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View Poll Results: Why do you come to avalon?
information 52 83.87%
spiritual insights 32 51.61%
companionship 7 11.29%
love 10 16.13%
cos is free for all yada yada yada 5 8.06%
to vent grrrrrrrrr 2 3.23%
friendship 17 27.42%
like minded people 33 53.23%
I am a saboteur 2 3.23%
to form comunities 17 27.42%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 62. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: Why do you come to avalon?

The items in the poll are all in the take take take category.

I came here to both give and take.


mission parameters:

1) Radiate love and light

2) Eschew fear and negativity

3) Help people understand what is going on

4) Gently awaken others who are "sleeping in"

5) Assert leadership when needed

6) Provide a supporting role as required

7) Be beacons of calm in troubled times

8) Help with the manifestation of the new paradigm using meditative and
visualization techniques

9) Maintain boundless compassion for those who choose to remain and move on with your tasks knowing that all will be well

10) Express truth with clarity
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THE eXchanger
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Default Re: Why do you come to avalon?

we came to find/give/and, share information
(that's were our vote went)
and, to eXpand, and, to grow
to bring something more, rather than less
(we haven't always succeeded on that)
however, if we didn't have free-will and, free-choices
(it would be like being in a prison)
we also came for things related to spiritual insights
again to find/give/and, share information
(some of ours, but, ironically, mostly a lot of other peoples work)
we tried hard, to support everyone
(and, if something wasn't to our liking,
we just ignored it)
we think everyone, should be free to eXpress
what they consider to be truth,
as, long as it isn't hurting anyone
we'd like to hope that 98% of what we posted
was good stuff
(the other 2%- we wish, we could take back)
and, we are sorry, if anything we did offended others
(that was never our intent)
we obviously, came to project avalon/and, project camelot
to move ourselves from a reclusive/and, intj (introvert)
and, join in, with companionship & being with others
who was like minded people
(most of this, has been an abolute treat)
the 2% we wish we had never been exposed to
(again, we will say, we are sorry)
and, we won't utilise 'i' - as, we feel we are all
multi-density/dimensional beings - and, we are NOT sure
how the 13 apsects of yourself - got taken the wrong way
(we hope to put out a video on that, as, we feel, it will help many people)

we didn't come 'cause it was free-

we know, free can have the highest of hidden costs

and, friendship is important,

we just spent about 3 hrs, reading 150 out of 350 emails
and, it was life altering experience,
we see why many are mad,
and, we see why we got mad,
you know, the most important thing
isn't on the list

it is something, that, oft times gets forgotten

perhaps, it is the reason, for being

appreciation / and, appreciated

we are all beings, who need that,
it is one of the most profound components of love

we sit here, in this moment
humbled, and, knowing
that almost everyone who was here
in project avalon/and, project camelot

was part of THE CHANGE

we did NOT come to vent grrrrrrrrr
nor, to be a saboteur
or, be part of that part of 4%

however, community, and, looking to build communites with others
that is something, we hope to do, in the next phase of what we plan to do

(if anyone has ideas here, please share)

we came, because we cared enough,
to share, all that we have
with as many people as possible
and, try to always do it with caring, gentle and, kind heart
98% of the time, we likely succeeded
we are proud of that

the other 2% still needs some work

we are willing to do the work - we hope others will help us

proof perhaps; we can be well-done, and, still rare,
and, raw at the same time

that is, why we came to project avalon

if you read ; the original mission statement/we think, anchor posted it
somewhere, maybe on another thread ~ that spoke volumes to us

we came to be a big change
~ and, instead have seen/shared in, and, witnessed
NOT only changes in us, but, also in many others

we wanted to see; the old 80/20 rules broken

and you know, 96/4 - shows us, quite clearly we did

totally amasing - what you can do with your spirit/along with other spirits

yup " spirits helping spirits"

if we left avalon/camelot now,
we'd have a little piece of each and everyone of you,
with us ~ perhaps, that is why
this crossing of time together
has been so vastly important

there's no doubt, we have cried some tears,
and, we have laughed til tear actually roll down our face,
and, yet perhaps, the most important thing,
we've all played a great part,
in helping everyone to become,

there are many many stories of love,
within the mists of avalon, and, of camelot


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Default Re: Why do you come to avalon?


I think that was someone else.

The mission parameters posted above are my interpretation of the Ground Crew's soldiers role, and who are here for the reason to assist in navigating the change process facing our material existence and the energy environment of the matrix we are incarnate within.

I have identified myself with the above role - which is why I do what I do.

My understanding is that a new mission statement will be produced that will influence AV2's initial evolution.

I know I get tangled up in the occasional side stream and diversion (Thuban et al, which is my explorer nature) but basically in Avalon so far I found a nice way to express this resonance. If that can carry on, then that is great.

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