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Whistleblower Testimony Post anonymous messages of truth or reveal what you know.

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Default Re: Do you think David Wilcox is a false prophet?

I thought this was kinda cool... from November 28th 1999.


[Wilcock Reading 52-5]

We have now crossed the 8/11/99 "11:11" gateway.

Literally, at any time, any day now, it could be RIGHT NOW…

Are You Ready Right Now?


If not, go into the bathroom. Look at yourself in the mirror.

Apologize for hurting this person all these years. Be specific.

Forgive yourself for hurting this person all these years. Don't lie.

Tell the person looking at you that you love them. Mean it.

If you didn’t cry, you did it wrong.

This is your penultimate homework assignment!

It is best performed during a personal "healing crisis." Try it.

The world is full of prophets about 7 billion of them and they're all psychic and have dreams.

I remember the ones back in the ol born again church days now those people were the best prophets and servants ever on the face of the earth. The church was full of the most powerful dreamers and interpreters and the prophesy's that came forth were the most accurate ever recorded to date (but I guess Jesus didn't get the memo).

I met Isis/Mary Magdelene in Florida and spent lots of time with her. Cleopatra lives up in Michigan she is a really neat lady. I guess just tuning into a certain frequency like on a radio you can see and understand the energy field of that frequency just like all those in the past have done before.

This is a crazy cool planet isn't it!!!

You can be anyone you want to be!

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