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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by Dougall View Post
... My question is this, Do you think that Project Camelot has many fans like myself who do not believe in Humans on Mars etc however can't get enough of the jazz? Something about it is very compelling.
Keep up the good work!
Hey Dougall, maybe. Even B&K have stated they don't necessarily agree with 100% of their witnesses perspectives.
In my opinion, blind belief is not really necessary, nor is being asked.
As long as we are all at least Aware of the possibilities out there, the maneuverings behind the scenes, etc. you won't be taken by surprise, or easily manipulated, when something turns out to be true...
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Dear Bill,

PC is amazing and thank you so much for the work that you do!

No one is more hopelessly enslaved than those you falsely believe they are free
Goethe said this first I believe.

My question is what you think about what William Cooper said about, indirectly, Jordan Maxwell? He seemed to be under the impression that he was part of the "mystery school" people.
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Post Questions for Bill Ryan and/or Kerry Cassidy.

I have several questions, some are mundane, some are practical, and others you may not be able to answer. If you can't respond publicly, please PM if you can share something privately.

1. What is the name of the fish whose oil(mentioned in one of your recent interviews) can be used to decalcify the pineal gland?

1.1 Are you aware of other methods for decalcifying the pineal, or otherwise unlocking "psychic" abilities using similar methods, or the parts of the body necessary for producing such abilities?

2. You have spoken to whistleblowers who know a lot about certain secrets, one of these is "remote viewing", it's pretty obvious to anyone who's seriously researched this that the declassified material is severely watered down. If you know anything about it, can you comment about non-watered down versions of what was/is developed during/after declassification? Specifically, methods to practice RV realistically/accurately, as opposed to watered down paper methods. (Your recent interview with the Scientologist mentions what I consider real "RV" is, actually leaving the body or bi-locating to "view" something)

2.1 Can you recommend any books, authors, people, authorities, or otherwise point people in the right direction to developing these abilities? (For example, REAL Scientologists that can clear, methods to unlock abilities, tech ppl can make themselves, etc.)

2.2 Have you tried to interview James Casbolt, who seems to have been trained in a method of Telepathy to specifically communicate with a certain species of "ET", and who mentions the method being based around altering his ability to "vibrate" (or something like that)at a certain frequency mentally? (This is similar to "RV" and may be useful)

2.2a If you do interview him, can you ask him to explain this training in useful terms for "lay persons" so the general populace can train themselves in this ability?

2.3 Are you aware of any technology that enhances or provides this ability(RV)? You mention looking glass and RV in some interviews or it's mentioned by others, but it's never really discussed in depth. If you are aware of it, can you comment on it? I realize it can be very time consuming to explain things over and over to different ppl, so that's why I'm asking as many questions all related to one topic as possible in one place, for reference.

2.3a Can you provide more details that are practically applicable to your audience? (Actual tech, practices, techniques, etc. that ppl can do)

As an aside to this line of questions, I'd like to say that I appreciate the amount of information currently being shared to the world from whistleblowers and etc., but I would also(as I'm sure others would as well) appreciate applicable/practical techniques, schematics for devices, ideas, practices, etc. that can be used to turn things around. I don't feel that knowing truth is going to magically turn things around, things need to be done, changed, altered, choices need to be made, lifestyle changes, etc. Unlocking a natural ability like "RV" would be a very good first step to freeing humanity. If you can access all information, no truth can be hidden from anyone, and an honest world can start to form. I know it's asking a lot of these whistleblowers, but it's not only necessary to share truth of things like what's secretly going on, but to also share WHY and HOW when/if possible. I wholeheartedly disagree with doom and gloom and assumptions based on limited perceptions of reality that assume there's nothing we can do.

2.4 Many mind controlled ppl have come forward, they almost all mention psychic training, and they almost all seem to be reluctant to accept that parts of them have been unlocked, at least from what I see of their public presentations. I don't agree that the methods used to unlock these abilities are right, but I do appreciate the fact that they have been given something others never even dream about, abilities beyond normal slavebot status. Wouldn't it be beneficial not only for them, but everyone else, if they accept those abilities and try to learn more about them and share how to develop or use them or in some other way make use of the negative experiences to in some way benefit humanity? I realize this question is kind of on the line, but I also realize this line is really avoided, and it needs addressed. We've all had negative experiences in our life, maybe not all of us were subjected to extreme circumstances like some of the mind controlled, but those negative experiences can teach us about our limits or lack thereof. It makes me die a little inside, every time I see an Ex-(insert something here, satanist, vampire, mind control victim, etc.) abandon everything related to the negative experience as if it's bad just cause some evil ppl used it for evil purposes, and they give it all up and just turn back to a "normal" mundane life as a "Christian"(yet another form of slavery these days, a religious model used often to control minds and limit abilities) or something.

