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Arrow Matthew

Message from Matthew
November 21, 2008

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew saying JOY TO THE WORLD! That sentiment may be premature for the holiday caroling season, but it is ever so timely for Earth!

Although photographs and stories have shown worldwide elation about the United States president-elect, those can only begin to indicate what we saw. If you can imagine Earth revolving from shimmering golden light into blinding brilliance, you will have a faint glimpse of what we observed during the hours election updates traveled around the globe.

The radiance is the heart-to-heart connection between Barack Obama and all who are jubilant about his winning the election. Although the density around the planet has been lightening for many years, most of the populace do not yet remember what their souls know, the universal law of “like attracts like” and the heart is the seat of the soul. Those who sense Obama’s light do so because they are energetically aligned with his soul’s make-up, and this connection rises into consciousness not only as joy, but a strong feeling that Obama’s win is a victory for all peoples and for Earth herself. It IS, and that is why we greeted you with JOY TO THE WORLD!

No, not everyone has those feelings. I am NOT saying that those who do not are in the dark camp—by no means is that so! Understandably, the lighted souls who favored the other party’s candidate, for whom we have great respect and who splendidly played his agreed upon role, are disappointed. But not an iota as much as the dark ones living here and there around the planet—they have met utmost failure in all their attempts to stop or even slow the ever-growing light that is being generated by hopeful peoples worldwide. The light generated by hope, which is more powerful than all the combined efforts of the darkness, contributed to Obama’s unstoppable momentum to the White House.

How could we know this outcome even before votes were cast in the primary election? We knew of this highly evolved soul’s destiny before he was born because it is in the continuum, where there is no linear time and all potential exists, like raw clay for a sculptor. Just as the sculptor labors to produce the object of his vision, so does all directed energy turn any potential into the actuality of the vision.

Your recorded history is but a minute fraction— and a very inaccurate fraction at that—of your planet’s universal history, which is accurately known in the continuum. For millennia darkness controlled the minds and hearts of the peoples, and lifetime after lifetime souls incarnated with the self-chosen mission to break free of that control, yet all except a very few continued to fail. They were not bereft of the self-empowerment every being has as a god or goddess self; it is that the fear perpetrated and perpetuated by off-planet dark forces and implemented by its puppets on the planet was so pervasive that knowledge at soul level was blocked from reaching consciousness.

All the while, the light that was Earth’s very life force became dimmer and dimmer. In conjunction with her choice to ascend out of the depths of third density, where her planetary body no longer could survive the ever accumulating negativity, the alignment of celestial bodies and the strategic direction of energy presented another opportunity for light to vanquish the darkness that so long had controlled life on the planet. This time history would not be repeated. This time there would be the assistance Earth needed and requested, a massive infusion of light from other civilizations that not only would assure her survival as a planet, but also would enlighten her residents so they could make conscious choices in keeping with Earth’s vision of a peaceful, healthy world where humankind lives in harmony with Nature.

Only in the timelessness of the continuum could the countless complexities needed to manifest that vision into reality be most carefully considered and arranged. A foremost consideration was the cosmic law, that Creator’s gift of free will with its inseparable power of manifestation had to be honored; and because the world Earth desired would be co-created for and BY her residents, it would have to be according to what they envisioned. Each individual manifests his or her personal life and, in combination, all the lives make up the world; so it was necessary to insure that enough of the collective minds would be enlightened, inspired and dedicated to creating the Golden Age of Earth’s vision. Of paramount importance was the balance that had to be achieved through completion of the third density karma that had been incurred by souls in their multiple lifetimes on Earth and various other places in the universe. And there was the need for souls to come from highly spiritually and intellectually evolved civilizations to be the way-showers and leaders of the souls who were less evolved.

Carrying out the mandate of God, who was honoring Earth’s free will to ascend, members of galactic and intergalactic federations sought counsel of the highest beings in this universe, and out of discussions at that level, a plan was developed that would enable Earth to leave third density, where darkness thrives, and rise into fifth density, where darkness cannot exist. During her ascension process, third density karma would have to be played out, so most roles were for very difficult experiences: impoverishment or brutally oppressive regimes; lives cut short by war, genocide, starvation, murder; grief; physical or mental debilities or incapacitation; slavery, legal injustice; family, national and international discord—everything that could assail body, mind and spirit had to be over and done with. Some souls had to be the individuals who would cause all the suffering, hardships, disharmony and death so the masses could complete their unfinished karmic experiencing.

