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Bill Ryan
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Default Potential sea level rises - and where does the water come from?

Hi, All:

Kerry and I listened to this very recent Zeph Daniel interview with JOHN MOORE (1 hr) last night. Click here to download:


This is heavy stuff and needs to be heard. We'd welcome intelligent debate.

Here are the issues:

* Moore (whom we don't know) has talked with three USN submariners and independently they have referred to a classifed USN map that shows dramatic rising sea levels and changes of coastline. A hand-drawn map which we believe is similar to the map Moore refers to is below.

[Moore said - compellingly - that for submariners, knowing where the bottom and the surface of the ocean is is "mandatory".]

* Moore claims that recently (earlier in 2008) important moves were initiated such as the transfer of libraries and the planned relocation of the CIA to Denver.

* Moore claims that the Queen of England has a prepared underground facility near Crestone, CO. [We can confirm this from a source we know in CO.]

* Importantly: we reported in our major article 2008: The Future is Now that

One source, which we have not yet reported, has told us that on 5 November, 1971, using a device called a chronovisor, the US Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC, was observed "under about a hundred feet of brackish water".

We do NOT know the date of the event which was observed here, nor what the incident was determined to be that had caused this event.

We're still in close touch with this source, whom we've not yet met - but have talked with for over eight hours on the phone. In time, we hope to do an interview to help release this man's astonishing story.

I asked him where all this water could possibly come from. The melting of icecaps could not account for it. He did not know.

But John Moore has an explanation: the equatorial bulge, in which sea level is over 400 feet higher (i.e. further away from the center of the Earth) - held stable by the equilibrium of gravity and centrifugal force.

There are hundreds of cubic miles of 'extra' water there. A small wobble in the Earth's axis, he states, could trigger giant tsunamis that could cause unimaginable devastation.

This scenario SEEMS to be part of what Dan Burisch called the "T2" catastrophic timeline (on which future humans experienced a pole shift in or around 2012). He has clearly stated - and we believe him (see our major report on Timeline 1, variant 83) - that the 2012 pole shift has been averted.

John Moore, however, SEEMS to be saying that recent secret moves for preparedness appear to indicate that the Powers Thet Be are STILL preparing for something. Moore argues that the timeline for this looks to be sometime round about end 2009 or 2010. (Note: what Boriska said about a major catastrophe involving water.)

We are cautiously skeptical about Moore's information, but feel it's important enough to open a discussion about it. Our view (and intuition) remains that this level of catastrophe WILL NOT HAPPEN.

Very best to all, Bill

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