2.4a Have the mind controlled considered the idea of teaching others how to not be mind controlled, and/or to control their own minds to do "superhuman" things?

2.4b Negative/evil training cannot be the only way to empower a human, as evidenced by your recent Scientology interview, King Fu Masters, Anastasia from the Ringing Cedars Series of Books, etc. Can any of your whistleblowers comment on methods that don't involve trauma based mind control to unlock abilities or technology that's non-invasive, or etc.?

2.4c In your opinion, after interviewing all of these ppl and doing all this research, is being a human with fully developed expression and abilities merely as simple as letting go of all the negative things that stop us from that, or do we actually need to do something for our inherent abilities to manifest?

2.4c.1 As an example, in the Anastasia books, she was raised in what could be considered optimal conditions. (In nature, no limits, no negative influences from city, chemicals, etc.) Now, obviously not all of us are born into, or raised in optimal conditions, so the question is, would one raised in less than optimal conditions revert back to "pristine" state if X were accomplished? X could be letting go of all negative aspects of life(not eating junk food, living in city, etc), or it could be practicing some spiritual practice, or it could be anything really.

2.5 You have a lot of experience interviewing different types of ppl, have you noticed certain patterns or cycles in your careers as interviewers related to mind control that you can comment on? (Either trauma based, or more mundane, like spiritual/religious, etc.)

2.6 Do Kerry or yourself(Bill) work on developing abilities like "RV", and if so, what progress or usefulness have you had with it or how has it helped your quest to share truth with the world?

And, my final q, for now..

3. Taking everything you've been exposed to into consideration, what do you think(opinion, logical, or intuition) honestly, the next step for humanity is really supposed to be? (Are we supposed to experience "growing pains" with negative events, are we supposed to recognize the bs for what it is and rise above it, are we supposed to transition to another state of being(maybe not physical), etc.)

Thank you for taking the time to answer questions. The more that get answered, usually the more appear. You already take a lot of time doing interviews and etc., so thank you for taking extra time to answer questions, it's greatly appreciated.
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by Bill Ryan View Post
This is what we were told. Look at the old 1982 Schwarzenegger movie (a terrible movie!) Conan the Barbarian. At about the 92 minute mark the character played by James Earl Jones starts to morph into a huge snake. The reference here is NOT to the snake, but to the extended jaw. Apparently their jaw is just a little MORE extended than that.

Important notes: this is just about the shape of the face. NOT the skin color and NOT the snake.

The're apparently about 8 feet tall - but often look taller (as anyone would if you were 6 feet tall, or less). They are very strong. I duscuss this at length in the Freedom Central interview. They have many ancient ritual customs and (in Henry Deacon's words) "like to dress up".

Henry never saw their actual faces, which they keep hidden for ceremonial (or possibly other) reasons. They often wear cloaks, headdresses, etc. The Divine Right of Kings, and all the ceremony and ritual that associated with Royal Families everywhere, seems to be directly derived from Anunnaki ancient cultural ceremony and custom.

Thanks a lot for addressing my question. That is good information. I went back and looked at the part in Conan the Barbarian that you referenced and I noticed the part about the jaw that you were talking about. Fascinating stuff, indeed.

After watching this part of the film, it got me thinking... do you have any info as to whether or not their eyes look like James Earl Jones' eyes just before he morphed into a snake? If you recall, they were very reptilian looking with a vertical slit for a pupil. They actually looked pretty cool.

Thanks again for all your work.
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by WarriorServant View Post
I would like to comment further on this (said by myself above).

This would give you the ability to create a new thread if you perceive that 1). The same question keeps coming up 2). You know of information that is going to become popular (ie: you're going to get questions about it, and you "know" it) 3). Information that you specifically "want" questions for 4). Specific information that you "want" more feedback from.

It would allow you to easily dissect and organize the information / questions / feedback into areas that you can visit at both your leisure and by priority of importance. Moderators would also be able to move questions from thread to thread, if they perceive that they are in the wrong place. This further allows you to concentrate on one thing at a time, instead of everything at once.
This is a pretty good idea and closely matches some of the ideas expressed within the moderator team.

