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Question iON


I have been listening every Wednesdays the radio internet show "Cash Flow" with James Martinez, and he invites this guy J.W. who is presumely channeling "live" this entity or entities from spirit. I just want to know if any of you is familiar with it, and what is your take.
Their website is www.howionic.com.
This channeling iON says that it does not matter if the human creator do something really terrible wrong while you are here incarnated, that there is no retribution or bad consequences (I guess that there is no evil just contrast?). That we as "gods" are our own judges. That what it matters is the experience as creators and it doesnt matter if it is good or bad, it is after all your experience. And for instance Hitler did't have any retribution. iON talks about the three kingdoms: inner(heart/feelings/emotions), middle (your now) and outer (external/outside that is not affecting you). Other things shared are that we are here to experience contrast; that we are powerful creators; we create our own reality/ masters of our own universe, and that there is no time (past/present and future just an illusion that we created). That what it matters is "what is the fastest path to your joy" in everything you do. It also mentiones that the thinin of the veil is the merging of the physical with the non-physical. If you want to listen, it will be Wednesday at 1 PM Central time at www.achieveradio.com And let me know what you think.
Thank you.

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Smile Re: iON

I have been reading Mathews messages to his mother.There seems to be a connection here with me and what he says.I do have some rather odd memories and by chance Matthews books,and what is available free online,is bringing things together for me.I am a very logical thinking person even-though I seem to have my head up in the clouds at times.It just goes to show how we are lead in a direction and wham out of nowhere we become enlightened or rather,find something we can relate to.Your post is nice.This could be your door way.Any how,This is the link to matthews books for whomever is courious.http://www.matthewbooks.com/store/default.asp
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Default Re: iON

Originally Posted by Margarita View Post

That we as "gods" are our own judges. That what it matters is the experience as creators and it doesn’t matter if it is good or bad, it is after all your experience. And for instance Hitler did't have any retribution.
I can perhaps interject with experience from my own NDE. When you go into the light you are, for want of a better expression, uploaded with all the knowledge of the universe. It's very hard to explain. Like every computer on earths hard drive switches on instantaneously and YOU are aware of every bit of data.

Of coarse I don't recall details now I'm back here but I do remember that there is nothing ever bad. I'll try and explain. It's like the things we consider bad here are infact good. Take a power plant for an example. They are more than blotches on landscapes belching out toxic fume. There is all the drilling, digging, transport, pipe line, toxic waist infastructure and so on.....We think it's bad but it's not. It's all part of the good. There is only good.

Now for the retribution....muhahaha. There is no one higher than yourself to make the judgment. You will (from my experience) be shown areas of your life on earth. You will remember every event shown and you will be aware of everyone’s emotion at the time. That's EVERYONE. So you will relive the event as an observer and feel the emotions you had. You will also relive the emotions of everyone concerned. You will understand their position and your influence on the event observed. If you brought joy to a child at it's 10th birthday...you will see it from the child’s point of views emotions. You will feel the emotion that child had...the joy. Your emotions will be overwhelmed by all the emotions of others. If you were a bully and belittled someone. You will experience the hurt that person went through.... their emotions Not only will you live it as yourself at that time observed. You will live the emotions of the person you hurt. You will live it to judge yourself in the moment as the observer. A three way.

The higher entity that showed you these areas will not judge you. You will judge yourself and experience those moments to be judged. I had a couple of deep regrets. Stuff that was very hard to deal with. Shameful in the full extent. How disgusted I felt about myself. How loathsome a fellow I was to that person. I also had some joyful moments where I wanted to see them again...because they were lovely and I liked the emotions of those I gave joy to.

In the case of Mr Hitler I bet he's still judging himself... one by one. Each experience with the victims emotions... one by one.

So...it's all good to do bad things because they are in fact all good. Strange concept isn't it. The only thing is your judgment day by yourself. Want to kill someone today? You'll live it as the victim in good time...at your own hands in a three way...you then, the victim then and you now. Good luck with that.

This was what I recall but can't prove any of it.

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Default Re: iON

I don't know but I am under the impression that this thread is a redux of one posted yesterday?

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Default Re: iON

duplicate thread please folk follow this link http://projectavalon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=20605
hope you dont mind Margarita but
i am closeing this one

much love and light
m x
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