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Default Gordon Novel - Avians

apologies if this is already posted elsewhere. otherwise here is part 1 of 5ish.

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Default Re: Gordon Novel - Avians

These two are now in a MAJOR feud. Never trusted Novel- he speaks a little too glowingly of the see eye aye.
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Default Re: Gordon Novel - Avians

Interview with Jerry Pippen and Gordon Novel.


Above George Knapp interview with Gordon Novel.

Regards Jack Safratti, I didn't like him, and knowing in the 1st interview with Avians, JS said he was flying off to Oxford University, is a big red flag for me. Oxbridge Uni's are establishment mind control of the highest order.

I like Novel, he has somethings ****-about-face, regards global warming. Not that there isn't serious polution engineerd to attack us spiritually, but the science has been shown to be a giant psy-op to extract more money through a tax which Al Gore stands to make billions from.

At least Novel is actually doing something to break this. He made the Wako - Rules of Engagement film. so he has a lot of credibility for that. Not forgetting he was the one to expose the FBI as the Jesuit Inquistion that they really are.

Regards his passion for the Chief Inquisition Agency. Why don't they come out with some real-world facts as to why they are laballed by the rest of the world as Murderers, basically.

Saw the email extracts put out by Safratti, 'presumably,' it wasn't on Open-minds forum, but another, (now i can't find the link) and it lacked context for the assertions by JS. So I agree with Novel, its a programme to discredit him. Therefore by itself discredits those promoting it. It uses labels and Nuro-Linguistics in the headings. IE, putting Novel's name next to the heading Madness, etc.

Its 'still' a puzzel with Novel, which is why its interesting.

In the Jerry pippen interview he relates 'chemtrails' to a benevolent act of self intrest by the ptb, to stop global warming. Does he read the material about Chemtrails? I suppose thats a red-flag for Gordon Novel to. It is dangerous in believing a falsehood and then promoting it. He should know better especially in light of his legal experiences in the Supreme court. Look at the evidence, and let that discribe the truth right?

Or put another way. let the results speak for themselves. Chemtrails sucks, 100%, nout good about it.
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