However there is another approach - Bill (or anyone else for that matter) could actually use the forum like, well, a forum and have more than one thread.

Instead of concentrating it all in one giant thread (which will ultimately fail as it gets more and more unwieldy ) it may be a better idea to branch out into threads.

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Default Re: Questions for Bill Ryan and/or Kerry Cassidy.

Originally Posted by TheGuy View Post

1. What is the name of the fish whose oil(mentioned in one of your recent interviews) can be used to decalcify the pineal gland?
Welcome to Avalon "TheGuy"

Perhaps this thread may help you on this issue. http://projectavalon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=16485

Pete Peterson mentioned "Rat fish Oil" lots of research about this and "Skate fish Oil" or Vitamin K2 in that PA link.

*fades out*

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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Answer to one of the questions posed above- Pine Nut oil has been said to decalcify the pineal gland......

You can purchase it from here:

Also magnascent iodine:

I've used X factor butter oil and Fermented CLO and Skate for years now and have honestly never heard of either being used to decalcify the pineal gland.

That was new information. I'd like to see more info on those 2 products specifically regarding that issue.

Weston Price did research on X factor butter oil and CLO- more information can be found here:


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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

This is very interesting.

I recently had a dream where I had a medical workup done in an
extremely modern facility.

I specific remember a female tech/dr telling me that I was deficient in
vitamin K.

I Googled it the next day, and nothing jumped out at me. I checked
my multi-supplement, and it contains Vitamin K so I forgot about it.

Then I see this:
"Skate fish Oil" or Vitamin K2
Perhaps my frequent requests to be brought aboard the
"Andromedan Car Wash" were finally heard.

Very interesting indeed.
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hi Bill

Thanks for opening Avalon up for the masses, I think it's a blessing in disguise. It can only help PC.

I was wondering if you caught an original movie on SyFy channel this year called Terminators? It sounds like what you might be referring to when you talk about sinister future possibilities from insiders, worth killing over if told/repeated. And if the episode from The Lone Gunman was a hint (laugh in our faces, "it's not like we didn't tell you...") to 911, then this is one scary sob. Terminators let loose on the public! Notice how cheesy the movie is, only making it easier for the average person to write it off. What are your thoughts on this?

Additionally, what do you make of Peter Moon (of The Montauk Project), specifically his newer work called Transyvanian Sunrise? It's a great 'read' by the way. It goes into so many aspects that PC covers and might be worth a shot to check out. An ancient underground 'alien' facility in Romainia containing advanced holographic records of Earth and man, that connects to Tibet, Egypt, and Inner Earth. An additional satellite outpost in Iraq. Freemasonry, American Intelligence, and the Pentagon. Spirituality, advanced psy-abilities, and manipulations. http://www.skybooksusa.com/books/pmoon.htm

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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by Bill Ryan View Post
Free Energy (as far as a functioning device is concerned) is still dangerous. Talking about it is one thing - having a device is another. Wade Frazier confirmed to us that the PTB have some way of remotely detecting free energy devices when they're operating (wherever they are), enabling them to close in on the person immediately.

It's a little like the issue of 'proving' what we say. As I've said and written elsewhere (in the Freedom Central interview, most recently) one of the things that keeps us safe is that we don't try to prove anything won the Camelot site. We don't have definitive proof anyway (in the form of photos, documents or artifacts) - but if we did, we'd soon be in trouble.
So would Project Camelot feel it's too dangerous to be involved with disclosing advanced Free Energy hardware?

I'd think many people are tired of the talking heads in the FE community and ready for something of substance. If given the opportunity, would Project Camelot not help in someway to facilitate the release of practical FE hardware to the public?

It's unfortunate so many look to the gatekeepers for the solutions that will never manifest. Indeed, it is frustrating to see so many with limited paradigms regarding this subject.

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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by Quantum View Post
So would Project Camelot feel it's too dangerous to be involved with disclosing advanced Free Energy hardware?

I'd think many people are tired of the talking heads in the FE community and ready for something of substance. If given the opportunity, would Project Camelot not help in someway to facilitate the release of practical FE hardware to the public?

It's unfortunate so many look to the gatekeepers for the solutions that will never manifest. Indeed, it is frustrating to see so many with limited paradigms regarding this subject.

Going by Bill's announcement on the front page of PC, it looks like they are at least going to try and do something.

One idea, if they pull it off, would be to have a demo or two along with the testimony.