Knowing all the ramifications of the plan, and because unconditional love for all souls is the basis for each choosing its role in the lifetimes it affects, many more souls than could inhabit the planet during the ascension decades wanted to participate. Those who were not selected to embody would contribute in other vital ways, and those who were selected looked forward to filling the roles that would let them evolve themselves at the same time they were assisting others in their spiritual growth.

Thus, regardless of celestial origin and current culture, age, skin color, religion, gender, ethnicity, or nation of residency, prior to birth all peoples now on the planet knew the soul who would incarnate as Barack Obama and joyfully agreed to his becoming president of the United States to lead that country and the world into the Golden Age. All participant souls were born with that knowledge, but it was forgotten in the adjustment to “life in the flesh” and its needs, and even more so, indoctrination by family, educators, religion and society. But they all knew that would happen because it is inherent in third density embodiment; therefore, according to the plan, light in ever increasing intensity has been provided by beings throughout the universe to merge Earth peoples’ consciousness with their soul level knowingness.

So, what is considered in your world to be a recent political event had its beginnings long ago in your counting of time and is far, FAR more than Obama’s imminent presidency! Think of the innumerable times “historic” has been used to describe this, and rightly so! However, most people have no idea how truly historic it is—they have not yet reached their soul’s knowledge that includes what I just explained or what I and other sources of messages have told you through our receivers: This era on Earth is unique, what is happening is unprecedented in the universe.

Now then, some “down-to-Earth” issues. First, the expressed concerns about the individuals Obama has met with or appointed. Not only must he ease out of toeing the line set by those who thrust him into the limelight—most of them are following through with their own pre-birth agreements—but he has no presidential authority yet to initiate dramatic changes, and actions within his current range of decision-making are not cast in stone. Replace your concerns about his safety with gratitude for the shield of protective Christed light surrounding him, and yes, the light in your prayers does indeed add to his well being. We encourage you to be patient while everything unfolds, knowing without any doubt whatsoever that the light is in control!

This applies to the global economic situation too. There is no way to sugarcoat the bleak news that this is worsening, nor would we want to do that; however, we do ask that you remember what was in a recent message about your agreement to experience this and your innate ability to handle it. No, your minds are too preoccupied with tasks of the moment to remember our reassurance—Mother, please locate and copy what I said about this.


(Excerpt of October 22, 2008 message)

We have been asked how people around the world will weather the effects of what finally is called what it is, an international economic crisis, and we can only say that this is like in any other situation on the planet: The universal law of attraction, or “like attracts like,” which is totally neutral and constantly in operation, will serve each individual in accordance with his or her perception of and reaction to personal situations. The energy sent forth by those who see themselves as tragic victims will zoom out and draw to itself the energy of thought forms in the “universal soup” that match the individual's thoughts and feelings, and the energy combination will manifest “tragic victim” circumstances for the person to deal with. Those who feel genuine gratitude for what they have will be provided with more to be grateful for, and the energy of sharing with an open heart has the same positive result.

But always the foundation of weathering any distressing situation is staying out of fear about it! The magnified energy of fear assures that the law of attraction will bring fear-filled circumstances to the fearful person. Knowing that out of the current turmoil will come abundance for all will keep your spirits high and your resolve strong if your outlook remains positive and you don't allow the negativity of fear to intrude. Not only does fear beget more of itself, but it is contagious—we urge you not to let that negativity enter your energy stream and radiate out to afflict those who are nearest and dearest to you!

Every one of Earth's humankind has had a lifetime, more likely many lifetimes, of struggling to get food enough to keep from starving to death. Within that cellular memory is the instinct that gives strength of spirit and determination to survive; in this case, it is making it through the temporary economic tumult and thriving in the abundance at the end of the tunnel.


Thank you, Mother. It is natural to wonder how long it will take to reach the end of the tunnel and what you will encounter during the transition from the totally corrupt system that is collapsing to an honorable system that will serve all peoples fairly. If we could give you a timetable, we would, but exactness in your time for completion of all details cannot be determined in this moment. The darkness that for millennia has produced dire situations for Earth and her resident life forms to contend with cannot be undone overnight—that is, not by the energy of third density thoughts. Few people know the phenomenal power of their thoughts or know that never before have changes the magnitude of world transformation and spiritual renewal come with the astounding speed and scope of the Golden Age plan. We urge you to look within and reach what your souls know: This is a time not for impatience or doubting— and especially not fear!—but for steadfastness in hope, optimism, gratitude and LOVE!

