**** in & of Itself)

Obama? Rousing Cheers! Upset the Gloominutzi Apple Cart! Prudently And Wisley!!
Good Catch phrases there. Nice Nuro Lingistics, in full effect. Nuro Lingustics is used to convey information in a powerful way. The above embedded phrase-ology is a good example.

The thing about the so called Saviour is, he Sent in 30'000 more trained; brainwashed Murderer's to Iraq when it was completely against his election promises, by 180 degrees.
Doesn't sound enLIGHTEND to me. More like enGLOOMINED.

To get some perspective here on Chapter 13. (And do pay attention to the fact, Matthew uses the Master Number: '13' to great effect. Used by the Sourcerer's, Masonic Vatican etc.)

If you view the Winter Soldier Testomony, you will see one Soldier explains the magnitude of sending Soldiers in. He covers three middle of the road accounts of events that unfolded as the soldiers went from house to house doing raids looking for members of alCIAda.
One of them, was where the platoon murdered 4 children by machine gun and the mother of the mudered children had to consol the murderer as he broke down crying at what he had done.
What made him cry was the brains of an 18 month old baby spilling out onto his boots. The same brains he had just blown out.
Fantastic. Give that brainwashed murderer (soldier) another medal, And award his Chief Genocidal General a Knight-hood from the Queen-Bitch of Earth, Elizebeth the 2nd.

The only rousing cheers are from the political ra-ra pom-pom twats at Obama's political rally's. No the rest of us are beyond crying. we a numb to the pain, because words could never convey the reality of that picture.

Back to the point.

The Winter soldier interviewed said, there have been over 1.5 million Soldiers in Iraq. Each one of them has a similar story to tell and therefore, that is 1.5 million times of kicking in the doors of a family who were completely innocent, thats if they did it once in their tour of, so called DUTY.

That is IF it happend just once. But this is a DAILY occurance. Multiply those numbers. And then multiply it again with the Lives of each of the affected family and friends of whom attrocity touches for LIFE.

For a much better view, go and Watch the Winter Soldier Veterans explaining it. My words do not do it justice.

More of the Wonderful Gloominated Obama. Along with Employing X-members of the Russian Stazi as advisors and security chiefs of the newly created HOMELAND SECURITY CORPERATION, formerly United States CORPORATION who were the Tourcherer's and Murderer's extrodinair's of the GULAGs of Communism, and the appointment of chief Judges the Most Corrupt Disgusting filthy monsters alive in Human Form, I'm wodering what is Obama's real agenda?

There are plenty of pics showing Obama and others kissing the ring of the Hitler Youth POPE. Whom he really serves.

It is possible that the end of the Federal Reserve in its present form will be the first public “news,” and it seems likely that close on its heels will be a new and much fairer system of taxation
1st, the Federal Reserve is a private Corporation. It is a giant ponzi scheme. (And its operators are high level Criminals) It should be scraped and shot to death. It is the machinary that has been used to strip energy from the people.

Taxation. Shove that where the sun don't shine and the smell is real bad.
The ability to Tax the individual is the Ability to destroy the individual. Which is exactly what Taxation is really about.

Taxation is:- the greedy farmer who killed the goose to get all the golden eggs at once.

Manyanna, Manyanna. Always tomorrow.

TV or the Control-MIND (govs) will never disclose. Period.
At best they will spin it to protect the arses of the guilty, by way of controlled seepage of so-called leaks. (really propoganda) Remember Hegal?

18. Give me a ****ing break. Shove that **** up your fascist, light-filled, gloominated, progandized, media-whore puking, **** too!

They absolutly (The People) need to be bombarded to the Max, so they wake the ****up. No way. AND - that at number 18 no less, Masonic Vatican Sourcery again to really throw a spanner into the awakening. This is the whole point of not releasing information about certain National Security Issues for 60 years, and then extending it for another 100 years. It's that it's a hot topic again. It would simply shine the light of RESPONSIBILITY on those who are GUILTY Fascists. That is what Matthew Vatican is encouraging here. (we'll just leak it slowly incase the poor dears wake up and call us a Vatican-Man-Bitch and Arrest our ****'s on the ****ing spot) You have to control those leaking story's now don't you? So we'll use the AGE-OLD EXCUSE that its to much for the people, which is the method of those guilty, to give themselves time to discredit those asking questions, and distract attention away from the really bad stuff that people would hang them and club them to death for, if they could get the full truth of what these Treasonus Traitors really have done.

Stop poisoning our food then. Stop filling our mouths with Mercury Toxins, stop putting Rat Poison (floride) in the Public Water Supply and in Toothpaste.

Promoting the Medical Murderer's now! My goodness. Matthew knows no limits with that gloominated opinion. The Medical Community Brainwashed Mengala's. They kill more people than the Military.

Weed is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. I don't need a fascist brainwashed Butcher to tell me what i can put into my body. Just more government propoganda. Only on perscription, Yeah -right. More Tax and Licenses yeah? More revenue for government-good-for-nothing's, yeah?

Not to mention the Mercury in our mouths, as previously stated.

Banks are stealing peoples authority to create money by themselves through the Berth Certificate and Social Insurance Numbers.
Its easy, just tell the people the truth that they themselves are the bosses of the Queen and Presidents and they alone are the ones who have the power to create money. They do not have to work for it.

For someone like Matthew who has unlimited knowledge of our lives and system in 3D then i question that omniscience and authenticity. I've discovered this as Fact (see Winston Shrout) and for Matthew not to tell the simple facts about the MOST POWERFUL AND PIVOTAL issue is to distract from the key to global freedom.

23. They must be board.

25. Stargates are a fallicy, see Marko Rodins Mathmatical proof.

And after that, I can't be bothered anymore.

No the Solution is definately educate yourselves about the laws of money. See Winstons youtube vids. Make time.
See Vic Beck
See Robert Maynard. See Arron Russo's film from Freedom to Fascism. It is the most fundimental work you will do.

Along with SaLuSa Matthew is the same imo. Its Vatican BS. I know, cos i thought this was great when i first started reading these channelings.
All i did was throw out one belief of waiting for the Savior in exchange for the ET savior Belief system, which is the new mind-**** on you all.

Listen to Michael Tsarion's redice interviews. they are very important to be able to see through these so-called benevolent space friends.

Anger is good. It is what is required to get these pricks out of power and our world back to utopia it always was. ****-them forever.

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Default Re: Matthew's Message - Feb 2010

And Matthew is?
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Default Re: Matthew's Message - Feb 2010

Originally Posted by Phoenix View Post
And Matthew is?
Check out this link for more info:


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Default Re: Matthew's Message - Feb 2010

Originally Posted by Phoenix View Post
And Matthew is?

A dead kid whose mother uses to make money by claiming that she speaks to him and he tells her stuff.

Through a series of heartwarming telepathic conversations between Matthew Ward (who died at age 17) and his mother, Suzanne, we learn about the astonishing activity and diversity of life in the realm we call Heaven.
The whole thing is just a money making scam. Don't forget to buy her books

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Default Re: Matthew's Message - Feb 2010

Originally Posted by Swanny View Post
Don't forget to buy her books
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Default Re: Matthew's Message - Feb 2010

And Matthew is?
little matthew is a very sorry case..bless his heart.

do yourself a favour and give it a miss.

you'll find far more inspired personalities on this forum who don't/don't need to channell..

best wishes l
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