I understand the reticence regarding trying to release the devices if the suppression stories are true. Too many people have died trying. I am impressed with both Bill and Kerry's drive and courage. If they don't release something it is for VERY good reasons.
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

From Camelot home page:
Todd, Kerry and I are discussing the idea of a major Advanced Energy Conference - a physical one - in the Washington area for the second half of next year: a kind of Advanced Energy counterpart of the May 2001 Disclosure Project Press Conference, in which Free Energy pioneers would assemble on stage to make a combined statement to the press, media and attendees about the urgent importance of accepting the reality of Advanced Energy systems to help this planet at a time when they are absolutely most needed. This is a big, bold idea and it might just work. All feedback, ideas and contributions are welcome.
After reading this I do have this contribution:
Please do it!
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Ok Bill thank you for answering the Hat question, I have another I did post but seemed to get lost in translation.

I was wondering what your theories if any are about a MKUltra Type program run by the ETS? I am not talking about Serpo, but a kind of Human genetic crossbreeding enhancement?
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by Seashore View Post
I have looked further through my notes concerning Jane Burgermeister.

Dr Deagle's Nutrimedical Report on September 18, 2009, the 2nd Hour, covered this subject. The guests were Alex Studer, who is on Dr Deagle's team as a blogger and a person who files petitions for injunction; JoAnne Cremer, who was the person who spearheaded a Facebook group in support of Jane; and Dr Ott.

The important things that were said are:
  1. The legal team Jane claimed to have turned out to be one person who is not an attorney.
  2. The person accepted $6000 from Elizabeth Book for whatever it was he filed.
  3. On July 24, Jane put out a call advocating disruption and the destruction of property related to NLE 09.
  4. Jane issued 5 or 6 emails to Joanne regarding the use of "gorilla warfare."
  5. Dr Ott researched this and noted that "How to Instill Gorilla Warfare" was written in the 80's and given to the Contra rebels; it was written by Stubblebine, who is one of Jane's supporters.
  6. Joanne was asked to solicit money from Facebook group members, which had become international and numbered 7,000 people.
  7. After Joanne realized she had to terminate her support for Jane and announced this, Jane accused her of association with mass murderers, pedophiles, satanists, etc.

This information appears between 5:40 - 35:40. Again, the correct archive is September 18, 2009, 2nd Hour:

Originally Posted by Seashore View Post
In my opinion Sorcha Faal is never worth reading, except to understand what the enemy is up to.

The point of my lengthy post showing my research is to show that there is reason to believe that Jane is in league with, knowingly or unknowingly, Zionist/New World Order interests.

In my humble opinion, Dr Ott should be directly consulted about this by Camelot.
Originally Posted by Bill Ryan View Post

Of course not. ["Unknowingly" can't be defended, however. You or I might unknowingly be used by anyone at all out there.]

The issue is her integrity.

If Jane Burgermeister is the victim of specific mind control techniques along the lines of MKULTRA projects, her integrity would not be a factor, correct?

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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Bill are you perhaps familiar with the so called Revelations of an Insider? I do not know if this was ever discussed before and the possible conclusions of that discussion.

I know nothing about the integrity of the document.

I got a pdf today, file which is based on the posts on some forum in year 2005. Someone presented himself as an insider, claiming to be the member of the actual ruling families (not known to anyone) that are here to do their job based on the Divine Law...according to the benevolent beings that "rule" this realm and also other realms.

The insider for example claims that all known public figures including those such as current and past royalty and Rothschild family, religion prophets...etc....are all peasants that just do their role...and that we humans are here on a prison planet making the choice to utilize what was given to us as we wish....etc Deciding our own fate...

I am asking you this since the given answers are somewhat "complex" and exceed common basement based hoaxers...and alike.


I was just notified you have already talked about this. I withdraw the qustion.

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Daft Ada
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hey Bill they are having a go mate, what say you to this
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread


Has there ever been a romantic connection between you and Kerry?
(forgive the intrusion, just thought I'd ask)

thanks again, jonah
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hello Bill... just want to say THANK U for doing this thread and THANK U for reviving this forum!

Blessings to U and Kerry!
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by Jonah View Post

Has there ever been a romantic connection between you and Kerry?
(forgive the intrusion, just thought I'd ask)

thanks again, jonah
Me and my gf watch camelot together and for the longest time she swore that bill and kerry were a couple, but I've read somewhere that Bill has another GF so I knew it wasn't true, not to intrude in such a personal subject, but bill and kerry's romance or non-romance is just one of the quirky things about camelot that people like.

