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Whistleblower Testimony Post anonymous messages of truth or reveal what you know.

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Default Re: Camelot interview with Dave Tops

I understand where you are coming from and yes we are imperfect in an imperfect system. My practitioner is less controlling because he publishes everything he knows to help people learn to help themselves, but he will charge for his time if someone is demanding his time. I think that is fair. My hubby has a business and he charges for his time and expertise, but he does not keep any secrets about his techniques from his customers.

The Self-Analysis is a good DIY project with friends and family. And you won't be revealing anything to them on a deep level, so it might be right up your alley, eh!

Do you personally live free of money? If so, how have you evolved to that stage? I am getting to the level where I feel that I don't work for money, I just have money. Plus all the Clearing I do is not for dollars, there is a different kind of "pay" or "energetic exchange" that is more valuable to me than money that I receive from the beings I work with in the way I work with them. Instead of a money system I am operating more on a FAITH system.

It is important ethically, if one chooses to use someone's time up, to energetically exchange with them to the extent that both parties are happy with the eXchange. The willingness to exchange can be said to be a measure of the client's actual intention or demand for improvement. Low intention, low demand equals low results imho. Does that sound fair?


Originally Posted by Phtha View Post
I to am much more interested in self help techniques, or stuff that I could do with friends or family. I personally would have a hard time trusting a stranger to work on me at a deep level.
Also, and no offense to anyone, I will not pay money for 'spiritual' work of any kind. I can understand where people come from who charge, but that is the old pairofdime
Money is used to control us and adding more fuel to the fire no longer works.
This is why I give Bill and Kerry my full support, the money fraud is also Xposed! It's time to get this stuff out to the masses free of charge, and live free of money!

Anyways sorry to derail a little there, thanks for the info on this stuff, keep it coming.
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