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Default Re: The Sun is getting much brighter

Its hard to believe anything you say zorgon, when you post a chart that has temperature values BELOW 0 degrees Kelvin. This is impossible. You also say that sunspots do not contribute to warming. That is also incorrect. Tell me, where do you get your information from? Do you spontaneously come up with it or what?
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Default Re: The Sun is getting much brighter

The sun changed when I was about 10 (I'm 40. 1968). The sun used to shed a yellow light on raw, white paper. It used to be soft. It is now harsher. It went from a soft gold to a bright white light. Believe or not, it did, from my point of view.

The moon has mis-stepped, the timing is out on many constants like Polaris (out 2 degrees this year alone) and everything is changing. So be it. James Lovelock (WTF kind of a name is that? lovelock?) stole the whole GAEA Hypothesis from a hippy living in a trailer in Ukiah Count named Otter Zell,

whom knows.....
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Default Re: The Sun is getting much brighter

The Sun IS getting brighter and more energetic and MORE esoteric feeling and MORE spiritually enhancing to MORE people MORESO right now than ever before in time as We know it!

And THAT is from Personal "On-Hand" Experience!

I am at the point now that I commune directly with the Sun only 10 to 15 minutes at Sunrise or Sunset and this meditation time is more powerfully and beautifully mystic than ever for Me...it is a wonderful connection and helps tune Me into the changes now occurring all around...physically and spiritually!

As You will read in my posts in the thread of the link below...I am NOT advocating that Anyone go out and stare at the Sun...just simply be more conscious of It's life enhancing light and energy in Your Own Personal Way and enjoy and interact with the beauty.

Solar Healing!:

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Default Re: The Sun is getting much brighter

Originally Posted by khristmaskathy View Post
I noticed at sunrise a couple of days...that the sun looked like a hot-red ball in the sky and I had never seen it look like that before. I'm glad someone started a thread about this. I think the sun is changing...
How do you think the sun is changing, Kathy?
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Default Re: The Sun is getting much brighter

Originally Posted by Truth voice 2012 View Post

?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????

Whats this s**t!?

i see that, the odd little rainbow to the side there isnt any clouds between it and the sun to cast the rainbow. Very unusual

Ideas anyone?
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Default Re: The Sun is getting much brighter

Originally Posted by Dominic View Post
Have you all noticed how much brighter the sun has been shining over the last couple years?

I know it is hard to see thru all the Chemtrails but, the Em radatation has increased quite a bit.

It may be the main reason they are spraying us to block this incresed energy.

It is not caused by your SUV or carbon output.
Yes i agree, because sunlight activates the pineal gland.
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Default Re: The Sun is getting much brighter

man am I glad this post came up I was about to make it myself!
1. I have really been noticing that the sun is extra bright lateley, I work outside for a living so I know what the sun is doing on a regular basis. Trust me, the real noticeable difference has been the last couple of months, I can't go outside without my shades on.

2. I thought I was losing my mind, when the other day my wife said, "I'm going inside, it's too bright out here.. thank goodness it isn't just me :-)

3. We are passing through the photon belt. IT takes Earth 2000 years to fully enter and pass through it. 2012, we will be dead center of it. (the center seems to be where it is the most intense)

4. 2012, also marks the point where Earth is aligned with the sun and the center of the galaxy in the middle of the photon belt. (sounds like a shift of some sort being set up). Anyways, this is why the brightness of the sun and the moon and stars is intensified right now.

5. This I'm not too informed about, but as far as the intensity of heat etc., supposedly our solar system is also aligning with the center of the galaxy? I would like this explained better, becasue visually we are perpendicular to the center, but there is a black hole at the center of our galaxy and as you all know, out of hte black hole is a giant radiation fountain shooting outwards towards anything in it's path. It is my gut feeling that somehow this extra radiation is adding to the intensity of the heat of our solar system. I am probably wrong, but it just feels right to me.

6. Our magnetic field is weakening, thus more radiation is getting through regardless of where it's coming from. Unfortunately, while it continues to weaken we are entering a solar maximum which will reach maximum in 2012. Things could get real scary over the next couple of years. I personally feel that someone "in the know" made sure "Day After Tomorrow" got made and released. This seems to be the closest to what I feel will be our first major impact of all the weirdness coming our way. I think the sun will throw a major CME and totally knock us back to the stone age, then ensuing weather will get worse and worse while we get more volcanic activity than ever before and for the icing on the cake, Earth Quakes will be very frequent.