A question, Bill, you say that having any concrete proof of anything would be dangerous for you guys, but are you sure it has to be that way? I mean, there is just no way of ever getting some proof to us(the public), whether it be photos, devices, or whatever.. there just isn't a way to show it without somebody getting killed? maybe show it anonymously or something? I dunno, but it really shouldn't be this way, because concrete proof of anything would possibly propel your work to a much more serious status of importance that would let the 'sheeple' so to speak try to get into Camelot. We all believe and trust you guys, but how long can blind faith last..
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Bill Ryan
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hi, All:

Been very busy - please excuse more brief replies. But I'll try to get to them all.

Some good questions here! (I'm also very aware of how much I cannot answer because I just don't know )

Originally Posted by eagle02 View Post
Question for Bill
It is concerning a need for a referral.
The person is a friend who has abilities and needs someone to counsel concerning the ability to travel and communicate during REM sleep.
Not sure what to suggest... there MAY be a thread on this forum that could help. (Anyone?)

Originally Posted by halebox View Post

It's NOT the snake.

Please see what I wrote yesterday: it's the jawline - the last frame of James Earl Jones BEFORE he morphs (and the chin a bit more extended than even that, so I was told). Also NOT the skin color. Just the chin and general facial shape.

I do NOT know whether they are shapeshifters. I have a provisional opinion that some of them may be, but I'm still unclear about this. It's a hugely important issue to understand.

Originally Posted by Barron View Post
i was interested also to know why you lumped the Ashtar Command into the same pile of manure as Nesara?
Never seen or heard any credible evidence that the Ashtar Command is real. The highly strange 'Vrillon' event cited by Astralwalker (interrupted BBC broadcast, 16 November 1977)


seems very likely to me to be a hoax (or a Tavistock experiment, maybe more probable).

ET visitors (in my opinion) just would not use that syntax or terminology. It's exactly the style of communication that persists in many channeled messages to this day. And (I'm afraid) as best as I'm able to see, many reported channeled messages are simply the manifestations of experimental high technology.

SOME are real, of course. But the problem, as always, is sorting out what is real from what is not.

Originally Posted by 100thmonkey View Post
I'd love to see you guys interview Charles Hall (if he's still around?)

Secondly, You don't have a really good summary of Henry Deacon's information in one place.

Third, I liked the little clip you made of Stephen Basset at the Barcelona conference. I realised that such little snippets of short summarised info could be a good way to get
1) We'd love to talk to Charles Hall (and Kerry has talked with him privately before). His wife functions as a bit of a gatekeeper and at the moment he's not accessible. We do think his information is important and credible.

2) We're not in touch with Henry at the moment and will not do any more without his consent or agreement... but a Henry Deacon digest might be a good idea

3) Short summary videos: excellent idea, and we've been talking about this. Easily accessible summaries are urgently needed of all our information. But this would be a LOT of work.

Originally Posted by linkes View Post
I would really really like to know why you an kerry have not interviewed Stewart Swerdlow?
We're looking forward to catching up with Stewart (for the first time) at the MKUltra Conference in Boston in February.


Originally Posted by Real View Post
I am wondering if you and Kerry have looked into the crop circle phenomeonon at all and if not - do you plan to?
I've never been really interested in crop circles. This is just a personal quirk. I HAVE had a weird experience with one... some of them are absolutely, definitely real. But quite a few are not. John and Mark at http://circlemakers.org (whom I've met) make some of these formations themselves (in a well-organized group), announce publicly that they do, and are amazed that no-one believes them.

Originally Posted by Lionhawk View Post
Question #1
Could you reveal to us any inside information you may have in regards to where all the kids are going above and beyond what Alex Collier has stated in public?

Question #2
Based on what intelligence that you have gathered, do you foresee a possible scenario where humanity might get caught in the middle of an invasion by the Dows and also a battle between them and the Draconians?

Question #3
What is the real truth as to why the Light Warrior forum is being created?

Question #4
What kind of security issues do you deal with and how can we assist you and Kerry in those regards? Also since I signed up on this forum, I have to question if our IP addresses are safe since I have had numerous attacks including scaler waves?
1) Disappearing children: we can all speculate. Besides the more unsavory answers (which I'm afraid are very probably true) some of them MIGHT be going to underground bases, and others off-planet. This has to be possible.

The most extraordinary notion came from Henry Deacon/Arthur Neumann who hinted quite heavily to us that some of the children were being taken to a future Earth (about 6,000 years in the future, he said) which was 'barren'. This he said, was the only one of FOUR major alternative timelines which did not have a good ending.