I believe it is well worth my repeating something else: Earth’s ascension is assured and on pace; it is up to each individual to decide to physically accompany her. If it is your wish to do so, the energy of fear or other negative attachment is not your ally because it blocks the light that bodies required to survive in the higher frequencies of Earth’s journey to her destination.

Absorbing light is as simple as living from your heart, the seat of your soul, and souls are made of light energy. You need not study spiritual or metaphysical material, perform rituals or find a guru or other mentor. You need not spend years looking for some elusive entry into the light—you ARE light! You need only to know this and live by it! It isn’t by chance that the Golden Rule was so named, or that despite all the dark manipulations of the Bible’s original content and intent, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” remained. The guidance of the Golden Rule, in all its simplicity, is part of the elaborate plan that already has manifested Earth’s Golden Age in the continuum.

Let us return to thought forms for a minute. Earth has reached energy levels where the higher frequencies are accelerating everything, and whatever is in your thoughts is manifesting more quickly than previously—be careful what you think! Not only is it important to focus only on what you want in your life and your world, but also to refrain from thoughts of retribution, revenge, or punishing others. Those carry the heavy negative energy attachments that account for generation after generation of violence, brutality and oppression as one side retaliates for what the other side’s ancestors did to the first side’s ancestors, thus incurring karma upon karma for all those souls to deal with. While we understand the desire to hold accountable President Bush and others operating within the Illuminati for their actions that amount to crimes against humanity itself, we encourage you to let the judicial system do what it will and be content with that.

When the Golden Age plan was formulated, Bush and those other strong souls willingly agreed to fill their roles as long as necessary, then join the light forces. Those roles were essential to the part of the plan that covered third density karmic completion and subsequent reconciliation of darkness and light within balance, wherein all is light. However, although they instinctively knew the time was at hand for them to merge into the light, their enjoyment of power and reluctance to relinquish it weakened their soul resolve and allowed darkness to leap into their psyches, destroy their conscience and dominate their decisions and actions. As a result, many millions of souls have requested and been granted amended contracts because their physical lifetimes were much more difficult than chosen or were cut short; the amended contracts provide the growth opportunities in spirit worlds that planetary circumstances denied those souls, and they are moving apace in their evolution.

Whatever “punishment” you may feel “fits the crime” committed by Bush and all the other like-minded individuals, we tell you that they have imposed upon themselves unimaginably harsher consequences than any of your legal systems could ever conceive. By universal law, at physical death those souls will be drawn to areas where the energy is commensurate with their lifetime energy registration, and in the mandatory review of the past lifetime, they will experience every emotion and pain they ever caused others to endure. That is a hell you cannot comprehend, but if you could, the inseparability of every soul with every other and with God would evoke the same compassion for them that we feel, and it is why time and again we have urged you to send them light.

You would be in awe if you could know persons at soul level, the roles they agreed to play and if they fulfilled those missions, in this momentous closing act of third density. But at this point in consciousness-raising, most of you can know others only through their obvious attitudes and actions; therefore, another aspect of the Golden Age plan is, “Judge not that ye be not judged.” Just as the transformation underway in the United States applies to all nations on Earth, both biblical quotations in my message are a part of all pure religious teachings.

Let your thoughts be of peace, love, honor, abundance, fairness, goodness—all the beautiful, harmonious facets of life you want for yourself and your world—and know that we are among the myriad light beings who lovingly are by your side in every moment.

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Default Re: Matthew

Obama is a pathetic puppet of vial, corrupt, and worthless traitors of this country.

Obama is a lover of the Bejing butchers, who will conduct war not against the real butchers but everday people. He has already stolen from every person in the America by voting for the bailout.

The same Obama who is so guilty he won't let anyone see his school records, his health records, his........ BIRTH RECORDS.... This activity might be acceptable in circles of ignorance and blind coolaid drinkers but constitutionalist will not tolerate it.

His reputation in Chicago is a disgrace to this nation.
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Default Re: Matthew

Hi Susy (MSV) I am curious. Where did you get this info? Who is Matthew? I have never heard of him before. Is there a website I can visit? Matthew seems to be brimming with optimism. I don't get as much of that with George Green's sources nor with the Allies for Humanity messages.
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Default Re: Matthew

Hi Sunflower,
Suzy is the mother of Matthew who he talks through. The link to the site is:

There are a number of books that have been published which others have said are very good. I haven't read them, just the messages when they come out.
Enjoy and yes, much better than Green : )
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Default Re: Matthew


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Default Re: Matthew

Watch out I think she is a sad lady that lost her son, I don't believe in her, but it's a good positive message. Same sort as dear old Blossom imo
Remember to buy her books if you visit her site
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