7. The Earth is ****** at us, it needs to make the shift, we are holding it up and it will force us to make it one way or another. I don't think we have enough time to change the collective consciousness in a way impactive enough to ease the pain of this shift. I think it will be the end of yet another ancient civilization. We will be the ancient text of the next up and coming generation to screw up the Earth and it's resources. History repeats itself, I know it's cliche, but it's the truth. Everywhere I turn these days in my town, 17 year olds are walking around with long un-wahsed hair, rhine stone COP glasses and Led Zeppelin T-shirts.. It's like looking through a photo album of when I was in Middle School. At least they're listening to good music once again :-)

That is my 2 cents. If you want the science behind the claims, I highly recommend Greg Braden, and especially David Wilcock's online book "Shift of the Ages" I just finished reading it, it is one of the best reads I have ever read besides "The Law of One Material"

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Default Re: The Sun is getting much brighter

Originally Posted by Truthsayer View Post
How do you think the sun is changing, Kathy?

It is MUCH brighter recently....
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Default Re: The Sun is getting much brighter

I have a God. Its name is Mr.Sun. He casts rays of beautiful light upon me. He keeps me warm and comfy in the summer. Mr.Sun produces Vitamin D, which my body needs. Mr.Sun is always there to peek through a nasty cloud or two. Mr.Sun lets us know when he's angry with his sunspots and flares. Mr.Sun asks that we don't worship him too much or we'll end up looking like crabs.
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Default Re: The Sun is getting much brighter

Brought this over from a homestead site I have been visiting for years..
Let's change the world folks...each in our own way, now!

I came on these homestead sites and had genuine respect and honor for many of you and your hard working ethics and your wanting to be on your own in your own individual way by as much of your own ways and means as was possible. Your open hearts and your open sharing and your willingness to help one another.

You see, I've never done lsd...never done what would be considered 'hard' drugs...never got off on or into any so called 'hippie' ways. I threw in the towel of drinking alcohol over 20 years ago now and doing any kind of "recreational" anything...smoking pot, etc. ...anything at all like that...20 years Folks!

So here comes January 2007 and I start taking in sunrises back to back through my eyes as a way to consciously connect because I was prompted to do this by an inner urge that felt right and true to me because of research I was doing on light and sound therapy.

And what happens...my inner vibration and frequency of my own flow of life within me goes sky high after the 3rd day and I start seeing and feeling things those few weeks in January that many have had occur through vivid dreams and lucid dreaming and out of body experiences at near death and through taking peyote or san pedro or ayahuasca or ibogaine or yes, lsd, or any other consciousness altering plant derived chemical reaction and interaction that enhances the spirit world. None of this planned by me or known by me because I never took any of those nor had any direct personal experience with them...this all came from the sunlight at sunrise and sunset.

Sooo... things happen to me from looking directly at the sun and 'wanting' to enhance my awareness and wellness and help change the reality we live in and under so that I may help others help themselves if they so well choose to change their own realities because each of us has that power and ability in a beautiful and loving way and we will be protected from the evil intent all around us now more than ever because more and more people are simply connecting in their own ways and deciding it is time to change their own reality right now...to an unconditional loving and self-responsible reality where anything is possible because anything is possible when we decide to be of service to others all around us that are beginning to see it is time for them to change their own lives.

I found this You Tube interview of Dr. Mitchell Gibson from last year..this is part 2 of that series where he talks about the sun and it's personal enhancing energy by looking at it at early sunrise and late sunset to get use to it...and You Tube is easier for many of you to listen to on your computer because it records in short 10 minute bites.


And this, once again, is not for everybody, but for those of you that think it may help you...it will. What it did for me was simply help me realize that we are so much more than we have ever been told and lied to as to what we are...each of us is a powerful loving entity that can change this whole world rightside up right in front of us in what would seem an instant now in time as we know it!

Things are changing fast and this is one beautiful way to tune in if it resonates with you...safely and directly ...just do it at early sunrise and/or late sunset and take it in slowly at first and listen to your heart and build up the time to 5 minutes if you decide to do it. Things are going to be changing ultra fast in the next few years. Might just as well tune into the real world of mother nature and mother earth and the rhythm of real and natural life instead of the man-made static created mess of news and tv and radio. This process enhanced my own connection to nature and calmed me down and it actually nourishes me like food...and once again...it is not the only natural way to do this....but it is a powerful wonderful way for me and many others that are coming forward more now than ever.

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