We believe he was serious and we have not heard this kind of information from anyone else. Our thoughts were that it's so crazy that it might be true.

2) No information - sorry.

3) Strange question! Project Light Warrior is an initiative created by Kerry (I've mentioned it in an earlier reply to a question about it) and she asked for the forum to be created. I've not visited it and don't know if it's active. The project is in the draft stages at the moment - just ideas.

4) I'm not involved at all in the mechanics of running the forum, so I'm not in a position to assess security concerns - I really have no information at all.

What I WOULD say is that all forums are wonderful opportunities for the PTB to collect personal information, profile personalities, track communication patterns, etc. Nothing is secure at that level and there's no public sector protection against it. We all have to realize this.

Originally Posted by Gnosis5 View Post
The reason I ask you Bill is that in your interview of Dane (the ex-scientologist) there was a brief mention of the Galactic Patrol. Are they the same group or a different group...
Different Group.

Originally Posted by Odiwan View Post
I was wondering if you had any plans to interview Dolores Cannon? I have recently come across her work and find it very informative.

I was also wondering if PC had any plans to visit Australia again? I would love to see you guys in person.

And I second the request for an elaboration on your contact/abduction - [also from Kriya]
1) Dolores Cannon - Kerry would very much like to. I enjoyed Dolores' 22 October interview on C2C, and 100% agree with her perception of a lot of new or fairly new arrivals on this planet as 'volunteers'. I read 'Jesus and the Essenes' - fascinating book - and her information about Nostradamus is also intriguing and plausible.

2) I loved Australia and would love to visit again. The issue is cost/logistics. We have some very good friends there - and I felt TOTALLY at home. I have one close friend who is seriously urging me to relocate there. I have always been tempted.

3) My abduction account is also in our interview with Arjan Bos:


More later - best wishes to all - Cheers, B
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Seek knowledge.

Seeking knowledge you will receive everlasting love.



Ask why?

Infinite creator is One.

You are a representation or likeness of One.

One communicates via a conscious mind.
Act according to your conscience.
Prayer opens consciousness directly.
Pray to the One infinite creator for direction and wisdom.

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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

I have a question.

Leo Zagami claims we have been duped by the UFO movement and ET's are really demonic entities.

What is your take on this?

Mine is that there exists both ET's and interdimensional good and bad guys and Leo has been fed what they want him to believe to keep the *picture view* confined.
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Wink Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hello Bill,

It has been a while since we last communicated. The last time we communicated was when I was a Mod for Avalon. I hope things are going well for you. I have always respected you and your work. I look forward to seeing more positive productive interviews with you and Kerry.

With so much going on we could chat about unlimited possible events and paranormal activity. For example, I am very aware that I am a Starseed born on a gateway day. Much of the information I receive comes from my higher self in a higher dimensional reality. But let us beam down to Earth and get to some good topic discussions.

I am always doing research on Earth history and our origins. I have been dabbling in the Anna Hayes material. I find Anna Hayes very interesting and full of knowledge and wisdom. If you haven't already, I recommend you watch her videos on Youtube.

Have you ever considered doing an interview with Anna Hayes? If you ever did, that would be an astonishing interview. But be warned that lady is packed full of information. She talks kind of fast. And maybe you should consider playing a leading role in the interview process. That would be an interesting twist.

Are you aware of an ET force coming in to clean up our mess and rid the planet of tyranny? If so, you can PM me. We don't want to scare the folks here. Or you can just say, yes or no. lol

There is much activity going on with the vortexes appearing along with many reports of ufos. Are many of these sightings coming from Earth bound Humans? What is your opinion?

Have you seen the video of the Brazilian man reporting that the Pleiadeans landed and were testing for dimensional frequency readings to make a golden path appear to a portal? This is a rare video... hold on...

It is an older video but I vibe with this:


My connection with the Pleiadeans are quite strong. So if you have any information regarding them please share.

This is good for now. Like I said I could go on forever. I hope you and Kery have a good holiday Season.

Kevin (Suriel, Surial)
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Surial- scroll up to earlier post from Bill- Bill said Kerry is in touch with Anna and has an interview scheduled so that's great news for all of us Ashayana/Anna Hayes work fans!
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Wink Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Thanks eleni. I look forward to that interview. Bill maybe you should ask about the stellar activation event and the stargate at the center of Earth. I am also interested in the Wingmakers material. The time capsule is quite interesting.
So it looks like we are all on the same path afterall.
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